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my loser lashes

Does anything at all make lashes grow? I’m fine with my blonde hairs I just need them to grow Smiley Sad 

Re: my loser lashes

Have you considered lash extensions? For the amount of money you'd spend on serums that may or may not work for you, extensions might be worth it. And the results are immediate!

Re: my loser lashes

I would be weary about using a lash growing product as they can often cause darkening around the eye, redness, it can change your eye colour and reduce your eye pressure. The gland opening can also become clogged by the serum causing discomfort, steys, or other eye infections. 


If if you decide to move forward with using a serum @Sadieannmartin, I suggest making sure it’s one that is tested and approved by the FDA, and has proven results. Keep an eye on the look of your eye area to monitor any changes. 

Re: my loser lashes


I too have blonde eyelashes but mostly wanted them to be longer.

I finally tried the GrandeLash serum (from Grande Cosmetics) about 6 weeks ago and I must say: it really works. As long as you apply it every day as recommended (at least until you see the results you want), you will see a dramatic change within a few weeks. Or at least, I hope you will get the same results as I if you decide to give it a try. It's expensive, but lasts for a long time (3 months - the instructions are very clear about the fact that applying more product each day won't help achieve the desired results faster)

I hope it helps!

RE: my loser lashes

you could try taking a break from curling or mascara and possibly eyeliner, it’s not proven but I used to use a curler and mascara everyday and I really wanted mine to grow but they just didn’t so I took a break from the mascara and curlers and eyeliner and they grew super quick!
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