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natural products

I would like to try one of the "natural" skincare lines. I use Philosophy. Has anyone used Caudalie and/or Origins? Thoughts? I have dry, sensitive skin, and quite a bit of sun damage.

Re: natural products

I foudn Caudalie to be too mild for me, but it sounds like it would be good for your skin type. Origins is nice and they are constantly having GWPs online through their website. They have products for all skin types.

Re: natural products

Hi! I am so happy to see a post like this, because I recently (4 months ago) had to switch from the regulars like Benefit, stila, NARS, etc. to all Natural brands because of my skin breaking out and my eyes becoming swollen. So please believe me when I tell you this: There are brands that put a cover on their line as "All- Natural" when they aren't. One example is Origins, when I first saw this brand I immediately wanted to try It. Cool logo, nice packaging. But when I did purchase these products they broke me out at every corner because I discovered chemical ingredients in a brand labeled "All- Natural" and don't take me wrong no hate towards this brand even though it did break me out and was quite deceiving but the honest truth is brands will be brands. But two brands I have tried and true are JOSIE MARAN & TARTE these brands didn't even really put the cover that they were Natural but I tried them anyways and I have not received and breaking out.


soooo watch out when hunting in the cosmetic industry because things are not always what they seem...


Give me a HEART.

Re: natural products

Say please, please.

Re: natural products

I am a big fan of origins, you should check out the Brighter By Nature line of products to help with sun damage.  I've sampled some Caudalie products, but to me they are not very potent, so I prefer Origins, especially for the price.

Re: natural products

Ole heinrikson is also an option. I've never had a bad reaction to any of their products and I have tried a whole lot. Loved everything i have tried from caudalie, Origins has been hit or miss ( nite-a-mins was the worst of the bunch and I would avoid it at all cost), REN is just ok and I don't care for the smell. I like science so I have been on an Algenist kick for a while! Hope you find some things that you really love!

Re: natural products

The Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum is ahhhhhhhmazing. It is perfection in a bottle. It has not only helped me with acne spots but it honestly just makes your skin feel good. It's sheer but hydrating so it never feels too lacking if i skip moisturizer but it doesn't feel too heavy if I don't. Love this serum and will purchase again when I'm out. 

Re: natural products

Me me me! (Lol... Got too excited when someone mentions my favorite brand - Caudalie Smiley Very Happy). I'm currently using the Caudalie Instant Foaming. Cleanser, Mattifying moisturizer, and the Vinoperfect serum! They're amazing!!! But since you said you have dry skin, I'd suggest trying the Gentle Cleansing milk and their Vinosource line Smiley Happy you'll love ittttt Smiley Very Happy

Re: natural products


   I love Origins checks and balances cleansers but their moisturizers and exfoliators gave me weird rashes that I never get from cosmetics (I usually breakout) 

I really like Caudalie as a brand. They have great eye creams and moisturizers. I didn't like their mask because it didn't do anything for my skin, but their Divine oil is great for the hair. 

I also like Fresh and Ole Henriksen. 

Ren is nice, but not great. They're gentle on the skin, but doesn't do much of the things that they claim to do. 

Korres is just okay. nothing special abit easier on the cost. 

Re: natural products

I've been enjoying Origins Checks & Balances cleanser.  I also really like the Plantscription Eye Treatment... A LOT!

Re: natural products

I have sensitive skin and some sun damage. I love the natural skincare lines but breakout like the plague when I used Philosophy, Origins and Caudalie. I use a combination of Josie Maran, Korres and Bare Minerals. My skin looks and feels great. That being said, I did use Murad Spot Removal Serum since my sun spots were getting darker. I know it's not natural but I think I'm balancing it out by being gluten, sugar and dairy-free. Plus the majority of products I use are relatively natural.

Re: natural products

Depends on what you mean as "natural". Origins, for example, uses more botanicals in their line, but they, as an Estée Lauder company, test on animals. Murad and REN use no animal testing. As for organic lines, I have heard YouTubers use Michael Todd. Overall, keep in mind that parabens are use in a lot of products that have packaging that can't keep the ingredients safe from decay. Renee Rouleau, for example, uses very few parabens and no sulfates in her products.

So, what is is you're looking for when you say "natural"? That'll help more. : )

Re: natural products

Origins is hit or miss for me. I absolutely love Dr. Weil's Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Cleanser for Origins. My skin is sensitive, on the dry side, plus I have bits of rosacea. My skin looks and feels calm after I use it. However, the Mega-Mushroom serum and face mask gave me bad reactions, and so did the Plantscription Anti-Aging SPF 25 cream.

If you have sun damage, I'm assuming you're looking for a serum - Caudalie makes the only serums that haven't given me a bad reaction (so far - I haven't tried everything yet). I currently use the Vinexpert Firming Serum. I'm young and more looking for preventative care, but I love how this makes my skin look and feel. It's expensive though, so I'm saving up for more.

Re: natural products

Caudalie is one of my favorite lines but I really don't use them anymore.  I use Repechage, though you cannot buy it on Sephora - only in select salons and online.

Re: natural products

I'm not a fan of Origins, and Eminence was okay, but I felt like their products are too targeted/specific.  For example, if I wanted to shrink pores and help my fine lines, I'd have to buy 3 different products to target each specific thing.  Never tried Caudalie.  My skin is dry and sensitive as well and some other products really irritated my skin. I found my holy grail from a referral from a celebrity makeup artist friend who uses an all-natural product called Airelle.  I can't express how much I love what it does for my skin.  It's not cheap, but I've always figured you get what you pay for.  I hope you can find your holy grail too!

Re: natural products

Try Eminence. I know I just posted about this on a different question. But seriously if your skin is sensitive, beware of Origins. Origins dried out my skin to a point of rawness and cracking within a week. I had to use olive oil to return it to normal. I was using a basic, regular line assigned to me by one of their store associates. Such a mistake.

Both line are very gentle toward the skin. I'm using Orig...

Both line are very gentle toward the skin. I'm using Origins because it feels good and is relatively inexpensive, the Brighter by Nature and Charcoal mask are really good. The anti-aging lines feels good but are not as effective as Caudalie. I love love love Caudalie, but they are expensive, so I'm sticking with Origins right now.

I use a bunch of Caudalie products, I love the Vinoperfec...

I use a bunch of Caudalie products, I love the Vinoperfect Radience serum! It is so light and airy to apply, works really well on age spots and it faded a nasty scar that I had on my wrist. Definitely give their products a try, there is a nice Our Favorites kit that gives you 4 products to try for a great price ($35). The Primiere Cru set is also nice.


Hope this helps!

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