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Need Brow HELP!

I need help.

I suffer from the mistakes of my youth, and have overplucked eyebrows. I have the first bit of eyebrow but then it stops just before the arch and barely any hair after. It has been my biggest embarrassment for 10+ years and I feel so self conscious.

I've tried different products and can't find anything that gives the illusion of natural brows without making them look overfilled.

I have blonde hair and have been using taupe coloured pencils, although I find some of them to be too yellow hued. Light brown tends to be somewhat dark for me.


If you could give me any tips, tricks, recommendations, ANYTHING! I would be so grateful.


Please also note that I don't wear a ton of makeup as I'm not that good at it. I'd love to learn though. Recommendations for youtube tutorials welcome also ๐Ÿ™‚


TIA to anyone who can make me feel more confident with my barely there brows.


Note: I know microblading is an option, I'm not quite ready to go that route... yet.

Re: Need Brow HELP!

Hi! I also had this problem for a few months, and have had trichotillomania since I was very young. I have also found that castor oil helps and If you're still overplucking them you just have to stop the bad habit and be patient and wait. I understand how you feel, because I dealed with the same thing and just want to tell you not to worry and you are amazing! 

Re: Need Brow HELP!

Castor oil helps! I also overplucked as a teenager and have very sparse ends. I started using Kate blanc cosmetics castor oil a few months ago and my brows (and lashes!) have definitely grown. You have to be consistent and use it every night or every other night for a few months for you to notice anything. They donโ€™t sell Kate blanc at Sephora so go to their direct site to buy- itโ€™s only $12 for a bottle. I use a tiny bit of castor oil on a fine eyeliner brush and brush onto my brows and lashes. I swear it works! 

Re: Need Brow HELP!

I overplucked as a teenager too and started using latisse on my eyelashes and thought โ€œwhy notโ€ and started slapping it on my brows too. It feel like it has helped. It didnโ€™t make as crazy of a difference as my eyelashes but I found a definite benefit from it. 

Need Brow HELP!

I have this exact problem. I have found that castor oil promotes hair growth. Just use a Q-tip and wipe over your brows. I leave it on over night. The castor oil is really sticky like tree sap, so I recommend mixing it with coconut or olive oil to make clean up and application easier. Hope this helps!
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