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Long Lasting Perfumes?

I've been wondering if I'm the only one, who can't seem to find a perfume that simply lasts on your skin. 

Either I'm choosing the wrong perfumes, or something has happened to my skin where it doesn't take scents very well. 

I was wondering what your go - to perfume is when it comes to choosing one that'll last you all day, and linger around you. I'd love to know what brands, scents, and tones you guys believe work for you. Which brands do you believe are best in creating a lasting perfume, and which you think don't exactly do that. 

Also, just a conversation but I was wondering if you all believe that the price tag makes a difference when it comes to purchasing perfumes. 

Leave a comment below! 

Re: Long Lasting Perfumes?

My number one is Jo Malone Wild Bluebell. It lasts for weeks. I am not exaggerating! I sprayed it on my scarf (3 pumps) and the smell's still there even after two weeks (I did not wash my scarf). Love it and trying to find another scent for summer. Any recommendations? 

Re: Long Lasting Perfumes?

Absolutely enjoy Jo Malone! I've tried Peony and Blush Suede and it definitely lasts longer than most perfumes! Next time I'm in store, I'm definitely going to check out Blue Bells.

Re: Long Lasting Perfumes?

Out of all the fragrances I own I find J'adore to be the longest lasting, 24 hours and it is still detectable! Allure is probably a distant second at maybe 8-10 hours.


My favourite perfumes (currently) are Fleur Jolie Lavande by Tory Burch and Balenciaga B. Neither are terribly long lasting on me sadly but I find liberally spraying some onto a cotton ball and pushing it down into my bra works better than anything. I read that hint somewhere a long time ago and it helps tremendously when you need to get more mileage from your fragrance.

Re: Long Lasting Perfumes?

Thanks for the tip! I've never heard of that one, and I'm definitely going to try out the cotton ball trick! Also, I adore allure, but its a very heavy evening scent when it works with my body chemistry. J'adore is fantastic as well! And definitely a staple everyone should try out. 

Re: Long Lasting Perfumes?

@BeigeRose I've found the Chloe and Roses de Chloe last a long time on me.  I have no idea why - it could be the formula but I feel it's probably body chemistry.  

RE: Long Lasting Perfumes?

Tom Ford - Orchid Soleil and Black Orchid

Re: Long Lasting Perfumes?

I recently tried two samples of NEST Fragrances and these perfumes are so high quality! They really stay well on the skin! 

RE: Long Lasting Perfumes?

I absolutely love the YSL opium perfume line because they are made with coffee beans and we all know coffee beans have long lasting scent and you only need to apply very little! Or another one to give a shot is Marc Jacobs decadence perfume that one last pretty long too! Another tip I do is I apply a little perfume to my hair brush and just brush through my ends! That seems to keep the scent going when your hair moves. Always go for samples! And another tip I’ve heard is applying to the back of the knees, inner arm (elbow area) and wrist 🙂 hope that helps Another thing you want to look for is that you may not be able to smell your perfume but others may... they say that if you don’t smell your own perfume is that it is a good match for you but if you can smell it then it may not be the right one for you

Re: Long Lasting Perfumes?

The only perfumes that seem to last long on me are the ones I think smell really bad.

Re: Long Lasting Perfumes?

Love the smell

RE: Long Lasting Perfumes?

The only perfume I've found to last me ALL day is Decadence by Marc Jacobs. It's my go to "professional" or date night perfume because I know it will last and everyone that smells me is obsessed with the scent.

I've had some luck extending the length of the scent by p...

I've had some luck extending the length of the scent by putting a drop or 2 of Josie Maran Argan oil on before my scent. Rub it in then spray your fragrance on top.

I was actually just reading about this! It's pretty commo...

I was actually just reading about this! It's pretty common that we spritz perfumes on our wrists and neck. We are doing it so wrong! Think about how many times we wash our hands clean, thus washing our wrists (bye bye smelling good there!) and then, we sweat or touch our face/neck areas about 2-300 times a day without even knowing it! Makes you want smack your own hand! Lol! So anyways, try spraying, spritzing, a little bit different. Suggestions were from inside your pant pockets, coat, back of a tie or scarf, anyplace that you have that limits sweat, touching and washing! Hope I helped a little!

Re: Long Lasting Perfumes?

I often encounter this issue with fragrances!  I use mostly men's fragrances but whatever!  These scents don't last on me at all. I feel like my skin just absorbs the juice and it's gone.

Re: Long Lasting Perfumes?

Here are some factors that attribute to the longevity and projection of a scent:

1. Formula: colognes have the lowest concentration of the essential oils used to create the scent. This is followed by eau de toilette, then eau de parfum, and then the is the pure perfume oil, which has the longest staying power and strongest projection of all the formulas. Basically, the more alcohol that accounts for the liquid composition of your scent of choice, the weaker it's staying power.

2. Your skin: body chemistry aside, (yes, your personal body scent can change based on your diet and this can have an effect on the way a perfume smells on you), the bigger issue is that when we bathe we tend to strip our ski of our natural oils, so the perfume, regardless of formula doesn't have anything to "stick" to, which is why using a basic body oil or moisturizer helps with preserving your perfume throughout the day. As you may have noticed, lots of perfume houses make accompanying oils and moisturizers meant to be used in tandem with  perfume, becuase those other products add oiliness to your skin, thereby allowing the perfume to linger on your skin longer and stronger.


While it is true that most perfumes today are weaker compared to the older formulations, usually due to the fact that many ingredients once prevalent in perfumery have become harder to acquire or its just cheaper to make a synthetic version, mostly we just bathe a lot more so perfumes don't have to be as strong to mask everybody's funkiness. Many people find older fragrances too "loud" or "strong" becuase it was a necessary thing in order to make the scent stand out in a world full of funk. Now we veer towards body splashes and non-offensive perfumes because we are sensitive to the needs of others who work around us and may have allergies or get migraines from perfumes. Have fun searching for what works best for you and won't drive people around you too crazy!

Re: Long Lasting Perfumes?

I think perfume oil can go either way. I tried Body Shop's Red Musk perfume oil, which lasts awhile but does not project much.  I don't have much experience with perfume oils though!


I like your tip about the oils/moisturizer.  You can put some unscented lotion on your skin prior to spraying the perfume. This kind of works for me.





Re: Long Lasting Perfumes?

Thank you so much for your lovely reply! 

After having read through it, I have realized that this started happening when I changed my eating habits in the past year. 

Furthermore, it's true that we are now more aware of whether or not our perfumes are invasive and overwhelming towards others around us. I noticed that even eau de toilettes simply wouldn't linger longer than 30 minutes. 

I'm thinking of trying out some lotions and moisturizers to see whether or not that'll allow the perfumes, whether it's eau de toilette or eau de parfume, to sink into my sink before jumping the bullet and buying perfumes that are more oil based.

Thanks again for the lovely informative reply! 

Re: Long Lasting Perfumes?

Classics from old houses like Guerlain (Mitsouko, Shalimar) and Chanel (no.5) tend to have lasting power and if those don't last all day for you, it might be your skin.


As with all things, price can be a factor in quality but not always. There are great affordable perfumes and very expensive ones that are not long lasting or derivative or just jumping on a trend (oud anything). Generally speaking, I think you see reasonable gains when moving from around $60 for 50ml to around $120 for 50ml. Around $200-240 is another perceivable step up. But honestly, when I see perfumes selling for $300+ it's like... it's tough to improve upon the $240 that much. It's the law of diminishing returns.

Re: Long Lasting Perfumes?

 Thanks for the reply lovely! 


Couldn't agree more about Chanel No.5 and it's lasting power, but I've simply out grown the smell. I adore it on others but the minute it's on me, I have this sickly feeling. I believe it's due to overwearing it. 


And I do agree that the price has some kind of difference on the quality of the perfume. I'm open to spending on scents, as I always find myself wearing one. I have a variety of perfumes ranging from affordable to somewhat questionable (about the price), and not all of them seem to be staying on my skin like they would a year ago. From the reply above, I believe it's due to the recent change of diet, as well as bathing slightly too much and therefore stripping my skin of it's natural layer of oil. I'll be trying to add a layer of moisturizer or body oil to see whether the lasting power increases before I buy a new perfume.


Thanks once again, for the lovely suggestions.

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