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Do Not Order At Midnight

I am a big fan of Sephora, and I always had a great experience. However, this time, for the first time, I found the huge problematic system of Sephora. 

Yesterday, or the midnight of today, I ordered some products (worth around $90). It was late, but I thought it would be okay. 


I recently moved my place from NY to Hawaii due to my works. I knew I had to change both of my billing address and shipping address before I checked out. But I made a mistake. I was confused and I thought I changed my both addresses when I only changed my billing address. However, I immediately found out my mistake right after I checked out. So I tried to change my shipping address. However, I couldn't.


At that time, I could not chat or call with any agents.  It was impossible for changing my address or modifying any information on my own. (It's different from Amazon!) There's just no button for you to change information! If they had one, I could've stopped this unnecessary shipping before it starts!


Anyhow, I chose to email them before they ship the product. I thought I would be okay since I emailed them like a minute after I checked out. However, after 6 hours, they emailed me back and said they could not modify my address. I suppose because it took a long time for them to reply to me. (However, did the warehouse also not work at that time?) Instead, they would send the cancellation request to their warehouse, but Sephora said they "could not guarantee" to cancel my order!! Because this might be too late to do so! Sephora told me that the warehouse might just send the products to the incorrect address whatsoever and would leave the products in front of the door since I am no longer lived there (?)! Oh My Goddess!


I am so worried if those products might be missing. What if I have to pay money for nothing? They told me that they would send the refund form for me, but since I don't have my products in could I refund them! This happens, although I've informed them several times about my mistake and my correct address. This is so frustrating! 


Did anyone ever have a similar experience of mine? 


The communication between Sephora and their warehouse are very disconnected! 


This happens because I decided to look at the Sephora website after my works were done. So, fellow beauty insiders, just don't order anything from Sephora after midnight! Unless! You are very certain about everything.



Re: Do Not Order At Midnight

Hello @SKim112! I'm sorry to hear that! No need to worry though!  Even if we are not able to cancel the order at the warehouse, we will make sure that you are refunded for the order, at least.  I will definitely forward your feedback regarding being able edit your order after it's placed.  I agree,  I think that would be very useful! 




Re: Do Not Order At Midnight


Even if you had ordered during business hours, I'm not sure Sephora would have been able to cancel it...they claim there is a "very small window" to do that, and I'm not sure many are successful at catching it in time. A few minutes, at most. 


My takeaway from this is not that there's a better time to order, but to double check your info before placing an order. 


I'd recommend calling Sephora and moving up the chain as far as possible; depending on who the carrier is, they may be able to reroute the package, or at least recall it once it ships. 

Re: Do Not Order At Midnight

@RGbrown same issue happened with me this week and while they claim to have a small window to change the address, they don’t. I called within seconds of placing an order this week and was told they can only cancel my order and I can resubmit it with the correct address. It wasn’t a big deal as that’s what I did but @SKim112 I would recommend you order a little earlier next time to avoid any issues with cancellations next time. Sorry to hear about your struggle to get it fixed! I hope it all works out in the end.

Re: Do Not Order At Midnight

@SKim112 When it ships, Sephora possibly can contact the carrier to change the address. If UPS, there's a service called Delivery Intercept, deliver to different address is an option.


If you used a credit card, read up on its included purchase protection, in case needed.

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