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Active Promo Codes #19

Codes Updated: 7/9/19


Hey BIC!

I do my best to keep the main thread updated but you may want to check the rest of thread for the most current info.


If you want to receive email notifications for new promos, subscribe to this thread:


How you can contribute & make this list better:

- Post pictures of promos and codes

- Comment w/suggestions of how to make this list more helpful or convenient

- Post additional info for promo items: sizes, expiration dates, minimums, values, etc.

*Please read the codes list & comments to prevent duplicate posts about promos



This thread is for US codes (some codes may be both Canadian and US).

For the Canadian Promo Code board, see this thread:  


Minimum purchase requirements are typically:

* $25 for promo codes that aren't limited to VIB and/or Rouge

* $35 for VIB/Rouge promo codes


For reference, Sephora lists many Promo Codes/ Beauty Offers on this page too: 


Active Codes include (See photo or comments for details)

$25 minimum GWPs:



$30+ minimum GWPs:


VIB / Rouge GWP



RECENTLY OOS or Expired: 



Photos (last updated 7/9/19): 




Re: I'm glad this came back in stock so I could try it, so I...

@Luvstravel yess! I love mascara GWP. Minis last so long 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

I think BRIGHTTRIO is out of stock.

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

It really is Smiley Sad

RE: Active Promo Codes #19

Everything is always sold out in seconds

Re: RE: Active Promo Codes #19

You are so right! I’m so sick of that. I have $221 to spend to keep my Rouge and I don’t know if I even want to keep it. The Weekly Wow really upset me when they stopped doing that!

Re: Active Promo Codes #19


0.6 oz/20 ml

$4.71 value




@Lazybeautybeast Smiley Happy

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

I got this promo a few days ago and it's a pretty decent size. If it works like most Fresh products (where a little goes a long way) you should be able to get at least 8 uses out of it.

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

so many good promo codes now!! but i'm going to use my rouge reward on my coming purchase = no promo codes :<

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

you can use the promo code with the rouge code, I had to put the gwp code first and then the rouge reward otherwise it would say you need $25 of merchandise, I just used mine last week @maghk 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19


Try it; I swear I've read some reports of being able to combine the Rouge Reward with a promo (I'm pretty sure your total after the reward still needs to be $25 or whatever the requirement is for the promo you are trying to get, so if your total is right around $100, it won't work...but if you are buying something over $125, you should be able to get a little something extra!)

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@RGbrown The Total doesn’t need to be $25 or whatever the amount required for GWP. Since the announcement of being able to multi stack with the rouge reward, i’ve Redeemed 3 with gwps. 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@GG84  How did you stack 3 GWP in one transaction? Whenever I try, I keep getting error about limit being reached or something like that. 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@naturalooks15 Yes I meant I’ve redeemed 3 $100 rewards since stacking was announced

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@naturalooks15 I believe she means she's been able to stack it with one GWP on three separate occasions. 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

Ah.. @quspork  that makes sense. Months ago when BIC team posted about combining multiple promos.. I tried but failed. Since then I try every so often but has never worked for me. 

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@naturalooks15 I believe right now you can only stack a promo with the Rouge reward Smiley Happy

Re: Active Promo Codes #19


Good info; thanks! 💗

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

@RGbrown @GG84 thxxxxxx!! i'll try it with a promo code, it's my first time redeeming the rouge reward so i'm still not sure how. now my problem is choosing one promo code lol

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

So many good promos lately, thanks @ohheyitscindyk for keeping us updated!!

Re: Active Promo Codes #19


2.5 g

$9.75 value







@Lazybeautybeast Smiley Happy

Re: Active Promo Codes #19

The Becca is half the size of the mini powder in case you were wondering and have it already. It would be good for traveling.