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I need help with my first skin care routine!


Hi guys, I just started my first skin care routine, I realized how important it was to take care of your skin.

So I decided on a skin care routine for my combination skin with rosacea. My goal is to diminish the rosacea, and the appearance of pores, clear out blackheads, plump and even my skin texture and control the oily T zone without over drying the cheeks as they tend to get dry. 
I’ll name all the products I currently have, I know, it’s a lot for a starter 😅 but I did a patch test and all is fine. I already used them all on my skin and I can tolerate them just fine. 
I only need help with organizing a skin care routine. 
So the products I have are, two cleansers, one is gel based and the other oil based with hyaluronic acid. 
I have 3 toners, one with 5% glycolic acid the other is an essence toner with no active ingredients due to my rosacea and a 2% salicylic acid. 
My serums are Hyaluronic acid, 10% niacinamide with zinc, 10% azelaic acid (not a serum but is cream based) and 1% retinol.

I have two moisturizers one is the moisturizing factors by The Ordinary with Hyaluronic acid and the other is an oil free lotion with birch sap.

I also have a mineral based SPF 50.

And two extras, anti redness mask by Avene and pink clay mask.

How do I incorporate all of those face productos into my weekly routine or at least every two weeks?
Should I incorporate or remove/replace any products? 


Thank you. 

Re: I need help with my first skin care routine!

Definitely discuss with a derm or GP if you can, @pami619 . This is a lot of actives/products to start at once and if your skin suffers from rosacea it might be too much. Definitely only start with the cleansers, moisturizers and SPF. Then add one additional product every few (4) weeks (this is to help determine if sustained usage causes problems and can help point to specific products causing any issues). Make sure to spot test first and ramp up usage slowly (important especially when combining products).



Gel cleanser 

Essence toner

Niacinamide serum (might not be able to use daily depending on your skins tolerance)

Hylauronic acid serum 

Azaelic acid serum (because it's cream texture should go later in routine) 

Moisturizer (whichever one is less thick if that provides enough moisture) 




Oil cleanser 

Gel cleanser (double cleansing is important in PM to remove makeup and SPF) 


  • 1-2x weekly clay mask 
  • 1-2x weekly anti-redness mask (on a different day than the clay mask) 


  • 1-2x weekly glycolic acid toner 
  • 2x weekly salicylic acid toner 
  • 1-2x weekly retinol (all on different nights; is not suggested to combine actives to start) 

Moisturizer (whichever is thicker)


If it's not enough moisture consider adding an oil (AM/PM) and or a sleeping mask (PM).

Re: I need help with my first skin care routine!

Thank you very much for your advice. I did get a bit concerned about using too much face products for a starter. I also didn’t know that using some products over time could damage the skin, I did watch for any reactions to the products before using by doing a patch test. 
How about double masking, clay mask on my T zone and anti redness mask on my cheeks?

And about the salicylic acid, should I apply it all over or just treat the most porous and blackhead areas around my nose and chin?


Thank you for your guidance. 

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