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$1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

Saw this going around YouTube (I think Emily Noel started the most recent one), so thought it would be interesting to see what everyone's would be.


$1000 before taxes (sorry fellow beauties living in Canada, no adjustment). Sale items OK. 


So what would you get?






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Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

Oh, this was fun! But oops. Went over by $8. 


Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

$1K on the nose!


Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 3.49.12 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-07-17 at 3.49.23 PM.png

Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

Skill @tastelikewater!

Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

This is a great idea for a thread! @haleyvvvv I had to think on this a bit haha! I knew I had to have a Kilian perfume and another version of my favourite Narciso Rodriguez perfume in this bougie fantasy 😄 The Biossance was already in my basket since it went on sale today so I might actually get that since it’s a reasonable price 🤔





Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket


oh look I can re-rouge if this is true 😂😂🤣

Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

Have you tried anything from Sulwhasoo before? If so, which product did you like the most or found most effective? @blackkitty2014 

Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

Oooh, I've been eying that La Mer mask for a while, @curlychiquita!! Great list!!

Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

This is such a fun thread @haleyvvvv .  Thank you for starting it!  Sadly, with a $1000 budget, it took me less than 3 minutes to fill my cart with about 1/10 of the things I want but don't need. LOL.  Eyeshadow palettes, perfumes and skincare are most of what I dream about.









Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

Same, same, @angelKiss24!! I keep getting inspired by everyone's lists and mine gets so large!! These are some beautiful palettes on your list!!

Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

I hate to admit that I probably need a $5000.00 budget @angelKiss24 .

Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket


It would be a lot more “fantasy” with a larger budget. I just basically stocked my skincare lol

Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket true @Loretta55  @GG84 .   The things I would add in a $5000 fantasy!!

Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

I probably have at least a full year supply of my current skincare @GG84. I may be lagging on serums but I am well stocked otherwise.

Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

Too funny, I'm finally getting through some moisturizers and cleansers and will want to restock (hopefully right around Christmas) but serums I have for years supply @Loretta55

Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

Too funny @ShortErica !

Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

Bum bum cream!! Such a fave, @Kim888!! I legit thought about filling a cart entirely with that to last a little while, lol. Great list!!

Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

Re: $1000 Fantasy Sephora Basket

I would skip the turban @greeneyedgirl107. Unfortunately I tried multiple ways to wear the turban but it always left a bruise on my temple. Not a pretty look. I can not even say that it did anything to make my hair less frizzy.

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