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Returns after 60 days



I purchased a concealer 70 days ago in the sephora store. I used it for about a week and it reacted weirdly with my skin, so I want to return it. I have been busy, so I was unable to return it in the 60 day window. Can I still return this product for store credit?




Re: Returns after 60 days

Hi @beattyfann,


Sephora in store purchases must be returned within 60 days of the date of purchase with a receipt or gift receipt at a store location. If it is past the 60 days, you may contact the store and ask for an accommodation. Please send me a private message if you need further assistance.


Stay Gorgeous,


Re: Returns after 60 days

Since When is the return policy 60 days?

RE: Re: Returns after 60 days

@tmousewins, check the date of this post. Returns are now only 30 days.

Re: RE: Re: Returns after 60 days

I realized that after this post. Very unhappy 

Re: Returns after 60 days


i was out of country for 2months and wanted to return an online order which i got from sephora delivered on oct 14..can i still return ?

Re: Returns after 60 days

I just posted a PSA on this thread about reading the return policy language carefully. 

Hope that helps you. 

Re: Returns after 60 days

Hi @appu170891,

We accept verified returns within 30 days of purchase. You can learn more about returns here:




Re: Returns after 60 days

Sephora Customers -this is a PSA so you don't get screwed, like I almost did. 


You have to read that Sephora return policy carefully. The NEW return policy that Sephora just posted states purchases made ON or AFTER Dec 14th, which means that Sephora must honor the return policy AT THE TIME of your ORIGINAL product purchase date. 


Here is the exact quote off of their return policy web page -  "THIS POLICY IS EFFECTIVE FOR ALL PURCHASES MADE ON AND AFTER DECEMBER 14, 2019." 


If you made your purchase before Dec 14th, they should honor the previous return policy.


Don't get deceived like I did when I walked into a Sephora recently. I too tried to exchange something - an eyeliner (had the wrong color and just wanted to swap it for the right one) - and was told I couldn't even do that since it was over 30 days. The store manager wouldn't do anything and when questioned she said the policy changed in Dec. 


Something didn't feel right so I looked up the policy online, AND compared it to my e-receipt of another Sephora purchase I made around the same time as my purchase of the eyeliner, and that's when I noticed the language choice. 


I went back to the store asked to speak to both the original manager who told me I couldn't exchange my eyeliner and asked to speak to an additional manager. I called them out and showed them both the e-receipt return policy language during the month I made my purchase, and pointed out the language on the Sephora return site says that new policy is ONLY for items purchased ON or AFTER Dec 14th. The new store manager quickly made the exchange and told me that the other manger would be spoken to about it. I tell you all this so you all don't get screwed over and have someone try and play a similar game with you. 


Honestly Sephora, that was some of the worst, and what felt like deceitful customer service I've experienced in a long time. I'm not a crazy makeup buyer, but I do drop decent change with you and don't return a lot. Loyalty has been lost, and I'm questioning if I ever buy from you again. I have never had that experience anywhere else. 



Re: Returns after 60 days

Yeah, I am with you. This is the last time I ever shop with Sephora. I am a decade long loyal customer and I just reached out to customer service about returning a product that's a few days over 60 days return window because I don't live close to a store and I had received news a few weeks prior about my father (who lives in another country) being terminally ill so you can imagine that returning my Sephora purchase was the last thing on my mind. As displeased as I was that they wouldn't make an exception even in a literal life-death situation, the thing that really got me was that not once did the assistant even acknowledge the fact that I mentioned my father was dying. Like completely glanced over it multiple times and didn't even acknowledge it. Just kept regurgitating the same lines over and over. It's tough to share a personal intimate matter like that with a random employee but then to them to not even "fake" pretend to sympathize was just appalling. I was 17 when I fell in love with Sephora and their beyond awesome customer service and now as a 29-year-old, I realize that loyalty means nothing to a corporation and your personal life/emotions don't matter. Only your ability to give them your hard-earned money. Never again Sephora. Never again. You will never get my hard-earned cent ever again. 

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