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Sudden price increase overnight

Has anyone noticed Sephora just increased the price by by 5 to 7 dollars overnight on some of the makeup!

Re: Sudden price increase overnight

This is an app bug!  This was happening to me too, until I went into my app settings and saw that it WAS set to Canadian prices for some reason! I went on to a web browser and the prices had not changed, so go into your app settings and change it back to US!  

Re: Sudden price increase overnight

Wow! This is insane! I bought Laniege lip mask cotton candy for $25 yesterday and today it’s $33.50! But what’s worse is that I added the Vegamor serum 3 pack for $165 to my basket THIS MORNING and now it’s $223!!!! A $58 increase in 2 hours…meanwhile, it’s 20% off the $165 price on Something about this sits very badly with me.

Re: Sudden price increase overnight

Yesterday westman atelier foundation stick was $68… today 92. Yesterday ilia foaming cleanser was $32… today its 44. Im going to start buying directly from the website instead of buying thru Sephora retailer. 

Re: Sudden price increase overnight

Hi @stacey224,


It looks like the Westman Atelier foundation is $68 USD on the US site, and $92 CAD on the Canadian site. Similarly, the Ilia cleanser is $32 on the US site, and $44 CAD on the Canadian site.  


If you're using the app, please click your name/photo icon near the bottom center of the screen, then scroll down to App Settings and choose your correct region. If you're using the web browser, please scroll to the bottom of the page and choose your correct region.


Best regards,


Re: Sudden price increase overnight

Same. It’s out of control. Peace out Sephora - we are paying for Rouge benefits rather than earning them and it’s definitely not favorable for your customers. So disappointed. 

Re: Sudden price increase overnight

Yes! $22 more for HUDA easy bake and estee laider foundation with SPF. More than a $20 increase!!! Prices at ulta and brand websites are cheaper so I’m not gonna renew my membership. There’s no point in buying here anymore. 

Re: Sudden price increase overnight

@stacey224 unfortunately, inflation hits everything from groceries to gas to beauty products.  You can switch products, stock up during sales, use less or just pay the new price.  

Re: Sudden price increase overnight

I don’t know that it’s inflation because the prices are cheaper on the product’s website. Vegamour gro serum 3pack was $165 yesterday on both Sephora and Vegamour. Today it’s $223 on Sephora. (You can also get 20% off which I did on Vegamour today and paid $132 - $90 less than Sephora!). So I went and looked up the Laniege lip mask on their website. Yesterday $24 on Sephora, today $32.50. On Laniege it’s on sale for $19.20 (otherwise it’s $24). 

Re: Sudden price increase overnight

@PBayer Sorry for the confusion. It sounds like you may be on our Canadian website. The Vegamour GRO Hair Serum Trio Set for Thinning Hair is $165.00 USD on our US website and C$223.00 on our Canadian website.


To switch from Canada to US on the app, please select your name at the bottom, scroll down to App Settings, then select US. 

Re: Sudden price increase overnight

YESSS and not just that, the amount you need to spend to get the gift with purchase? I remember it used to be spend $25 to get a sample, now it's at least $30. Then when you could get multiple samples, it's even more, one time i spent $35 and got 3, now it's $55 for 2 samples...

As for prices, I was looking at some foundations with a sudden $5 increase, like...what?

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