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Active Promo Codes #19

Codes Updated: 7/9/19


Hey BIC!

I do my best to keep the main thread updated but you may want to check the rest of thread for the most current info.


If you want to receive email notifications for new promos, subscribe to this thread:


How you can contribute & make this list better:

- Post pictures of promos and codes

- Comment w/suggestions of how to make this list more helpful or convenient

- Post additional info for promo items: sizes, expiration dates, minimums, values, etc.

*Please read the codes list & comments to prevent duplicate posts about promos



This thread is for US codes (some codes may be both Canadian and US).

For the Canadian Promo Code board, see this thread:  


Minimum purchase requirements are typically:

* $25 for promo codes that aren't limited to VIB and/or Rouge

* $35 for VIB/Rouge promo codes


For reference, Sephora lists many Promo Codes/ Beauty Offers on this page too: 


Active Codes include (See photo or comments for details)

$25 minimum GWPs:



$30+ minimum GWPs:


VIB / Rouge GWP



RECENTLY OOS or Expired: 



Photos (last updated 7/9/19): 




Re: Active Promo Codes #19

KVD is an interesting choice given all the negativity and controversy surrounding the brand this year 🤔

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@cianni It's just her face and name on the brand I really don't know how much she has to do with it; it's a Kendo owned brand which is LVMH owned. 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@GG84 that’s true! But so is Fenty and Marc Jacobs beauty. In my opinion either of those would be more exciting, especially considering that it looks like another eyeliner and lock-it setting powder😂. I wonder how many people will be choosing the KVD over the DE set. I’ll be holding out for the mystery online third option ..... which for some reason I never knew existed literally till today haha

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

There's a mystery option? How do I find that? 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@shesarevolution I didn’t know either! Based on what everyone says, it seems that there’s a third mystery online only option. This year for rouge was the addition of the 250 points instead of bday gift, so I guess we’ll have to wait to see if they still include a third online option!

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

Points too! 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

Looks like Drunk Elephant for me. And I will have to add it to my project pan. Smiley Happy Thanks for the preview @ohheyitscindyk

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

Thanks for sharing! I don’t support Kat Von D so I’ll either grab the drunk elephant or the points! I do really like that DE moisturizer ! 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

Same, looks like the decision is made for me.  Love this skincare set much more than glamglow, the DE cleanser is also fantastic! Or I might just redeem for points instead @Kim888

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@ohheyitscindyk Thank you for sharing!

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

Woohoo!! DE for me, hopefully those products work for me since their other actives made me break out! Wont do KVD because shes out of my interests now. 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@sabrinas I'm going for the DE as well, hope it doesn't break me out!

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

Thank you @ohheyitscindyk! I was wondering when this would leak. Wondering what the online option will be, that’s cool they do that.

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@eshoe 🤔 There's a different online option?! I never knew! 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@GG84 in beautydealsbff’s comment in that screenshot she mentions that they usually add an online option. It seems to me they did that this year...

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@eshoe  I ordered the Bite Beauty set online for my birthday gift this year.  It was another good one!

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

I did too, @Ispend2much6! I’ve been following the 100 Days of Lipstick challenge and it seemed like everyone had Chai on at one point or another, and it looked great. I finally looked at my mini and no wonder, that’s one of the shades included. It’s a very flattering color!

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@eshoe LOL yeah, after seeing it in the lipstick challenge thread, I remembered it was the B'dy reward and I dug it out.

I really need to organize so everything is in one place. It's just too scattered after the move and the issues I was dealing with. I thought I had just 2 lipsticks and I have approx 20 :-| I probably should join the lip challenge as well. It's more doable than shadow. Even if I don't find time in the morning, can be done in the car or restroom at work :-) LOL

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@eshoe  It's kind of like 1995, or in the same shade family.  I felt the same way about Jicama.  Never thought it would be so flattering.

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

Oh yeah, @Ispend2much6, the shade I keep calling 1993 😆

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@eshoe @GG84 Yeah, this year was the Bumble and Bumble set. I'm interested to see if there's a third product option this year or if they'll just go with 2 plus the points option. 

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