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Dear Sephora

Hello everyone, I’ve been a loyal Sephora member for over 7 years now and rouge for longer than I could remember. I just want to bring some awareness and perhaps other who experienced the same situation 


I had a incident years ago where someone else disputed an order through my account. I requested to pay it back then to ensure I could still place online order. My account has been working perfectly fine for the past 4 years until last Saturday. They suspended my account during Sephora sale. I reach out to customer service and they told me it’s suspended because I owe them money from an dispute order I had years ago. Yes, the same one I already payed for years ago and they even had record I placed a manual request to pay it back. 

i just want to ask one question, Sephora? How fast would you deactivate someone’s account if they were to dispute or perhaps ‘owe’ you money? I don’t think you guys would have my account be active if I even owe you guys a penny. Let alone let me have it for years.

second, let’s say I pay Again this time, how am I ensured you guys won’t suspended my account in two years saying I still owe that money. Because apparently paying back has no prove. I don’t know the detail to finding out a transaction I had 4 years ago but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter to you guys anyway 


I simply wanted to spend some money during the Sephora sale and now I won’t be returning. A company so big but has such a messy system. Treating their loyal customer like they’re worth nothing. side note, customer support was absolutely useless, no follow up after the call like they said they would. Spoken to 4 different people, one sounded like he haven’t had sleep for three days and no interest at the call at all, second was rude and basically accused I owe money before even investigate. To think all these years I’ve only dedicated to using Sephora rather than Ulta. 

truly disappointed. Not to mention last year you guys renewed rouge membership for those who wasn’t qualified of spending goal. 



Re: Dear Sephora

Hi @loyyeeii,


I'm so sorry to hear about this and I'll take a look in more detail. I'll send you a message shortly.




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