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Orange Peel Texture Retin-a user help!

I'm having issues with my skin here lately.  I started using retinol products about two years ago and then recently switched over to a low retin-a dose, I was given the .025% strength in cream form.  I use the retin-a two to three times a week because I peel like crazy. Usually after washing my face with origins anti-aging cleanser or lancome exfoliance clarte, I put on a thin layer of coconut oil based moisturizer before I put on my retin-a to dilute it on the skin because even after three months of continuous use I'm STILL PEELING.  After that I wear a heavier moisturizer (I'm still searching for a good night moisturizer).  In the morning, I wash my face again and wear Aveeno moisturizer with spf 30 mixed with my favorite foundation (urban decay all nighter), then lastly I set it with Too Faced Peach loose setting powder.  About a week ago I started to notice enlarged pores on my cheeks, there's a section on both cheeks about 2/3 of an inch in diameter where they are noticible...did some research and it's called "orange peel texture."  So far that's the only place where I've noticed their enlarged size.  Any suggestions to remedy this? Do you think I'm doing too much? I have pretty normal skin, not too dry except in the winter, not oily except around my nose during that time of the month I rarely have break outs and even then a break out for me is like 2 or 3 pimples.  The reason I started on retin-a is because I noticed very fine lines around my mouth that tend to linger a little while after I smile then they disappear after about 45 seconds.  I will say that the areas of my face without the large pores look fantastic, my boyfriend thought i was wearing makeup and said "I really like this toned down makeup look on you." I told him I wasn't wearing any. Sorry for the long winded post, please provide any suggestions if you can! Thank you!

Re: Orange Peel Texture Retin-a user help!

Hey, I have about the same problems I was using retina .05 but now I am using .1 my dermatologist has told me to use less moisturizer because less is more you donโ€™t want to clog your pores and cause them to get bigger try a toner or a water based moisturizer so you can still use moisturizer I started seeing results with retina after a year and a half so It just took time there are also treatments you can have done which are micro needling which will help with pores or a chemical peel which helps with uneven skin pigment and wrinkles. Hope this helped in someway ๐Ÿ˜

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