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The Melt Cosmetics Thread

A thread dedicated to all things Melt Cosmetics. From new releases or talking about what you love from the brand or want to share like swatches and must have products 59861131-465D-45D7-93E3-5FD1348D1556.jpeg


RE: Re: The Melt Cosmetics Thread

I like the palette version @SportyGirly125 - I have one of the Melt stacks but the formula is dryer where the palettes are more buttery somehow.

Re: The Melt Cosmetics Thread

Releasing 6/26 at 12 pm pst 


Re: The Melt Cosmetics Thread

@SportyGirly125 - I'm looking forward to swatches from this palette.  I don't own any Melt products.  Nothing has caught my attention until now.

Re: The Melt Cosmetics Thread

Re: The Melt Cosmetics Thread

Thanks for the tag, @SportyGirly125 !  To be honest, not what I was expecting.

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