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The Valentino Beauty Thread

Now that Valentino beauty products are popping up on the Sephora website and app, we thought it would be a good time to start a thread dedicated to the brand. Please share your swatches and thoughts on the products here!



Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

@txcatx @makeitup305 , Valentino direct is having 25% off for subscribers (free to sign up) and 20% off for non-subscribers, sitewide. Looks like it’s good thru end of the month (so tomorrow).

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

@itsfi Thanks, I saw that. I was thinking about it but the cutoff for free shipping is $100 and the shipping fee is $7 so it kind of cancels out. 

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

@makeitup305, snh strikes again!!! Grrr! 😖 Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 there’s a sale or discount code that comes out soon to make a purchase more palatable. They have some pretty products, that’s for sure. @txcatx 

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

Oh, this definitely changes my mind about making a purchase, too! I'm in no hurry to buy more products and will just wait for the items I'm eyeing to become available at Sephora, hopefully by the time the December savings promo codes go out.

Re: The Valentino Beauty Thread

@txcatx @itsfi I saw on IG that there’s supposed to be another 20% off (not sure if it’s single use instead of the $25 off $75 we got last year) so maybe by then.

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