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Post in Combination Skin

Physical Exfoliant/Microdermabrasion?

Hi All!

So I've run out of my Fresh Soy Face Exfoliant and I don't see it on the website anymore! So I guess it's discontinued? Anyway, I'm looking for recommendations for a new physical Exfoliant!


My skin is very sensitive and very combination. I'm SUPER dry. But I have large pores and sticky sebum so my skin is crazy congested. I have to use a physical exfoliant daily!! Or my skin gets super textured, rough, scaley, etc and if I don't exfoliate that dead skin off my pores get FILLED UP. EW. I'm looking for a physical exfoliant because my skin is usually really sensitive to chemical exfoliants (except salicylic acid which I use daily also.) 


I need something with friendly ingredients that my sensitive skin won't react too (definitely no fragrance!) And something that will do the job well but is gentle enough that I can use it daily! I've been making my own sugar scrub with hemp oil but I'm too lazy to mix up a scrub everyday.


Ideally something that won't break the bank either! Haha!





Re: Physical Exfoliant/Microdermabrasion?

@AccaliaC Start with a good facial. Over exfoliation can cause the skin to put on a tough barrier, to protect itself, when it's barrier is compromised. The skin has its own shedding cycle. Probably part of your sensitivities and clogged pores. SA is also exfoliating. Speaking with a doctor/dermatologist will help to pinpoint the excess dryness, it may be internal. Also since the skin is raw, spf daily and use a humidifier.

Physical Exfoliant/Microdermabrasion?

Have you tried the Dr dennis gross alpha beta daily pads? I have very sensitive skin and use these 3 times a week but most people use them daily. They are amazing!

Re: Physical Exfoliant/Microdermabrasion?

Hi there!

Dermalogica carries a super gentle yet effective exfoliant containing Salicylic Acid to decongest pores and reduce thick oil production, Phytic Acid that brightens the skin thereby reducing dark spots overtime and Licorice that calms the skin. This powdered-base exfoliant activates when mixed with water and foams up nicely. It's called Daily Microfoliant, gentle enough to use everyday and you are able to see results from the first use!


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