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So I wear eye makeup just about every single day. But after about 8 hours at work my contacts start to get super foggy and irritated. I know it has something to do with my wearing makeup because the days I lounge around the house naked faced I never seem to have any issues.

I don't rub my eye throughout the day and i never really put my hands near my eyes. I realize this isn't really a makeup question itself, but its makeup induced. What and how do people keep their contacts fog free and clean throughout the entire day?

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Re: Contacts

@Tricia93 I wear contacts everyday and have never ran into that problem.  I would agree maybe the air is drying your eyes out or making it foggy

Re: Contacts

I know what you mean @Tricia93. I prefer glasses cause contacts dry my eyes out sooo much and become uncomfortable after just 4 hours. I do use eye drops for contacts. That usually helps when they become cloudy   The only downfall is you have to reapply often.  

Re: Contacts

I have run into this problem too, but I found 2 things that help me are contact friendly eyedrops and q-tips! I always have them handy whenever my eyes get irritated from my contacts and makeup.

Re: Contacts

That is a super good idea! I'm going to have to steal your idea. Thanks <3

RE: Contacts

Sorry wish I had an answer for you! When I scuba dive I use toothpaste on my goggles then rinse off and I never had any issues! But ouch! You can’t do that for contacts! Sorry boo! (Hey have you called your optometrist? They might have some prescription eye drops or something) hope this finds you well! Stay naturally beautiful for now 🥰

Re: Contacts

@@Tricia93 I'd refrain from putting any products on your waterline and sticking to a mascara that doesn't irritate your eyes. But it's also possible that it's not your makeup that's the problem, especially if you are not wearing anything on your waterline and if your mascara is fine. It could be that the air in your office is very dry and your eyes are drying out as a result.

Re: Contacts

OMG, I'm so mad at myself that I didn't even think that it could be the air. My coworkers constantly complain about the air quality. I  just assume its my makeup because I always wear it to work. Thank you SO MUCH for this.

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