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Missing Package - Do NOT ORDER with FleetOptics, Horrible shipping

Package was supposed to be here next week. Out of no where it changed to June 1. Iโ€™m at home so I had no problem with that what so ever. Got an email saying my package was delivered checked my front door and nothing was there. I gave it some time because maybe it was a technical error and by 4pm there was still nothing there. 

I contacted Sephora in which they told me they could not help me and that I would have to contact the company that did the deliver which was fleet optics. I then went ahead and contact FleetOptics. FleetOptics then told me that they couldnโ€™t do anything because they have it marked as delivered and that I would have to contact Sephora. At this point Iโ€™m freaking out because itโ€™s over $1000 in products and no one is giving me an answer and the blame keeps on getting tossed from Sephora to FleetOptics and from FleetOptics to Sephora. I then contacted Sephora AGAIN sent them the transcripts of what fleetoptics told me exactly and Sephora AGAIN told me to contact FLeetOptics.
At this point Iโ€™m beyond frustrated. Iโ€™m sad, mad and just exhausted from telling my story so many different times to different people to just get them to tell me to go talk to someone else.


The absolute WORST part of it all is that when I search up fleet optics on google the reviews were HORRIBLE - And then on top of the bad google reviews, I searched up FleetOptics in the Sephora community and there were also multiple instances like mine like MULTIPLE. WHY would Sephora continue to use them if itโ€™s a consistent problem. IF I HAD KNOWN I WOULD HAVE NEVER PLACED MY ORDER AND WOULD HAVE SAVED MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iโ€™m a student and $1000 is really no joke. Like I really did have to save up to get all my things and Iโ€™m so upset.


Literally have been buying from Sephora for years. Always had my stuff delivered with Canada post with no issues what so ever. Like how can packages go mysteriously missing so much with fleet optics? It just doesnโ€™t make sense and all I want to know is where is my parcel or my products ??


Re: Missing Package - Do NOT ORDER with FleetOptics, Horrible shipping

UPDATE : I kept on getting passed on from fleet to Sephora. After multiple emails and calls fleet optics came back and said thatโ€™s yes the package was probably stolen and that they are so sorry for the inconvenience but that next time I order with them that I should add a note and that theyโ€™ll put it in my mail boxโ€ฆ. But that they couldnโ€™t provide me a replacement or refund because Sephora authorizes them to leave packages on porchโ€™s. My porch is definetely not a safe spot especially not with the Sephora logo showing all over the box !!!!!! Sephora then comes back and says they canโ€™t do anything so now Iโ€™m stuck with No package and down so much money.  

LOL 1. I thought it was pretty self explanatory if I had a mailbox to put it in my mailbox 

2. I really did think Sephora would help me once fleet deemed that it was kind of their fault for leaving the box so exposed 

YOu guys donโ€™t make this mistake. I am sososo upset literally havenโ€™t been able to control myself. 
please please please skip out on this stressful situation. Do not order period. 

Re: Missing Package - Do NOT ORDER with FleetOptics, Horrible shipping

Have you tried to track your package on FleetOptics website? They always upload a picture as a proof of delivery.

Re: Missing Package - Do NOT ORDER with FleetOptics, Horrible shipping

When I saw the picture I was so upset and mad. Not only did They leave the box on my stairs not door but stairs. I live on a busy street next to 2 high schools. Not only did he leave it on the stairs when I have a HUGE mailbox, side door and back door but he also left the box that has SEPHORA written in huge letters exposed so anyone walking or driving that looked at my house stairs saw the Sephora box right awayโ€ฆ. I wouldnโ€™t be surprised if the driver stole it or if a random civilian stole it because itโ€™s like he left it there as a teaser for them. I donโ€™t know what to do at this point but I know that I will NEVER order from Sephora again. 

Re: Missing Package - Do NOT ORDER with FleetOptics, Horrible shipping

Hi @gabievangelista


I am so sorry to hear about this! I will send you a PM to assist.



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