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Noteworthy November Hauls 2021






Thanksgiving is slowly approaching and it’s time to start Christmas shopping if you haven’t done so. Good thing the Sephora sale is happening soon.  


Rouge can shop early with their discount starting on Friday, November 5, while VIB can shop starting on Tuesday, November 9, and Insiders can shop starting on Thursday, November 11. Holiday Savings Event 2021 FAQs 


The higher the tier, the bigger the savings and the more time you have to shop:

Rouge members ($1,000 spent per year) get 20% off, VIB members ($350 spent per year) get 15% off, and Insiders (free to join!) get 10% off.


Please share your hauls for this month and Happy Birthday to all the November babies. 


Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

Thank you, @lmaster!! 

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

@haleyvvvv, the greens in the DM palette look beautifully sparkly and festive - stunning for the holiday season! 💚 💫 

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

It is a truly STUNNING palette, @itsfi!! I can't wait to play with it!! 

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

@haleyvvvv  That Athr palette looks so pretty, but it's gotten quite a few negative reviews.  What do you think of it?  I don't mind palettes that have sheer washes of color, which was a frequent reason for those reviews.  The color scheme is all me, so it looks tempting.

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

I was just reading those reviews the other day, @Ispend2much6!! I haven't used this one yet, but based on my previous experiences with other Athr palettes they work better (for me, with hooded oily eyes) as single or duo shade looks (at least on the lid, inner corner and lower lid could be other shades), they can muddy together (especially the mattes) depending on color choice and blending. I just saw some amazing looks on Insta with the shimmers and this is totally up my alley. When I use it, I'll remeber to tag you!! 

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

@haleyvvvv  Good to know as I have hooded lids also. Thanks!

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

A few hauls from this month. Will post the rest of my Sephora sale hauls when everything comes in next month and will try to do some catching up as well. 


Sephora Winter Sale: Round 1 (I *think* these were part of Round 1 😄) - I haven't decided yet whether these will be gifts for me or gifts for others 🎁 so I'll refrain from swatching for the time being, though it's taking a lot of willpower to hold off. These really are beautiful palettes. 😍

11.2021 Hauls - Sephora.jpg


Macy's - Lovinah is a black owned, woman owned brand, based out of Houston, Texas. I had my eye on a mini mask set on her site dating back this time last year - wow, how time flies! Anyhow, I held off because I was working my way through my stash, but by the time I was ready, the mini mask set was sold out - I think there's a lesson to be learned there. 😂 I found the brand online at Macy's, and the combination of a sale, reward points/cash, and a gift card resulted in these full size skincare purchases. 🛍

11.2021 Hauls - Macy’s.jpg


Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

Following up on another of the Lovinah products, the Chocolate Truffle Mask, in particular. 

Cross posting from Mask threadCross posting from Mask thread


First of all, let me get this out of the way … the Lovinah Chocolate Truffle Collagen Boosting Antioxidant Mask  smells amazing!!!! Uh - may - zing!! Chocolate goodness, indeed (how cute is the inside flap on the lid to the box?)! At least initially. There is a brief moment when I pick up an earthiness (likely from the mushroom extract) and then later, also briefly, a floralness to the fragrance, but both quickly evaporate, and then there’s the very welcome return to the delicious chocolate scent! It smells like chocolate cake batter as it first gets poured into a pan and placed in the oven. This yumminess lingers just so, wafting in and out every so often.
The dark chocolate hued cream mask applies smoothly onto the skin. I did pick up what might be cocoa nibs ever so sparingly scattered throughout, but they seemed to dissintegrate / melt into the creaminess of the mask as I massaged the product into the skin. The mask claims a host of skincare benefits - from detoxifying, nourishing and hydrating skin to reducing inflammation, boosting cell turnover and slowing down the skin’s aging process. The latter two seem like something that requires more than a single use to see any visible results so those will be addressed at a later date. I surprisingly didn’t have any redness this morning so I couldn’t speak to those claims in this instance. As for the other claims, well, I’m happy to say they were on point. After rinsing off the mask following 15 minutes of wear, my skin looked more clear, and felt soft, smooth, and hydrated with a bit of bounce to itThe one small downside of this particular mask is that, unlike the royal jelly overnight mask from the brand, this one did not come with a spatula, at least mine did not include one. It's hardly a deal breaker for me as I have others I can use, including the one that accompanied the royal jelly mask. 

This mask really is "chocolate goodness"! 💖 I’ll be reaching for this one on a weekly basis, both for these great results and to get in a fix of chocolate without the calories! 😍

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

That sounds so good, @itsfi! Guess I'll be adding this to my "products to check out in 2022" list!

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

Yes @quspork, time for new lists! 😂 Hard to believe it’ll be 2022 soon. This smells delicious and does a nice job too! 

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

@itsfi ok, that sealed the deal,,, as if chocolate goddess wasn't enough 🤣

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

The yummy chocolate 🍫 scent liiiiingers @lmaster!! 😍 2 of the 3 masks have worked out well. Makes me want to dig into the 3rd but I should be good and wait for a while. Don’t need to have so many masks open at once, right?! 😬 


Guess that means the last of the masks will be put to use next week. 🤪 Ohhhh, my willpower is just so strong, isn’t it?!! Lol.

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

@itsfi Sounds delicious! Perfect for a winter self care routine.

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

@makeitup305, it exceeded my expectations! ♥️

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

Oh, wow, it sounds beautiful. Thanks for the feedback, @itsfi

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

@curlychiquita, this was better than I expected! ♥️

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021


Not sure what grabs my attention more - the Natasha Denona palettes - I really hope you can keep at least one of them; those masks 😍 - can't wait to hear your thoughts on them; or your photos. Beautiful haul all around.

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

@missy94612, awww, thank you! Very kind of you to say. These ND palettes are beautiful. 😍

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

Those palettes look so useful and pretty @itsfi ! I have wondered about them! I’m hoping the fam stays together also! 😁

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

@Sunnysmom, I love having so many useful and pretty products in one, and that it seems like there's a good amount of product all in a compact, pretty package! 😍 Yeah, I wouldn't be mad if these stayed with me, but trying to be extra good about how many things I have. 

Re: Noteworthy November Hauls 2021

I understand that dilemma @itsfi ! Good for you! 🥰

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