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Is the Rouge reward a scam?

I spent weeks refreshing at the exact launch time the Rouge Reward was dropped and finally got it last week the day before my birthday. I took screenshots of it going through to send to my friend because I was so excited I'd finally managed to get it. Then when I didn't get my email, I reached out to customer service and they told me it never went through, despite my points disappearing and me having literal proof it went through. 


They then "refunded" my points and told me to try again. Has anyone else had this issue? It's starting to feel like the reward is a weird scam to get people to spend the extra money to hit Rouge without providing the main benefit of getting that membership level. 

Is the Rouge reward a scam?

try customer service! they are pretty good

Re: Is the Rouge reward a scam?

@StayGolden  I had to try every Tuesday and Thursday for a long time to get one. But I did get it. Keep trying!!!

Re: Is the Rouge reward a scam?

The reason I'm so skeptical, is because I did get it and then they took it back? Even though I have screenshots that it went through / of it in my purchase history. It just seems like such poor customer service to do that, especially given how much we spend each year as Rouge members. Really makes me hesitant to give Sephora any more of my money, if this is how they treat us. 


I'm glad you got it though, gives me hope my points aren't useless!

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