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Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

We have been blessed to be at this time of year when Sephora gives us 20% off full sized fragrances (with code:Fragrance20) for the next upcoming days and also when the 20% off everything (prestige included) and simultaneous 5x the points on fragrances is going on at ULTA. I decided to start a thread for some fragrance hauls here at Sephora or anywhere else. What fragrances will you be stocking up on this holiday season (and beyond)? Or in short: SHOW US YOUR PERFUME BUYS 🙂



I will definitely be replenishing my YSL Mon Paris perfume as I'm more than halfway done with my full sized bottle and I use it religiously. Also might take a blind plunge and buy the YSL Mon Paris Intensement, the new installment in the Mon Paris series and likely a limited edition scent. I also recently fell in love with a sample of Tocca Stella which I am considering buying a full size of here at Sephora. I'll update this thread with a full haul as I make my final decisions. But in the meantime, share what you got 🙂




Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum Set Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Intensement Eau de Parfum 3.04 oz/ 90 mL TOCCA Stella 1.7 oz/ 50 mL Eau de Parfum Spray Rabanne Invictus Eau de Toilette 3.4 oz/ 100 mL 

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

@pocketvenus I'm seriously going to shed a few tears once I can no longer find this product anywhere. LOL! 😂

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

An Impulse Ulta, The Second Edition: I basically have lived at Ulta this week from the great deals and my procrastination in gift buying this year. Plus a friend of mine made a few trips to sniff and sample future perfume fragrances (like when I sampled Ariana Grande Cloud earlier this week). I ended up seeing these tiny Clinique perfumes and remembered how circa early 2000s I used to love the Clinique Happy Fragrances. The one that stood out to me was the one with only one left in stock but the reason it stood out to me is because of the name: Cookies & Kisses. I love sweet scents this time of year and I tend to gravitate towards them more. They only sell these at Ulta in 0.5oz so it’s nice that they come in a travel friendly spritzer. The tester was on its last spritzes too, so I was very happy I got to sample this and that I liked it enough to shell out the $25 for an undersized bottle. Also got a Jack Black lotion that was $15 as a little add on gift for someone off my list which made the whole order $40 and used my Ulta coupon of $10 off $40 to make the two items add up to a total of $30. 


Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

@QueenMarceline I got that one, too!! after getting cocoa & cashmere for my first one, years ago...and then I got 2 of the sets that had all of them in and REM. and MK gorgeous holiday set. and mini burberry her and very good girl sets. and alien fusion, which still hasnt shipped yet, oh, and clean reserve lush fleur, a few ellis brooklyn and phlurs...could be others im forgetting. lol.


oh, and I got an ulta perfume sampler, which I didnt even which had a $15 off coupon in it, so I used it on REM, even though Id been wanting the gift set, but figured the discount on the regular bottle would be better.


and a couple of the sephora perfume samplers.


I need to take pics and post them on the hauls thread.


oh, and got MJ skies from Influenster (a brand new release!!) and was supposed to get Alien Goddess also, but they sent them to the wrong ppl, so...the alien fusion was gonna be a nice sub, I hope it ships sometime 😕

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

@treestar86 Oh my gooodnesss! I adore this fragrance haul and such great use of the coupons and sales. I really want to splurge and get myself a perfume sampler set I'm such a sucker for minis sometimes and trying out new fragrances. But then, I fall in love and need the bottle which is when the included coupon comes very in handy. I'll have to check if these are still available on either ULTA or Sephora. I definitely splurged the most on my perfume collection this year and it's probably the thing I'll continue buying at upcoming sales even though I'm going on a "buy less 2022". I'd rather invest in my fragrances than makeup because I'm so stocked up on makeup. 

Try to take pictures of some of these and post them to the thread. I'm a sucker for bottles too! 🙂

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

@QueenMarceline thank you!! 🤗 and the 5x pts. and free blanket/robe wasnt bad, either!! I got 2 robes and 3 🙄😅😬🙊 yes I'm a sucker for nice bottles, too. I tend to buy perfumes bc theyre the easiest thing to use, LOL. the sephora samplers are nice, too bc then u can get a full sized one from it, and w/the 20% off, it ends up being a pretty good deal.


I will def. try to get those pics soon. 😊🤗

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

@treestar86 OOO! Yes I definitely took advantage of the 5x the points and I got myself another free robe (my mom got one too since I already own that color). I feel like it's almost become a tradition in my house I have at least 3-4 ULTA robes from fragrance purchases LOL, my favorite I think being the pink plaid one from a year or two ago. It's so cute!


Can't wait for the photos 🙂

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

@QueenMarceline it was my first time getting a robe!! I always got the blankets before, and was surprised at how thick and warm they were!! theyve gotten thinner the last couple years, though, but hey my collection of ulta blankets will keep me warm for a while, anyway!! 😅 and the lavender robe I had to snag, since I love that color (it will also coordinate w/my REM perfume. lol). but was unsure about the sizes lol, too bad they dont let u try them on!! lol. I was worried the small might be to uh...small. lol. 🙄 but was just right, except the sleeves were oddly short, since im only 5'5"...but maybe Im just used to long sleeves. lol



Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

A Mini Amazon Haul: I've heard of Le Monde Gourmand but I have never personally tried anything. I saw this perfume from them on my discover page and it was only $20 (1oz). I'm a sucker for sweet scents especially around the colder time of the year so Pistachio and Brûlée in the name made me really want to try this. I also got a 1oz Ariana Grande Cloud before in my upcoming subscribe and save delivery. I tried this on my wrists and neck at an Ulta recently since it was on display and I could still smell it the next day. Initially was going to get this 20% off at Ulta combined with their 5x the points multiplier for fragrances but I didn't want to get a 3.4oz bottle because of my personal rule that my first purchases of fragrances always have to be 1oz or 1.7oz and then if I actually go through that entire bottle I decide if its 1) even worth repurchasing 2) If it's good enough where amongst all the perfumes I have would even want/need it in a 3.4 oz bottle. Therefore, the price for the 1oz was already better on Amazon in comparison to Ulta and coupled with the 10% off I got on it for my subscribe and save that just made it an even better deal. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 4.39.08 AM.pngScreen Shot 2021-12-20 at 4.39.14 AM.png

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

A Haul: Decided to finally restock my Elizabeth & James Nirvana Amethyst (discontinued product) and was very pleasantly surprised by the little Burberry Original (1995 release) that I recently picked up locally at a perfume shop so I wanted to try out other classic fragrances. My mom used to have a Burberry perfume when I was a very young kid in the late 90's and/or early 2000's and I've been trying to find that one; hence, the blind purchase of the original 1995 release that was on clearance. She cannot remember what perfume it was other than it was one from Burberry and it definitely is not the Original Burberry 1995 release despite me liking it so much. So, I figured why not try out the other classics or older releases from Burberry at a discounted price?


Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 4.32.52 AM.png

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

@QueenMarceline was it burberry touch? w/the wooden top? that was one of my first faves, and def. came out around like 2001-2, I think? I remember bc I think I smelled it first in the Vogue w/Britney on the cover, w/the american flag I believe. or maybe that was Michael Kors. lol. either way, yeah, i think they came out around that time, I got one on ebay I think, but sadly they discontinued it (of course), probly bc it was a woody scent, and not the typical girly perfume.


burberry her is the only other one I've really tried, I love it...finally got a cute lil mini set (pics coming!! lol) and saw that they have the 5 oz of that one, too!! so I hope thats a fragrance crush sometime, bc if there was 10x pts on that, that would be 😁🤗

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

@treestar86 It very well could have been, this package is arriving soon so maybe it is one of these (London or Brit) are the best bet because I know for a fact my mom never owned the pink one or I would have remembered it especially as a child LOL! I'm excited to see if it is indeed one of those. I seriously love when ULTA does 10x the points, I missed the one-day event they have every August this year for the first time on total accident and I'm still kicking myself around about it. 😂

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

@QueenMarceline weekend (1997) or the beat (2008) are my other bets, but who knows. lol. 😅 its fun to try them, anyway!! 🤗


yeah, that 10x's pts. day is tricky!! altho, this year it was 2 days!! and was in like Sept. or Oct this year, lol. ;/ thats why u can often get 10x pts. on the fragrance crush, bc they often have other multipliers...I just wish they had nicer perfumes for the FC lol, or different ones, bc they seem to repeat the same ones over and over. ;/


oh, I just remembered a couple more from my haul...flowerbomb midnight, and bloom!! 😍😊🤗 and prada candy night, from a few months ago...all unopened, bc Im saving for a nice pic first. lol. 


I may have a 🙄😒😅😂😬🙊😩

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

@treestar86 I think me and you might have the same problem... I'm about to get more perfume. HAHAHAHAH! 😁😂

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

@QueenMarceline nooooo!!! lol. 😩


alien fusion is my latest one, I hope I get it I checked out their website also, and they had some on sale, like the pink alien bottle, that would have looked so nice in my collection (even though fusion will be my first full sized alien), and muse, which sounds so good. have u tried mugler? really quality perfumes!! they seem so much stronger than other typical designer perfumes. they also had one called aura, which is such a neat green alien/gemstone looking bottle. theyre off sale now though... 😩


other than that, I havent ordered anymore. it was the holiday sales and extra pts. that compelled me to hoard. lol.


now I've set my sights on too faced's holiday collection, at 50% off...muahahaha. 😏😅🤣

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

@treestar86 I have tried Mugler, they're very hit and miss for me. For example, I really enjoy Alien but despise Angel. 😁I can't remember which other one I tried but it was one of their older releases, if I saw the bottle it might jog my memory but those two I distinctly remember. Which Too Faced Holiday collection? 🙂 I just got their cinnamon palette on a whim, it's actually colors that are right up my alley so I justified it to myself during the sale LOL.

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

@QueenMarceline ooh, I wanted that one too. I got the xmas in the city set, xmas in london palette, the youre so hot bronzer set, the mini lip balm set, the mini plumper set annnd...just placed an order on their site, for the first time also!! 😄

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

@treestar86 Haha! Their releases are always so cute, I was just chatting with @Mellmars1185 about that little hot cocoa bronzer because she picked it up recently and how I've been eyeing it on the YearEndSale but I've tried my best to resist it, however due to cuteness overload... I might just do it 😁👀

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

Dooo it! Hahah @QueenMarceline 

Btw congrats on the status Rookie 3!

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

@Mellmars1185 Thank you! 😊

Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!

An Ulta Impulse Buy: I realized last night that this new release of YSL Black Opium Neon was featured as one of the holiday beauty steals. Unfortunately, it’s sold out online but I saw on the store locator that it was available at the Ulta I had a pick up order at. I tried it in store and ended up liking it as I’m already a huge Black Opium fan (and YSL fragrance fan in general). This also stacked with their $10 off $40 holiday code so I was able to get it at more than 50% pre-tax (as well as 5x the points on fragrance). Not a bad snag. The 1oz was the only size available unfortunately at my store but I ended up getting the last one and maximizing my savings. 




Re: Fragrance Savings Galore! Fragrance Haul Central!


My Nirvana Bourbon from Amazon came in and I stopped by to a local perfume shop to browse the clearance so I ended up walking away with a little Burberry perfume.  

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