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Notorious November Hauls 2022

November is here (Well almost here) which means the official holiday shopping season and the month when most of us shop more than rest of the year. 
May it be what you shop during Sephora’s Beauty Insider sale or anything else you haul for yourself or for gifting. Show and tell here and enable us all. 


Image from Campaign USImage from Campaign US


I really really wanted to connect with you all through your haul so I am starting the November thread a few days earlier. Until No ember actually starts, keep posting your hauls in October thread and do come here as soon we Hit 11/01. Happy Shopping 🛍 



Happy Birthday to all November BIC babes 💖


Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@Sunnysmom  I passed on it based on the brand's photos (I don't hate hot magenta, I just already have enough of that shade 😂), but your swatch is tempting! I've started re-cataloging* my lipstick hoard—listing everything I have by brand, line/finish, and shade—and I keep saying I need to declutter some reds, so I really shouldn't buy Alter Ego. We'll see if I can resist. 


*I'm starting early so I'll be ready to post in ❄️December 2022 Challenge - 12 Days of Makeup Inventory - Show Off and Catalog Your Collection!!❄️ by December 24. It's gonna be a long list unless I manage to declutter a huge chunk beforehand. 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

I get it @WinglessOne ! But hey it’s a pink! 😳😂 Oof that’s an ambitious project and one I should do too! Good one. 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@Sunnysmom  I'd love to see you do that catalog project! You don't even have to post photos, just a list. 😉 I mean, you don't have to participate at all if you'd rather not... I'm just super nosy curious about your collection. 🙂 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Ha I really want to ( also need to!) and am going to try @WinglessOne ! I know we’ve discussed this , you and I! 🤗 We can do it! 💪🏼 Pics would be fun too. I’ll try my bestest! 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Ulta and e.l.f. direct: 


hauls-2022-nov-28-1UltaElf.jpegGuess what my favorite e.l.f. product is? :DGuess what my favorite e.l.f. product is? 😄


La Roche-Posay Toleraine Double Repair Face Moisturizer UV SPF 30 - one of LRP’s chemical sunscreens I surprisingly haven’t tried yet. I still have a box of other sunscreens to test ahead of this one, but I'll get to it eventually. 
  • Putty Blush, Fiji - can’t believe I haven’t tried e.l.f.’s Putty Blushes yet. Fiji is like NARS Exhibit A powder blush in cream form, packing as big a punch if not applied lighthandedly. 
  • Luminous Putty Blush, Barbados - looks glittery in the jar and on my skin via 10x mirror. But from a normal viewing distance, the glitter becomes a very soft pearly sheen. 
  • Nourishing Facial Oil - still my favorite facial oil. I often use it as nail and hand oil, but I know parts of my face will want it as temperatures drop over the next month or 2. 
  • All the Feels Facial Oil - another one I use as nail and hand oil. The hemp oil makes it especially hydrating and emollient; perfect for cold weather. 
  • GWP: mini Pure Skin Cleanser and SuperHydrate Moisturizer - gotta doublecheck this moisturizer's INCI list; I think there's something in it I can't use on my face, but I could be mistaking it for a different e.l.f. moisturizer. 


Juvia’s Place: I’ve never tried any of the brand’s lip products. Ulta’s sale seemed like a good opportunity. 
  • Velvety Matte Lipsticks, Sheba and Mauve Moment - formula reminds me of MACs regular matte bullet formula (not the drier retro mattes). Sheba looks and feels creamier than Mauve Moment, which is a much warmer not-quite-mauve pink than I expected. 
  • Lip Reflect Gloss, She’s Royal - very pigmented: that's a single coat in my lip swatch photo. No stickiness at all. Nicely glossy. Got slightly goopy along the inner edge of my bottom lip, but not so much that I had to clean it up. It does feather, so it needs a liner or lip primer perimeter for containment. 
  • Rebel Quad, Army - it’s been a few years since I bought any Juvia’s eyeshadows. I kept stalking this quad and finally bought it. To me, Juvia’s shimmers and metallics have always far outperformed their mattes. It’ll be interesting to play with this quad and see how the matte does. 
Not pictured: 2 more bottles of RetrinAL 0.1.Not pictured: 2 more bottles of RetrinAL 0.1.
30% off = time to stock up on my nightly RetrinAL 0.1 Intensive Cream. Also got a couple deluxe samples; the bottle is Avene’s micellar water. 
Rephr and Lisa Eldridge: 
Magnetic palette is one of the many MUFEs I've had for a few years.Magnetic palette is one of the many MUFEs I've had for a few years.
Swatches & details: 
  • 27 - bought 2 of these fluffy blenders because I enjoy the first one I got a while back. These will become my travel blenders. 
  • 36 - an eye brush I bought to try as a concealer brush, since it has a sloped edge. It’s bigger than the usual brushes I’d use under my eyes, but that may be fine for the days my whole undereye area is dark from allergies or lack of sleep. 
  • 34 - an extra fine liner brush I couldn’t resist. 


Lisa Eldridge: 
  • Liquid Lurex Eyeshadow, Daphne - since I already have a liquid shadow very similar to Lisa’s purple shade, I went with this olive gold instead. This is now my 4th Liquid Lurex and I’ve been happy with their performance so far. 
  • Eyeshadow singles - I chose a seamless matte, a velvet, and a metallic—though not the metallic I most wanted (it sold out)—and put ‘em in one of my spare MUFE XL palettes. This way, I save some money (vs. buying a pre-made palette) and can test the 3 formulas I’m most interested in. None of these 3 felt creamy during my swatches. In fact, the metallic felt a bit dry and tightly packed. Can't judge fairly til I try 'em all on my lids, though. 
  • GWP: velvet makeup bag - the pink one I was supposed to get went OOS, but I much prefer red anyway. I’ll end up giving this one away at some point anyhow because I already have a few others from the brand. 


Anyone wanting a super metallic or sparkly finish from Tomorrow's Party will be disappointed. Apparently some of Lisa's metallics are more shimmery than others by design.Anyone wanting a super metallic or sparkly finish from Tomorrow's Party will be disappointed. Apparently some of Lisa's metallics are more shimmery than others by design.
Cirque Colors, KBShimmer, and What’s Up Beauty: 
Let's Hang is magnetic. Rothko Red is a thermal polish; my closeup shows it in ombre action, though not as warm as it can get.Let's Hang is magnetic. Rothko Red is a thermal polish; my closeup shows it in ombre action, though not as warm as it can get.Hooray for free tote bags!Hooray for free tote bags!
The Cirque Colors jar is full of their Kawaii Charms: 

Tote bag + 2 files + Snow Angel polish = Cirque holiday GWP. The tote's made of heavier weight canvas than I expected. Not Land's End tote heavy, but also not the typically thin weight used in freebies. 
The magnet wand is KBShimmer’s new squiggly line magnet. I got it for free by placing one of the first 200 Black Friday orders. 
The metal contraption from KBS is a little stand that holds a bar magnet: you slide your finger under it to get a stripe/band from magnetic polish. A bit easier (okay, lazier 😂) than holding a magnet over your finger. Eh, it was cheap and I figured it’s worth a try so I won’t have to rig something similar on my own anymore. 
What’s Up Beauty was giving away a free magnifying stamper with any nail art plate purchase, so I grabbed 3 plates. This'll be my first time using a KADS plate. Considering how frustrated I get with stamping in general, I hope these inexpensive plates won't give me headaches. 🙃 
And the best of all these hauls, courtesy of Peet’s Coffee: 
They're all whole bean bags and I can't stop smelling them.They're all whole bean bags and I can't stop smelling them.
Peet’s was 20% off for Black Friday and I had a gift card. I’ve never had their Dubs Blend or Baridi Blend, but both sounded interesting. I’m already a fan of their Arabian Mocha Sanani, which is more consistently great than their Mocha Java. Gotta make room in my freezer for all these beans! 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Top notch haul right here!! @WinglessOne 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Thanks @lmaster!

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@WinglessOne, before we get to your magnificent beauty haul, let’s talk coffee! ️ I love Peet’s; one of my top 5 places to grab coffee in the city at the moment. ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you too for helping me with my dad’s Christmas gift - Dubs coffee beans, it is!! 🏀 


I have a few Juvia’s Place beauties but have never tried their lip glosses - not sure why come to think of it. 🤔 Love how saturated with color that gloss is - one coat, eh?! Adding “research JP lip gloss” to my list. 😉 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Thanks @itsfi ! Peet's is good stuff. They usually source very good beans, so there's bound to always be at least one blend or varietal offering of theirs to love. I hope your dad likes his Dubs blend! 


I think so many of us associate Juvia's with eyeshadow (to be fair, that's all they sold for quite some time), we forget or don't realize they have other products. 🙂 Hope you like whichever lip gloss you try! I'll likely buy another shade this month. 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Yeah, Peet’s is great @WinglessOne! 😃 I have a couple of go to’s that I don’t always remember to try their other varietals. I have a Juvia’s Place papaya balm that I like; I should look into some of their skincare as well (says the one who doesn’t need to add more to her queue of skincare products 🤣) More gets added to the list.

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

This is an awesome haul @WinglessOne . Congrats on all your goodies. That Juvia’s gloss looks stunning on you. Thanks for your thoughts on those Rephr brushes, I don’t have those yet. Enjoy all your now polishes, mine are otw and I’m excited.

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Thank you @makeitup305 ! I have more polishes coming from elsewhere and now I need to order more cases to store 'em in. 🤦‍♀️ Can't wait to see what you ordered! 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@WinglessOne what do you use to store them? I might need to upgrade mine with my recent pics 😛

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@makeitup305  I keep most of them in clear, double-sided, plastic cases meant to store thread and toys. I store them away but not completely out of sight, and use my swatch sticks to pick mani shades. I have several of these (this screenshot's from Joann, where I bought all of these; Joann's current promo pricing is better than Amazon's, but you can also find this specific case there): 


nailpolishstorage - 1.jpeg


Here's one of mine in action: 


These cases are double-sided. Each side has one extra long (eh, extra tall) slot.These cases are double-sided. Each side has one extra long (eh, extra tall) slot.


But also, I just bought one of these (from Amazon) to try. It's slightly taller and longer than the other case, so taller polish bottles fit in each compartment: 


nailpolishstorage - 2.jpeg


You'll find many varieties of this type of case at Amazon and elsewhere. Be sure to note measurements of both the overall case and the interior compartments: some bottles (OPI, Orly, China Glaze, Mooncat, etc.; anything taller than an ILNP) are too tall to fit in the Creative Options case. 


Smith & Cult bottles are too wide for both those cases, so I keep those on a 2-tier carousel: 


A cubby in the hutch atop my vanity/desk.A cubby in the hutch atop my vanity/desk.

I'm moving all my plain jellies and black/white/cream base colors to the bottom tier. 


Someone recently asked about this in the Show Me Your Nails 2.0 thread. You might find some other storage options there. 🙂 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Love these storage ideas @WinglessOne ❤️

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@WinglessOne Thanks so much the pictures, this is great. I remember seeing that post a while back and forgot to screenshot it. I appreciate your help!

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

What great hauls! I That's a pretty Juvia's Place palette, @WinglessOne.

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@WinglessOne Wow! Great haul. You have picked up a lot of great goodies 😊

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Lovely hauls, @WinglessOne! The JP army shades will look beautiful on you! 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Amazing hauls, @WinglessOne!! That lippie looks amazing on you!! I've gotta check out this elf oil. Enjoy your goodies!!

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