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Expired Play Box items??

Ok so my October play box is terrible, I got three foundations, none of which I can use because the color is too dark.  One of the products you sent me was expired three months ago and you all thought you were being slick by putting a sticker over the expiration date! I am cancelling my box and I am contacting paypal to get a refund.  How does a company send expired items and try to hide it?? Unsafe and unsanitary.

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RE: Expired Play Box items??

I got a DM on instagram from Beautyblender regarding this sample. They say the packets were “incorrectly stamped” by their third party vendor and instead of wasting “perfectly good product” AKA $$$, they added the sticker. I call BS.

Re: Expired Play Box items??

Hi @dollyparts,


I'm so sorry to hear an item you received in your PLAY! box was expired and that you weren't happy with the contents of the October box! I'm going to send you a PM to assist you further.



Re: Expired Play Box items??

I have sent you a PM with pictures of the expired item.

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