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MUST READ!!!! More Companies Than Sephora ARE Involved In Discriminating Cancelling Conservatives Religious

YOU MUST REALIZE: It is WAY More Than Simply SEPHORA Doing This!!!  Sephora Is OWNED By One Of The Wealthiest Men/Companies In The World, LMVH. For Sephora To Risk, literally 1/2 of it's North American (and Definitely it's Australian) Income, The Owners, had to know and support this decision. I do not say this as FACT but as my opinion due to the FACT that LMNV has not released any statement to the contrary, only support therefor, you MUST realize, ANY, I MEAN ANY purchase you make to ANY company LMVH owns is in fact, SUPPORTING THE BANNING, DISCRIMINATION AND SILENCING OF RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL AND INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS! 

I myself, can NOT understand this "cancel culture" mentality. It is the most destructive, painful and irreprehensible social movement I have ever heard of in modern times. Those of us with ANY insight whatsoever can clearly see it for what it TRULY is, nothing more than a vehicle to separate, divide and DISTRACT the people therefor making it much easier to control, manipulate and overtake them while they are focused on the WRONG "thing/people" to worry about. These people are so bust being OK with cancelling those they do NOT currently agree with, they never step back, away from the tree to look at the ever growing forest around them to see, soon, the forest is swelling to overtake them as well, just waiting for THEM to step a pinky toe in the wrong direction, which, the inevitably will at some point. BACK TO THE IMPORTANT THING FOR US NOW THOUGH....

WE HAVE POWER, MASSIVE, IMMENSE POWER, OUR WALLETS!!!! The voices they silence, the votes they may suppress, the social media accts they delete can not change the FACT that WE CONTROL OUR OWN WALLETS (at least for now). If you spend ONE MORE RED CENT, not only in SEPHORA but ULTA or on any other product made by any other company that LMVH owns, you are saying what LMVH cosigned by Sephora, condemning, demeaning a Latino woman for posting photos with her Black boyfriend was just fine. You are saying that what they did to Amanda Ensing, cancelling her contract, simply for being a Christian (Joe Biden is supposedly Christian- a Catholic) yet they CANCELLED her as a Conservative, you are saying, that is just fine with you. WE HAVE TO START TALKING WITH OUR WALLETS AND SPEAKING OUT DIRECTLY TO THESE COMPANIES! CALL SEPHORA TOMORROW, THIS WEEK, SEVERAL TIMES, IT IS, I PROMISE, IT IS WORTH IT!  Here is the list of Companies Owned By LMVH. I ask you, when you go to purchase any cosmetic, perfume, etc, ask yourself, does the company who owns this, who is making profit from MY hard earned money, respect EVERY person in my country and other countries OR just those who agree with them? Because, you may not agree with them tomorrow, you never know. SPEND YOUR $ WISELY and NEVER let anyone silence you or anyone else, whether they agree with YOU or not, it may be YOU silenced the next day!!! 

-LMVH Umbrella Companies Of Note--- 

 -Sephora  -ULTA

-Benefit Cosmetics, Makeup Forever, 

- KENDO- Bite Beauty, FENTY By Rhianna, Marc Jacobs Beauty, KVD Vegan Beauty, OleHenriksen

-Louis Vuitton, Hennessey Liquor, Gucci, Tiffany & Co., Fendi, Givenchy, Guerlain, 

-BLVGARI, Tag Heuer, Celine, Kenzo, 

-NOTE: ESTEE LAUDER I have seen conflicting info that LMVH owns Estee Lauder, some info says they do but their website doesn't mention EL so... I'll just mention it and let you investigate. Their are noteable brands under EL's umbrella.  


Re: MUST READ!!!! More Companies Than Sephora ARE Involved In Discriminating Cancelling Conservatives Religious

Oh please. She supported the insurrection. She is another right winged idiot. I will spend even more at Sephora knowing they cut loose someone who doesn’t have a problem with people dying in the name of some false crackpot conspiracy theory about election fraud. Way to go Sephora!!

Re: MUST READ!!!! More Companies Than Sephora ARE Involved In Discriminating Cancelling Conservatives Religious

Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s to add to list. I was seriously hoping this wasn’t true but does Sephora not realize how willing we are to drop money on these brands and that we can buy directly from the brands?? How stupid. Done with Sephora. 

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