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Sephora is a joke!

Again I am having issues with my orders! I placed numerous orders and I was sent 5 orders in 3 boxes. First off I am missing 2 products from 2 different orders! And not to mention I didn’t receive any of my samples with any of the orders, and they also forgot to send me my 250 point reward. I contacted a beauty advisor over chat and they refunded points for my reward and extra points for not sending any of my samples. However they won’t do anything about my missing items I paid for when it was sephoras negligence not putting my products in my order they couldn’t even add free samples and then they don’t send me 2 of my products I paid for! I then contacted Sephora via email and I am told that they cannot help me because I have had numerous order issues with this account or another one! First off I only have one account and I have had the same account for well over a decade!!! Second of all I have only had 2 order issues in the past!! How is that numerous? They obviously don’t know how to count and if you have ever been helped before even once with anything due to an order they will refuse to help you again and they will tell you that it’s a decision made by Sephora and that they can’t override it! Well funny thing is my friends cousin used to work in customer service for Sephora and she told me that they can absolutely override anything they want however they are just choosing not to, and some of the agents do actually care and will help you but most of them won’t help you and just send you automated messages that are pre written and that is one of the reasons why she quit was because of how unbelievable customer service representatives are towards customers and how they lie to them about being able to help them! It’s actually sickening, but they don’t care they get free stuff from Sephora every month and a 30% employee discount so they could care less about us customers who have to pay for our products and the fact that we are losing money and not receiving products because of employee negligence when it comes to putting orders together! Clearly I made all separate orders for a reason and if I wanted it all in one order then I would of ordered it that way! So they should not be allowed to put orders together when i specifically ordered them separately! Yet I am the one who has to lose out on money and products now because of this! I need a way to be able to contact the corporate office and talk to a manager not some beauty advisor who barely knows what they are doing! Not to mention I am also a rouge member and have spent $3200 in the last 45 days and this is the way I am treated! It makes me sick like do better Sephora and help your customers! @@Sephora @DaneeBT @@rouge 

Re: Sephora is a joke!

@stephaniieelee I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I will send you a PM for more information. 

Re: Sephora is a joke!

So how can I get ahold of a manager who is actually high up or someone at the corporate office that will actually do something about this! I asked for them to investigate this issue and they said they can’t and they they are unable to do anything which I know is bulls**t! I’ve lost over $700 because of vanishing packages and now my products not being sent to me in my order! And I am tired of it I will not lose anymore money because the beauty advisors don’t feel like helping me! Yet if it was one of your family members or friends we know that they would be getting 5 star treatment and you would be overriding things and making sure they receive there products they paid for! So do the same for other loyal Sephora customers!

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