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2013 Chic Week Promotion for Beauty Insiders: FAQs

What is Chic Week?
Chic Week is a special promotion offering 15% off all merchandise purchases for Beauty Insiders from April 12th – April 21st. To kickoff Chic Week, Very Important Beauty Insiders (V.I.B.s) can attend a special Preview Party at their local store on April 11th. VIBs can redeem the promotion from April 11th – April 22nd.


V.I.Bs will receive an email on 4/9 inviting them to the preview. If you are a V.I.B. and have not received the email please log into the V.I.B. only section on BeautyTalk, on or after 4/9/2013.

Click here for your VIB invite>


If you are a Beauty Insider and you have not received the email please log into the BI section on BeautyTalk on or after 4/12/2013.

(please check back here on 4/12 for the link)


What will be offered at the Preview Party?
V.I.Bs will receive the below benefits on 4/11:
• The first to shop: an extra day to save 15% before everyone else, online and in stores
• VIBs may bring a friend to get the discount too
• A SEPHORA Tote to take home PLUS a Sample Bag of 8 samples! (Available in stores ONLY)
• Spring makeup lessons at The Beauty Studio
• Face Time with our Experts and Brands


What time does the VIB Preview Party begin?
The Preview Party is happening all day on April 11th during your local store’s regular business hours. Check out our store locator for hours and locations:


What does the VIB Preview Party tote look like?
The tote is about a 12”x10.5”x4.x striped laminated canvas bag. It is only available for V.I.B. clients with a purchase at the April 11th event while supplies last and can only be redeemed once per client.


Is the discount available at Sephora inside jcpenney stores?
The 15% off discount can be redeemed but all preview party perks may not be available at Sephora inside jcpenney stores.


Is the discount available with Canadian orders?
The 15% off discount is available in US and Canada stores but it not available with Canadian checkout online. We do reserve offers for our Canadian clients, so make sure to check our Canadian offers page for exclusives.>

Can I redeem the 15% off offer more than once?
Absolutely! The offer can be redeemed multiple times through April 21st for Beauty Insiders and through April 22nd for VIB’s.


Can my friend attending the VIB Preview Event with me redeem the 15% off offer more than once?
The 15% off offer for (non-Beauty Insider) friends at the VIB Preview Event can only be redeemed during the event.


Are there any exclusions to the offer?
The offer is not valid on purchases of Gift Cards or eGift Certificates, towards previous purchases and may not be combined with any other offers.


What if I’m not a Beauty Insider?
Beauty Insider is free and easy to sign up. Become a Beauty Insider to redeem the 15% off promotion. Learn more about the Beauty Insider program at any Sephora store or online at

Re: 2013 Chic Week Promotion for Beauty Insiders: FAQs

I am extremely upset! I'm a VIB and I went in today, April 11th, and made a purchase expecting to get a free tote with 8 samples. I got my tote, with 6 samples and had 500 points deducted from my account!! All the e-mails and advertisements stated the tote and samples would be free with purchase, nowhere does it state you have to use your beauty points! The samples are nice, but a) there were 6, not 8 as stated and b) these samples are not what I would have chosen to spend my 500 points on. The cashier didn't even let me know she was deducting 500 points. I found out after the fact when I came onlne and saw all my points were gone! The store is now closed but tomorrow I sure hope I can return the samples and get my points back for something I really want. Very disappointed and feel misled.

Re: 2013 Chic Week Promotion for Beauty Insiders: FAQs

Sounds like a weren't supposed to get points deducted for getting the tote.

Re: 2013 Chic Week Promotion for Beauty Insiders: FAQs

Went into my Sephora today and received the tote but not a bag with samples like others at other locations received Smiley Sad also was not offered no redeem any points and moved right along out the door... Unfortunately this has happened to me at other VIB events even through I arrive early in the morning at my location Smiley Sad 

Re: 2013 Chic Week Promotion for Beauty Insiders: FAQs

Girl in front of me got the last tote.....  The store didn't have any samples sitting out nor any reps showing off products.  Extremely disappointed.  What a waste of time.  When I checked out it was only 6pm - how do you run out already?  How screwed up.  It's like they packed up the event before I got there because nothing special was going on when I arrived at 5pm.  I guess we are expected to take off work and disregard our responsibilities if we want to get any of our VIB treatment.  These events should be limited to VIB's only, otherwise, what makes it a perk?

Re: 2013 Chic Week Promotion for Beauty Insiders: FAQs

Can you please post up the beauty insider's link already?  Smiley Sad

Re: 2013 Chic Week Promotion for Beauty Insiders: FAQs

Where is the link for BI to request an invite?


Re: 2013 Chic Week Promotion for Beauty Insiders: FAQs

Ive been a VIB for at least 3 years and this is the first event that i've actually received an invitation for and only because I purchased items from Sephora last week. The sales associate handed me a card. I went yesterday afternoon before 5pm and like many of you the bags were completely out. I still made a purchase anyway. I wonder if by my fifth year as a VIB, I might actually be able to get any of the promotional goodies? In my opinion, the VIB's who spend over a certain amount should have the first crack at the swag. Maybe have a VIB only the day before. Why not reward your most loyal customers who invest in your brand first instead of leaving them (not) holding the bag.

Re: 2013 Chic Week Promotion for Beauty Insiders: FAQs

Ladies, you don't need an invite to get the promo, but if you are looking for an invite for BI/everyone, it's here:


Re: 2013 Chic Week Promotion for Beauty Insiders: FAQs

I went to sephora today, on the second day of the promotion and even though I am a Beauty Insider I did not receive 15% off on my order, was I suppose to show the invite along with my card?

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