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Under-eye care

Hi ladies, I would like some advice about under-eye skin. I have been crying for over a week (mourning a love one) and my under-eye is swollen and the skin is peeling. What can I use to repair? Thanks for all your help 🙂

Re: Under-eye care

@NellKareena My sincere condolences for your loss. Seriously. 

@danielledanielle had some excellent advice. I went through something similar recently involving a loved one. My heart goes out to you. 

-rich hydrating eye creams are your friend—IME take a break from anything with active ingredients like retinol etc; just stuff for sensitive skin. I personally prefer really thick hydrating eye creams but it depends on skin type. 
-Cold compresses and spoons really help take down the swelling. You don’t need anything fancy. If you are OK with sheet/eye masks those can be really refreshing as well. Put on some music or a podcast, something soothing and distracting, and have a lie down. 
-Be good to yourself. Please. Ensure you’re getting adequate nutrition and vitamins—lack of nutrients can contribute to the flaky undereyes. Omega-3 supplements, vitamin C, even the basics like so, & adequate meals. It can be hard to eat at a time like this but remember that you’re an amazing person and you deserve to be nourished and healthy—it’s what your loved one would have wanted, & everyone who loves you in your life besides. 
-Does your under-eye area hurt? Is your upper lid affected? If the peeling continues and is unabated by topical creams, you may want to see a dermatologist. 
Take care. 💙

Re: Under-eye care

Hi, I love korean skin care, glow recipe agrees really well with my does SKII and la Neige, can you recommend others plz?

Korean and European is such a nice mix, I'm  sure  you have lovely complexion.


MILK is a brand name, their under-eye cooling stick does wonders for hydration, they have good foundation sticks as well. Their serum is also in stick format and I enjoyed it too.


Philosophy brand essence is great, I've been using it since my early teens, it actually helped repair my dry damaged lips, I don't think it's for lips.... but it really worked for me. Winters are very cold here (minus40°), my skin gets very difficult during the colder months. I am from the Carribean so my hair and skin dry out from Sept to may ish lol.


You seem very strong, you speak of your time with your dad in a proud way and I'm sure he is proud of you💜


My under-eyes are still swollen and red, I also tried the cucumber mask and rose stem cell mask from PTR, they are amazing. I put them on cold and their gel-like texture soothes my skin. PTR had great masks in general, the pumpkin enzyme peel is one of my favorites. During the holiday season PTR offers a 6 pc mask gift set.


Glam glow also has a great charcoal mask, I can feel my pores being cleaned.


I also have a quarts eye mask from the Sephora collection, and I have been applying that cold. I truly love skincare, I find it super zen, I'm just hoping to get back to it soon xox💜

Re: Under-eye care

Ooh I forgot I’ve always wanted to try the ptr pumpkin mask & now you’ve got me coveting it! 💖 

Re: Under-eye care


Sephora doesn’t carry it but as for Korean brands, I love O Hui. Like, all of it. It’s a bit luxe / exxy though. The other ones I like are Sulwhasoo first care (it’s more of a serum texture) & one you can get off eBay …it’s called from nature. I’ve heard really good things abt the Innisfree essence on Sephora too. 
my fave retinol is RoC—my mom’s been using it for a decade as well as the NuFace. Koreans underestimate her age by decades & her last proper plastic surgery (discounting laser) was in 1969! For essences, the first super popular essence in Korea is Iope, & generally, their products are pretty nice! (I use Rx retin-a myself called Refissa. It’s moisturizing so if you’re dry—what’s your skin type btw?—it’s a good way to ease into retinol Rx . ) Here’s a good review. Her website is really great for reviews btw ☺️
if you like hyaluronic acid, hada labo does a gold one available on Amazon. It’s got 5 versions of hyaluronic in but should optimally be applied to damp skin!

Amore pacific is the same company as laneige, but they also do a range called Mamonde & a lot other brands! Generally their products are great (I apologise for typos I’m on my phone). 

I feel yr love for skincare—I’m hoping to get back into it For the soothing properties (also cos I’m vain ❣️) the philosophy essence sounds awesome—I’m going to look into that! I’m glad the PTR products are helping but I’m a bit worried the irritation is continuing; can you get to a doc?

My dad was a good person. I haven’t always been the best kid so I hope he was proud of what I accomplished. I’m sure your relative treasured you—you’re a super compassionate & intelligent person 💙

update us on how you’re doing ! & take care 🌈

Re: Under-eye care

Thank you again for your kind words, I thought it a little vain at first to ask for skin care advice at this time lol, but I know that under-eye skin is very thin & sensitive. Plus it did give me a little distraction, and boy, do I love distractions. I also love skin care and makeup and Sephora❤🖤 It's  nice to meet others like myself.


I'm sorry for the loss that you went through and it seems to have made you a stronger person, selfless even, thank you for everything.


I love SKII, so far I've taken all your advice & I can't  wait to heal so that I may start doing my regulars (peels, acids etc). the Milk cooling water has also help reduce the swelling, it's very gentle & I use it out of the fridge. Philosophy coconut hydra essence is also one of my favorites and has slowly helped to rebuild the skin.

P.s you are fortunate to have a dermatologist friend 🥰

Re: Under-eye care

Hi @NellKareena , I hope sincerely that you’re having a better day today. I don’t think your question was vain at all! When I was in the hospital with my father, I totally neglected self-care of course. it wasn’t just a question of appearance—I felt lousy & tired when I wanted to be there for him. Also since I usually am v made-up/skincare-savvy, I didn’t feel like myself at all. Which was jarring. I’m only starting back on skincare and makeup. Just caring for yourself as you would a best friend makes such a difference. It’s not superficial—but returning back to oneself, & helping yourself heal. 🌷please do!


re the swollen eyes, is your eyeball (what a weird word) affected at all? Is it red, painful, etc, or is it just the skin? I mentioned the flaky undereyes as this can develop further into a really annoying condition called blepharitis. If it worsens further pls see an optometrist/ophthalmologist/doctor 🩺

I’m going to have to look up the Philosophy coconut water and the Milk (is that the brand name?) —I’m Korean/European so I love a soothing essence (SKII is awesome & luxe—if you want some Korean brand recs just ask), except a lot of them have essential oils which I’m allergic to so I’ve to be careful. “Plus it did give me a little distraction, and boy, do I love distractions. I also love skin care and makeup and Sephora❤🖤It's  nice to meet others like myself.” same!!!  💕distractions I find are beneficial at this time plus I mean, doesn’t everyone get an ego boost from looking pretty & glowy?. Does wonders for the psyche. If you have a favorite power outfit or clothes or jewelry my suggestion is to wear those too. I have a few pairs of earrings and a necklace which is a little airplane & wearing those gave me strength. The airplane let me remember the good times I had travelling with my loved one, & all the places I wanted to visit in future, so it helps me carry on during the days where I feel poorly. 


My friend isn’t a dermatologist lol (I wish! Would be convenient)—they work with Covid patients (& are in the media) but have basic medical knowledge on skin-stuff, although they’re totally baffled on why I own so many highlighters & eye shadows lol but they like the effect 😄 


anyhow, take care & I’m sending positive thoughts your way ❤️

Re: Under-eye care

Your words are so kind & you are very knowledgeable. It must be faith that the only people that are consoling me at a time like this are people that I have never met. The internet has given me nothing but love, yet my *family* is mistreating me at a time like this. Thank you for making all the difference.

Re: Under-eye care

Also, I am so sorry that your family doesn’t understand. 😔 People say things like ‘stay strong’ but it can be impossible at first. You will be strong again, in time; you will find yourself again & love life. This part is the hardest part, & it isn’t vain to focus on flaky undereye skin or whatnot. It’s kind of a way of distracting oneself from what occurred (plus sometimes people ask nosy questions about ‘why have you been crying’). But this too will pass. Self-care rituals help even though in the beginning they feel like a drag. -T

Re: Under-eye care

@NellKareena I genuinely feel for what you must be going through. I lost my father and my family expected me to ‘get over it’, plus I had to look decent for work…even though we are just Internet strangers who like makeup, I understood what you meant instantly, & tried to offer pragmatic solutions as well as empathy/sympathy/honest kindness. 

(I have a close friend who is a medical professional. The skincare recs are my own & I am no expert, but the advice for a dermatologist/getting nutrition are theirs. I am not sure of your dietary preferences but if you eat fish, omega-rich fish and avocados can really help dry skin.) 


I hope you are able to heal, and you will, with time. again, please treat yourself kindly—just as you would to a friend who was going through a similar circumstance. Think of yourself as that friend.

And since this is a makeup forum, I’ll just add, treat yourself to an SKII mask. There’s so much essence in the packet, you can bottle it in the fridge and use it as a beauty essence for days. Plus the mask itself is incredibly soothing.



Re: Under-eye care

@NellKareena First, I'm sorry for your loss.  A good cry can be a release, so y'know, be kind to yourself.


Second: for depuffing, look to your fridge!  I like putting my eye creams or eye masks in the fridge.  The coolness helps with the puffyness.  You could use your favorite cream, but I like belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb with Squalane or IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Brightening Eye Cream for Dark Circles 0.5 oz


For dryness, I would suggest tapping in a little oil in the contour, like The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil 1 oz/ 30 mL 



Re: Under-eye care

Thank u for the great advice:)

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