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Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Tis was the night before Christmas,

And not a creature was stirring....

(Except for those who waited & procrastinated! 😉)




tenor (20).gif

For any holiday that you celebrate this time of year, 

show us all the goodies dear. 

(Please post remaining Nov hauls in Nov thread until tomorrow Dec 1. )

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Great haul @Loretta55 ! Can’t wait to hear what you think about all your new hair products. I’m salty about not picking up the Natasha Denona Mini Love Eyeshadow Palette 5 x 0.028 oz/ 0.8g when it was on sale. Enjoy everything! Those Laneige lip balms are calling me, too.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

I really liked the ND Mini Love palette @makeitup305. I wore it to work and it came together beautifully. I especially have high hopes for the AG Hair because a few influencers said that it is a one and done product. I plan on trying the Curlsmith Bonding Oil to scrunch out the crunch.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@Loretta55 Fingers crossed it goes on sale again ! Worst case, at least full price is not that bad. I’m really lazy with my hair so a one-and-done sounds great! Let me know how it works out for you!

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

I am bringing those products to the salon next week when I get my roots touch up @makeitup305 . I will tag you once I try them.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@Loretta55  Wow great haul!!

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Thank you very much @ather.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@Loretta55 I didn't know Laneige had a chocolate lip sleeping mask!  That sounds addictive.  I recently picked up their LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask in Gummi Bear and was really turned off by the smell.  I kept the mini applicator and will be sending my sister the actual product, though I doubt she'll like it.  I stumbled across a lip spatula by Morphe (marketed as a glitter applicator) that looks pretty similar but is full size to give her to apply it.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Stylvana offers some scents that are not sold in the US @greeneyedgirl107 . I like switching out my lip balms frequently. I had the mint chocolate but I was unable to find it sold on any US website. I knew that the Gummi Bear scent was not an item that I would enjoy. 

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@Loretta55 Interesting!  I'll have to keep that in mind when I'm in search of a new one.  I like that the site offers smaller amounts - that way I could alternate things more.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@greeneyedgirl107 I didn’t like the Gummy Bear scent either. My favorite is the Grapefruit and recently the Gingersnap.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@makeitup305 Now I don't feel as bad.  I thought everyone in BIC loved it.  It smelled like children's grape medicine to me.  I didn't even try it.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@greeneyedgirl107 I can’t remember if it was this one or one from a couple of years ago that also smelled like children’s makeup and playdoh and I ended up returning. Since then I always test them out in store first. I’d love to try the Caramel one that’s been all over BIC lately.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

@Loretta55 fantastic hauls!!! 

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Thank you very much @lmaster.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

What a fun assortment @Loretta55! The Benefit trio looks so cute too, I’ve seen it in stores and resisted! I like those tinted lip balms a lot. They have good color don’t they! 

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

I highly recommend the Benefit balms @Sunnysmom . They give nice opaque coverage and they are moisturizing. I still need to try them with a mask.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Yes I agree @Loretta55 ! I have a few of the brighter shades and they are really comfy! I can’t remember if I’ve worn them with a mask or not but I think blotted down they’re probably ok. The set you got is just so darn cute too! 💞

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Thank you very much @Sunnysmom.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

great haul @Loretta55 it all looks fantastic especially the Laneige caramel lip sleeping mask, and the banana sheet mask. enjoy your finds.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

Thank you very much @WhereYouStand.

Re: Dynamite December Hauls 2021

My Rose Inc sale orders came in- that was such a great deal for BF- 30% off and $10 off an order.

ROSE INC Softlight Clean Dewy Hydrating ConcealerShade lx030

#ROSE INC Brow Renew Clean Tinted Eyebrow-Growth Gel Fill 05

#Rose Inc Eye Cream- Not yet available at Sephora.

rose inc products.jpg


Eye cream, concealer, brow gelEye cream, concealer, brow gel

Mark on handMark on hand

Mark on hand covered with concealer- patted on pretty heavily with my finger.Mark on hand covered with concealer- patted on pretty heavily with my finger.




The eye cream is unscented (yay!)  I've had it on for an hour and a half; it does leave a very slightly tacky feel.  The pink shade gives a very minimal camouflage of my dark circles, but every little bit counts, right?  It also has a very slight glow/sheen to it.


The concealer is unscented. Once it dried on my hand, it melted into my skin and I can't tell where the concealer stops and my untreated skin starts.  Very impressed with this!


The brow gel is unscented.  It is very fluid, and does give natural coverage.  I have a tough time finding a brow gel that covers my white brow hairs without turning them red and leaving the rest of my brow hairs dark.  This shade performed better that way than most I've tried. 


I would have to say these three products, plus the blush, are excellent.



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