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July Gratis Box! Thank you, Sephora!๐Ÿ’‹

I received this beautiful box last month on the 13th, (I would have posted sooner, but the flu went through our home early this year.)
I got notice on my UPS tracker I was getting a package from "," and it was this gorgeous gratis box with summer fragrances! โค๏ธ It made my day so much better and made me even more loyal to Sephora-- as if I wasn't already a big enough fan, lol. I admit, I had to tell everyone I knew about receiving this awesome gift.beautiful summer scent gratis box!beautiful summer scent gratis box!


I appreciate this opportunity given to me to review these products, and it was very thoughtful that the time was taken to look at what scents I like, and the types of fragrances I prefer, when they chose these gorgeous scents for me.

I already had Nest's Wisteria Blue rollerball in my collection, so I am absolutely thrilled to have a back-up now! It's a refreshing, soft, flowery scent, and is far from the typical obnoxious overly fake floral, sweet scents you find. I'm so picky with a flowery smell, but this one I adore. It's perfect for a romantic evening.

I had once sampled previously with a purchase Maison Margiela 'REPLICA' Beach Walk, and added it to my loves list. It really does smell exactly like you just came back from a day at the beach! Well, all the good things about it! As a native Floridian, I know this very unique sort of smell very well. Smells like fresh air, salt water, the sweet smell of sun tan lotion/oil. When I wear it, it fools people around me into thinking I actually was just came back from the coast, lol! This is a def love, must have for ladies who love the sun. You don't need a lot of it, and it will stick to you like glue and keep its strength all the live long day. A major bonus!


Commodity Nectar is also a somewhat flowery scent, and has an unmistakable honey sweetness to it, balancing out the floral tones. It's a warm fragrance, compared to the Wisteria Blue which is of the cooler variety. It isn't overwhelming and is a perfectly girly scent. All you need is a little dab and you're good to go. I prefer wear it on the the go doing errands during the day as a subtle hint. You won't have to do much reapplying at all.


And lastly, there was Tocca's Maya Eau de Parfum. It's a very gorgeous scent, but it's not my personal style. The florals and spices are very powerful, you literally only need a teensy bit and it'll only come off if you wash it off, so you do not need to worry about having to touch up throughout the day. It's the kind of fragrance that is versatile for both daytime and nighttime activities. I ended up giving it to a friend who adores it. I have a habit of sharing samples I don't keep for myself with my friends and made them into Sephora lovers, too! Gotta share the love.


Speaking of which-- thank you again, Sephora, for sharing the love with me! These beautiful rollerballs have a good home now! ๐Ÿ˜


So, who else got a gratis box this summer?! What did YOU get?! ๐Ÿ˜˜

Re: July Gratis Box! Thank you, Sephora!๐Ÿ’‹

Congrats @AurielRina! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰


I received this same box, and have been wearing the Wisteria Blue the last few days. It is lovely.

Re: July Gratis Box! Thank you, Sephora!๐Ÿ’‹

Thanks! Congrats back at you @angel7594 on getting one! ๐Ÿ’•

It is such a charming scent, isn't it? I'm sooo nit-picky about florals, but Wisteria Blue is my all time favorite (floral!) for sure.

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