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Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston


Back in June @TeamBic posted about a Houston community event that would take place in July. While I am not currently local to Houston and some may be familiar with me attending the NYC events, I will be moving to Houston soon. My husband and I, “coincidently",  ended up taking our house hunting trip at this time! 


At first, if you were familiar with the thread, we did not know what the event was going to be, but after a few weeks Team Bic contacted us and revealed that it would be the very 1st Mobile Sephoria Masterclass with Vicky Tsai from Tatcha PLUS a very special lunch with @CarolBT  and @KatieBT! The masterclass took place in a theatre and the place was nicely decorated in the reception area. Beautiful (and delicious!) drinks and bites were being served. There was a super cute photo op that we of course took advantage of.

0CE92C7C-4068-49B1-87DF-6ED87322522A.JPGDelicious - I think it was lemonade!6B0B25BA-8689-48E8-A812-95356C6FFE27.JPGMini Donuts!8C303F28-B704-49E9-84EB-6CA94C44FAB1.JPG350A5A90-D3D4-47F7-8193-E6E318454572.JPG#cameforthefood #JK289531DD-40FB-4A87-8B9C-B1800EB71661.JPGWith these beautiful BIC babes!BBDE3826-FD4D-4822-B650-592E6F9AC46D.JPGMore treats!


Upon, entering the room where the masterclass was to be held we were given a beautiful train case in a lovely shade of green filled with goodies. BIC members that attended the event also had reserved seats on the very first row.

#IMG_6458.jpgIt's a paler mint green in real life, but I forgot to edit the temperature of the photo!

48618B2B-6782-43CF-ACEB-F078C28D73A8.JPG135347B8-4695-4FC0-86D1-D6807C8A7378.JPGB5BDCCEE-F159-44A2-965C-995C33A611E2.JPGSo excited for the new Satin Skin mist!

1C7C9E4F-943D-414B-B66E-3E007A4774EF.JPGHow cute was this water bottle?

@JeffreyBD  (He's so nice <3 ) came to the stage and gave us an introduction about Tatcha and talked to us about Sephoria(I am beyond excited!), before Vicky Tsai took the stage.

My first impressions after seeing Vicky in person on that stage was WOW: a) she is stunning, b)she looks like a fairy, c)she has the most beautiful voice and sounds like a disney princess (like, I wouldn’t be surprised if she started singing)!


The session was about “Skincare as Self Care” and it lasted for about an hour or so. It will be impossible for me to cover every single thing, so I will summarize my takeaways from it:


Aging is a gift and not everybody gets to do it, so embrace it. It is not about fighting the clock.

(I thought this was beautiful and my main takeaway from the session.)


  • Skincare is selfcare
  • Wash your face - It is very important to throughly wash your face of makeup and pollution. Pollution is naturally inflaming and inflation is the heart of all aging for any organ.
  • If it burns, it’s bad  - A tingle it’s ok, but if you feel something burning your face you should wash it off.
  • Wear sunscreen - Protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. It ages, burns and as we all know can cause skin cancer.
  • Listen to your skin, it is talking to you - Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Your skin will talk to you and sometimes let you know that something is wrong. Vicki mentioned that she has eczema on her neck and that while she used to hate it in the past, she came to appreciate it. It flares up whenever she is stressed, not eating well or lacking sleep, so now for her it is a reminder to re-evaluate what she is doing and it resolves as soon as is able to identify and address the root cause. 


Vicky talked about how every Tatcha purchase help fund girls education. She announced on the masterclass that to date they have funded 3 million days of school for girls in Asia and Africa in partnership with Room to Read. This contributes to the daily lives of these girls and for the future of their families and generations to follow. “A generation of educated girls can lift an entire community of poverty in 2 generations, because educated girls become educated mothers, who have educated children, lower mortality rates, lower birth rates, invest in their communities and help everyone around them flourish.”


She proceed to perform an experiment to demonstrate how an essence (she mentioned she can only speak about their essence of course) can improve the hydration of your skin by about 143% and the penetration of the skincare products you apply following the essence. Needless to say, that will probably be my next skincare purchase once I run out of my current essence.



After the masterclass we had a chance to meet and take a photo with Vicki. She was absolutely lovely and here is our picture together. (I haven’t worn these jeans in years and forgot how low waisted they were, so I showed a lot more skin than I originally intended when I lifted my arm, sorry I had to address it since I am posting the picture here lol).


From the theatre where the masterclass was held, we walked to the nearest Sephora store for a “mist-stop” - they had Caudalie mists on ice and it was deliciously refreshing! We browsed for a bit, swatched 265354 products of course and then made our way to the restaurant.


We had a beautifully decorated private room for our lunch with customized menus to boot. Lunch was delicious and it was amazing to be able to hang out fellow BIC members and the BIC team in real life.






It was truly special and we had so much fun, talked about all things beauty, pets, made plans for Sephoria - it was really grand.


By the time we got to dessert we found out it was Katie’s birthday and we had special and crazy delicious vegan chocolate cupcakes for her among other treats!


And if all those great things were not enough, we also had custom BIC Texas t-shirts and a fantastic goodie bag.


43DDB216-62B9-494A-BD85-10707F113498.JPGWe had name cards with our profile photos <351C31569-72FC-4F5B-A921-6E4B47CFCAEF.JPGDDB7728F-8583-4020-956A-7295E25FDD2B.JPGCommunity favorite products <3E1C8106F-DC7F-405B-8BF2-E082B9EFE8D3.JPG

28257F30-D2B0-4917-9FA8-E46A5298D9FB.JPGAlso included in the gift bag (I missed it on the other photo), Smashbox Be Legendary lipstick - Legendary

Before finishing my recap of the event I would like to thank @TeamBIC , @KatieBT  and @CarolBT for this fantastic opportunity. Everything was perfect and far exceeded my expectations. You guys are awesome and I throughly appreciate your efforts in making BIC an amazing and welcoming space where we can talk about everything. I move a lot and I am at a certain point in my life where it is really hard to make friends in a new place, BIC definitely helps with that and I’ll forever be grateful. (I’m getting a little sappy, so I’ll stop!)

B5C45962-4FB8-4072-B23E-5517BB7E29A0.JPGCarolBT <3E08BFBD9-8479-407A-B1CC-B20FB432DE35.JPGJeffrey and Katie <3

I am sure I am missing out on a few details about the event, but I trust the other BIC members (now friends!) to fill the gaps!


Tagging the other amazing ladies that were at the BIC event: (Hope y’all had a safe journey home!)

@Mcakes @faeriegirl @Tamara76 @Luvstravel @swiftangel @chantiy 

F67BDD8E-FCC2-4B1C-9288-36211E74AF63.JPGCouldn't wait to wear my t-shirt <3

Thank you so much for reading <3

RE: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston

Maaaannnn, what a review!!! Exactly what she said, lol. It was so nice to have met you. Hope to meet up again soon.

Re: RE: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston


Thank you so much Smiley Happy You will!

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston

Oh my gawd!  Smiley Surprised  This looks SO amazing Heart  I'm so glad that our TX gals had such a wonderful opportunity!  You're an absolute doll @Cyncynn  Heart  Thank you for all the wonderful pics and the amazing recap of the event!  

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston


Thank you so much, that means a lot coming from you. Your UD Naked Cherry launch party post was legendary - I re-read that so many times Smiley Very Happy

(I am so  so excited to meet you at Sephoria !)

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston

LOL, you are so adorable @Cyncynn  Heart  I'm super excited to finally be meeting you as well Smiley Wink 

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston

Thank you for sharing @Cyncynn! This event looks like it was soo much fun and I love the t-shirts! 




Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston


It was fantastic - you guys rock <3

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston

@Cyncynn, I just love this! What a wonderful opportunity!

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston

@curlychiquita Thank you Smiley Happy

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston

@Cyncynn   You are too cute!  It looks like you had a great time!  Wishing you the best in your new home.

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston

@Ispend2much6 Thank you so much - much appreciated <3

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston

Wow, thank you for sharing your experience! Those desserts look as amazing as the products you received. <333

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston

@PenelopeBT Thank you. I hope I never have to face the decision between desserts and beauty products Smiley Very Happy

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston

@Cyncynn stunning photos and great review of this event, it looks like it was a blast! You and @KatieBT also look like you could be sisters😄


Your description of Vicky (and seeing her in that gorgeous gown) - like a breath of fresh air! She is stunning and now I must try that essence😉

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston


Thank you so much, it was beyond anything I could expect!

I am religiously using the two essences I have (SK-II and Omorovicza) in order to justify the tatcha, I want to finish at least the SK-II! lol

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston

Your review was so awesome that I simply deleted mine. lol (no use being redundant especially when yours is perfect).


It was such a pleasure hanging out with you for the day. Safe travels on your move to Texas. Looking forward to connecting IRL again. Smiley Happy 

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston


Nooooooo, don't delete it! We all have different takes on these events and I would have loved to read yours <3

It was lovely meeting you and your +1! Once I am back in Texas we will def connect - I hope you are enjoying HTX!

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston

@swiftangel , I totally agree with @Cyncynn  - Please don't delete!  It's always so much fun seeing different perspectives and pics from the events! <3

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston

@Cyncynn Thanks so much for sharing this incredibly thorough review. It sounds like everyone had an incredible time! The pics are amazing! Oh and Happy Birthday to Katie! 

Re: Community meetup and Tatcha Masterclass - Houston


Thank you so much Smiley Happy

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  • More treats!
  • With these beautiful BIC babes!
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