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Login request at checkout will not progress forward to confirm



It seems this has unfortunately been an ongoing problem with the Sephora Website, and I can't help but think Sephora will be losing a great deal of online business because of this.


I was already signed in at the top, right hand corner, went to checkout with my items, clicked on "pay with Paypal", got redirected to Paypal, entered the payment info, window closed as it should, and then when I went to confirm the order and ship, a pop-up window came up and asked for my login information again.


I entered my information into the fields, clicked to confirm and nothing happened.


It did not take me to the next step to the order confirmation.


This was especially concerning since I'd already gone to Paypal - the payment still shouldn't go through until the confirmation and shipment, but nevertheless, it makes me very nervous and doesn't exactly make me feel very secure purchasing from here.


Web page errors in online commerce tend to cause considerable concerns with most people - what other 'errors' are there if your web designer hasn't been detailed enough after 2 years of the same problem to not fix it?!? 


Has no one from the complaints department adequately informed him/her of the issue?!? I understand that some things may get overlooked, but this is completely ridiculous... even if it's a flow-design flaw, a not-so-user-friendly issue beyond the programming, you've still got to give us a clue which hoops you want us to jump through with the clicky-clicky~ it seems to be causing massive problems for a lot more people than it should.) Is there some secret pathway on this web page to a recognized login?


It said I was logged in initially ... gave me hope... false hope... and then a final crushing blow of defeat - after much-too-much time trying to resolve the issue.  I officially hate this website now. I loved Sephora, but your website did me in and has ended the long-standing relationship I had... one of happiness, and cosmetics... and glittery shiny things... gone.


It seems, after looking around on this website, others have had the SAME ongoing problem with NO solutions offered.


At little least, think of all the money Sephora has lost over the years?


I was about to check out a $250 purchase... now I've opted to go to the competitions website to purchase it instead since it will at least take my payment without leaving me stripped of my sanity. 


I highly doubt I will have the patience to try dealing with this website again... I'm just tired of it... and a little broken-hearted about the whole repeat ordeal...


I normally don't like to complain about things, but this is completely ridiculous after 2 years.


Other Cosmetics companies sites work. Maybe looking at their source code for some pointers would help?


You just lost (from the looks of the complaints here over the same blasted thing) another customer (and believe me - I TRIED to get you to take the money and complete the order, but I'm already stressed out enough now.

I quit.

Even other browsers don't work with this damn thing... I tried disabling my pop-up browser - thought THAT might be the problem - NO... I'm so very, VERY tired of this...) 


It's not user error... it's the damn web page!@#$! Massive programming flaw,  the time should have been taken to trouble-shoot this and had the problem fixed by now!


Also, there was a link in the Charlotte Tilbury Christmas box promo e-mail (from Sephora) that wouldn't open because it said the site it was directed to wasn't secure (another random and concerning issue).

It WAS your company in the e-mail senders address.


These are HUGE problems! Who on earth is being paid to fix this?!? They're losing you money on the regular now it seems... look at the comments... I'm not alone. And, quite frankly, I'm a little hurt, as I said. I've been a regular customer for years and this is how you treat us? NEVER fixing a problem this severe after 2 years of complaints? 


This happened to me throughout last year as well... not nice... ended up going to the store to get the items... in which case, many times I opted out of buying anything altogether with the pandemic going on.


There does seem to be a common thread though, possibly this will help you fix the issue (if anyone ever even takes our concerns into account - as I said - 2 freaking years !#$!- same problem - not just me):


In other complaints I noticed the other customers also had their once-a-year birthday gift in their checkout cart, samples, and/or trying to redeem points. One lady even mentioned that she tried taking them out of the cart, but if that's the case - I can go to other online shops and keep my samples and promotional items and still checkout. What's the point of offering customers the incentive if the web page won't allow it?


For some reason this has upset me more than usual. I was trying to buy a Christmas gift for my daughter and now this is taking up more energy than I have to spare right now.


PLEASE FIX THIS - at least trouble-shoot that page and get it to acknowledge the initial login - or forgo the pop-up window... enter the information confirmation on the same page - it will simplify the process, have less errors and most likely be just as secure without completely exasperating and losing your customer base.

All this fancy jumping around in programming is probably what's complicating the issue... repeatedly... and it's annoying... and hurtful... especially when you're buying a Christmas gift you're all excited about.... just sayin'.



Thank you in advance for taking this into consideration for the sake of all disgruntled online Canadian Sephora shoppers. I may not be back, but I'd appreciate it if no one else has to go through this.

Re: Login request at checkout will not progress forward to confirm

Hi @hyperpinky,


I am so sorry for the trouble you were having placing your order on our website and thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will send you a private message shortly.



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