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Fenty Beauty Haul...

Did anyone else get Fenty Beauty products beyond the foundation and trophy wife highlighter? What are your thoughts on the line as a whole? And you can see I got quite a few items… My main concern was addressing how these items performed on skin over the age of 30. I have a YouTube review going live as well but I am interested to know how other people feel about the line as well.💜

RE: Fenty Beauty Haul...

Omg I love it. I’m mad at myself for forgetting to get my foundation. I got everything else but that. Now it’s on back Order.

Re: RE: Fenty Beauty Haul...

Smiley Sad


I like the foundation a lot... it's only second to my MAC Studio Sculpt. I wear this on days where I want to have a moisturized but still matte glow. Smiley Happy It works well. IMG_4988.JPGAll Fenty. 'Cept the Eyeshadow, Brows & Lashes





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