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I had not noticed until now (& my last Sephora purchase arrived today) but How long has Glamnetic been at Sephora?! I'm super excited! 👌

Glamnetic Magnetic False Lashes Baby Girl 


It's not a huge selection here at Sephora to choose from but it's nice to know that I've got options (They've been at Ulta too but despite the issues many of us have with the points & rewards here I need simplicity so I stick to getting my stuff here & well, at Glamnetic).


The lashes here dont include my 2 faves: Blessed & Miss California &  don't do almond or round bc I'm old - I'd been going to nail salons since the mid-90s so I'm a  square/coffin kinda girl & that's all they're selling here so far , plus liner.


I'm not great at makeup application naturally. Lashes using glue were never on the table. These have been game changers for me! And not sitting wasting time at the nail salon anymore? Is awesome & during lockdowns? Huge! Plus it's notike the pandemic is over so  better safe than sorry IMO. If everyone were then there wouldn't be new variants but that's way off topic sorry.


I've said a lot I know. Here are a couple other I guess ... tips, kinda fyi stuff & a mini review but all together: 


1. I had no idea what lashes I liked & spent more than I wish Id had figuring it out. L/M/S of any style (round, cateye etc) are different.  I like cateye with a big ratio between the shortest inner lash & the longest one & I prefer ones that are a bit less dense for daily wear. If youre new to falsies & can figure out what you like first do! 


2. The liner & nail glue only last 3 months once opened. I'd asked but Id misunderstood or the girl was probably know so we miscommunicated. I thought it was 6 mos. One day it was dried suddenly & let's say that was not my finest moment! LOL! Glamnetic Soo Future! Magnetic Eyeliner Pen Deep Space 


3. Sounds crazy but the nails do last 2 weeks & can be easily removed & pit back on. Spend the extra $6 for the nail glue you paint on like polish. Worth it. I do my nails in the car all the time - fast & easy. I also bought a nail clipper - like they use at the salon when you get like acrylics - if you type for a living even the shorter coffin nails can be long. This was way easy & fast & they don't need much filing after either. IMO. Glamnetic Press-On Nail Kit Confetti 


4. If the liner gets in your eye - obviously don't leave it there but it won't hurt you. I have sensitive eyes & wear contacts. I have more than the usual application mishaps & its totally fine!


5. Yes, the liner CAN be tough to get off fully. I use the ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr GO OFF Makeup Dissolving Mist 3.4 oz/ 115 ml first, wash my face & if there's anything left micellar water is best bc its so gentle. If it's really difficult from time to time, I go to bed & it comes off when you wash your face in the morning. IMHO it's no biggie just annoying on occasion. Some ppl will scrub their eyes for like ever & it hurts  - I did before Glamnetic existed so basically don't & It will come off.


Anyway, I love Glamnetic. If you tried it once & hated it, I'd say give it another shot! If you still hate it for whatever reason that's cool but they're worth a second shot!


Oh & the customer service is awesome. For questions or anything they're always available with no wait. I've only had to cobtact them due to an issue/complaint twice. Both were resolved the second was about a month ago. I was so impressed. Their handling of my issue exceeded my expectations by like miles. Maybe it's bc I've been with them since really early on but they were incredible - I got a replacement product, expediting shipping (it was almost my bday & I needed certain products like stat), a discount code & more w/o paying a thing or having to push the issue at all. Always a good experience for me & this was better. 




I totally talk too much ... my bad! I know.




Who's uses Glamnetic? What was your experience? Love/Hate? Did or would you try again  if it was the latter? Have any questions? I can try to help. They haven't been around long but I do have experience & would love to hear yours! I'm loyal to this brand for sure! LOL 🥰


Dang! One last thing ..  the REWARDS SYSTEMS? 👍👍


Have a FABULOUS rest of your weekend lovlies!! 😘 


~ baseball_jen


@BaseballJen Interesting, I didn't know Glamnetic sells press-on nails, but will keep it in mind next time I want to doll up my nails. I haven't tried Glamnetic lashes before but always wanted to... however, just saw that the magnetic eyeliner is $56CAD and wow I've never spent that much on an eyeliner before, especially because it's felt tip it makes me nervous that it'll dry out quickly or the ink won't come out when I want it to (which usually happens to me).




Some how this posted initially when my phone died & it was a mix of stuff that was like on my clipboard & what I was writing. So weird. My phone is like hella messed up! Like wtf?! So what I was trying to write was something like this....


Sorry! My last few months of the summer & into the fall were not what I expected & I've not really been on here much (but for sale time of course! Midnight Day 1! But UPS has royally screwed up my order ... but that story isn't for here, just still mad about it!😢)


Im wondering, what did you decide on the Eyeliner? It IS HELLA expensive! $42 USD - First things first there are important lessons I've learned about the liner so sorry if you already know but hopefully this will help someone else. 


• The liner is easy to apply (use 2 coats & let it dry 80% - whatever that means but I usually have my lashes ready apply both liners & then apply the lashes  to the eye I line first & then next & its close enough to 80%? I guess!)

• The biggest issue with Glamnetic Soo Future! Magnetic Eyeliner Pen Deep Space is that it's expensive & has a VERY SHORT total shelf life. From what I've experienced & understand from support - The eyeliner is good if unopened for 6 months but then once you open it is good for just 3 months. I learned that the hard way bc the girl at support told me 6 months initially & one day after 3 the eyeliner was totally dry outta nowhere. 


Luckily I racked up a ton of points early trying all the lashes they had - I like long cat eye (specifically Miss California & Blessed) but that took awhile to narrow down. 


So for now anyway the way I get liner is going on when they have sales or just to buy nails or better even nail glue is like $6!  - as much as I hate spam texts but signing up for theirs is worth it. They have a lot of sales - they 30% off are like all the time & not great but sometimes like BOGO or Bundle Sales are worth checking out. 


But yeah I buy the Glamnetic Brush On Nail Glue & use points to get eyeliner.


They did change their rewards system which made me pretty mad bc I was at Glam Queen 5 points per $1 spent & they said I wouldn't lose my status but I'm back at the bottom level! And support USED to be hella helpful & now they kinda aren't! But I guess screwing with the rewards programs is pretty typical. I mean it went down hill here! And like on Poshmark 5 -6 yrs ago I thought the support staff was worth the 20% commission but now? Not so much. Sephora is different bc its not like a startup but with the others they grow & expand like too fast & the people there at the beginning get kinda left behind.


That said - I do like Glamnetic a lot! And if you can offset eyeliner costs with points then it's not really that expensive. If you pay full price it's a lot of $ for a short period of time to use it. If you use it daily it's probably better but I live in the middle of nowhere so there aren't a lot of places to bother getting dressed & ready to go! I'm in pj's like 80% of the time! 😅 It's beautiful where I live but I really miss good food & entertainment back in the Bay Area. 😢 


That last bit was off topic but at least I cleaned up this post  a bit. That was hella weird before! 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️😅 



@BaseballJen Thank you so much for your very thorough response! I have yet to try it bc I don’t wear eyeliner everyday (I mainly wear mascara daily) and reading this concerns me further about the shelf life. Although, if I did wear eyeliner everyday, wouldn’t it defeat its original purpose of using it as a lash glue? 🤔 I’m glad you found it easy for applying lashes tho!


I enjoyed reading your description of your favourite type of lashes - mine are the criss-cross ones that tend to give a doe eye effect 😊 And I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had a poor experience with Glamnetic’s CS… are there other retailers that might have a better rewards program? SDM has been coming in fast and furious with new brands so I wouldn’t be surprised if they picked this one up!


@BaseballJen  Oooo I didn’t know that!! Thanks for the tip!

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