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Loves List Format Requests

Let me preface this by saying I almost never bother to do this, but I love Sephora and this is driving me nuts.


The new(ish) Loves list format is glitchy af and not a great design, but if this is what we're sticking with after all the complaints I've seen over the last several months, I'd like to make a couple of suggestions:


  1. Please do something to fix the technical issues in Chrome ("show more" button doesn't work properly, sorting list doesn't work properly, un-loving an item takes me back to the beginning of the list, etc). I work in tech so please don't feed me generic responses about clearing the cache, etc. I'm not going to clear the cache every time I want to use Sephora's website (which only sort of works anyway and not consistently, regardless of what computer or OS I'm on), toggling accelerated graphics doesn't do anything, I don't use the app because I don't shop on my phone, and I'm not going to use a different browser just to visit the one site I go to that doesn't work as expected in the most popular browser in the world. 
  2. Make it searchable. In the grid format, my list was pages and pages long. Ain't nobody got time to scroll through that much stuff. And because of all the technical issues in Chrome, I can't get past the first few clicks of the "show more" button anyway most of the time without something going wrong. If it were searchable, neither of these things would be as big of an issue.
  3. Add "Oldest to Newest" as a sorting option. There's a "Recently Added" but not the reverse, which seems like an odd design decision to me. Sometimes I want to look at stuff I added a long time ago to see if I still want to keep it on the list. Sometimes there's a product I know I added last year but can't remember the name of it. And so on.

I understand that these changes were probably made after analyzing consumer behavior (although if I were you I'd have some words with your design consultants and UX team) so this stuff may fall on deaf ears, but we'll see. I'm not going to renew my Rouge status this year; you've definitely lost some of my money because of how frustrating this UI is to use. It's not the only reason my Rouge status will be forfeit, but it's a big part of it.


Like I said at the start of this long-winded complaint, I love Sephora. I would like to start buying for the holidays, but if I can't easily find stuff that I've added to my list, I will probably just avoid the frustration all together and shop somewhere else that has a better user experience in the design and performance on the browser I want to use.

Re: Loves List Format Requests

I've written customer service soooo many times about this. I can barely view my list. They don't seem to care. 

Re: Loves List Format Requests

Hi @Moggs, @BlueStar537, and @cardiograms


I'm sorry for the frustration caused regarding the Loves List format. Please know that we value your feedback and I have passed this feedback along for review and future improvements. We strive to provide an exciting experience for our clients on the website and the Sephora App, and your feedback is sincerely appreciated. Thank you!


Best regards,


Re: Loves List Format Requests

This is a different version of the canned comment a half a dozen support people already copied and pasted to me. Please stop.

Re: Loves List Format Requests

I completely agree with this post.  The new(ish) Love List is simply horrible.  I cannot tell how many items are in my list; the sorting options are not usable; and the constant scrolling is irritating.  I really miss the grid format.  Sephora, please fix the Loves List.

Re: Loves List Format Requests

I wouldn't hold your breath. I attempted to submit this post directly to Support and I got 4 robotic canned comment responses ignoring the direct questions I was asking. They don't care.

Re: Loves List Format Requests

Hi @cardiograms, thanks for taking the time to submit this feedback! I'll be sure to pass it along to the appropriate contacts.

Re: Loves List Format Requests

Hey @StephanieBT,

Can you also forward this article on to the web development department? It's an article about everything that can and does go wrong with the type of web application that y'all are now using to power the Loves list.


Re: Loves List Format Requests

And then what, @StephanieBT? I get you're a support rep with no control over website functionality (believe me, I do), but whoever writes these these generic canned comments I see everywhere might also want to add to them how you're going to follow up or what the next steps are so we're not all out here feeling like we're just screaming into the void. If there isn't going to be a follow up with some actual solutions for something as fundamental as making sure the website works, I will definitely start purchasing the non-exclusive stuff I buy here elsewhere. It is ridiculous that these complaints have been going on for the better part of a year with no sign of it being taken seriously. Let me love you, Sephora!

Loves List Format Requests

It had the same glitches in Firefox, too. I use Chrome at home, so thought I would try at work where we use Firefox, and same issues. Works great in the app, but I'd like to be able to share my loves list since the holidays are coming up, but there is no point if it is still glitchy.

Re: Loves List Format Requests

I'm glad it works well in the app, @bookwyrmm, that is something. Unfortunately that is not a solution for me since I don't shop on my phone (for many reasons). It makes me wonder if phone shopping is where they've decided to funnel the development resources, because the way the current Loves list is formatted seems better suited for a mobile version of the website.

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