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For the love of all things Guerlain

There is a line that has buried itself in my heart (and my pocketbook), and it is Guerlain.  I know Im not the only one out there.  I thought I would start this thread for the discussion of all things Guerlain, skin care, makeup, perfume, places to get good gwp or good samples.  Experiences people have had, looks people have created with the products.  


For me it all started with a makeover by Guerlain's own Marie Line at my local Neiman Marcus.  She spent an hour with me and I left feeling calm and happy.  


As a mother of 4 year old twins and as a doctor I spend my live rushing through the day, often without enough sleep, more often without enough water, taking care of everyone else.  It shows on my face, in the fatigue in my eyes, in the puffiness and dark circles under them.  While I have been blessed with good skin it can be confused, aging (I bought my guerlain the day prior to my 40th birthday), but still with an oily t zone, and with patchy dry spots on my cheeks likely from the dry air in my medical work environment.  One of the things she said to me was- make it about a ritual for you, and dont leave it until your going to fall asleep.  I walked out with the orchidee imperiele gel cream, eye and lip cream and white/brightenining serum.  It was a birthday gift to myself.  And now every night I sit down for 15 minutes and wash my face and slowly carry through the ritual.  a ritual of energy expended and renewed.  Breathing in the soft smell of the orchids.  Im still using a cleanser and exfoliator from another line given how much I spent, but I have seen substantial change in my face in the 3 weeks since.  


so thats my story, and I would love to share a discussion with other lovers of Guerlain, especially as we eagerly anticipate the 2015 holiday collection.





Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Haha I think I'm going to end up with nearly all of it... Still a little undecided though!


I'm definitely getting the Meteorites, Rouge G, Maxi Velvet lip colour, the new nail polish, and the palette... 


Definitely passing on the bronzer. It's too dark for me. I keep going back and forth on the Voyage compact, but I think I'll pass. I'm planning on getting the permanent Voyage Mythic compact, which basically looks the same except for the powder inside. And THIS powder reminds me of the Voilettes powder, so I think I'm set... It is pretty though. And I do love Guerlain powders. Hence my indecision haha!

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

So Ive already posted my entire birthday month haul on the september splurges page but I thought I would post just the Guerlain pics so I could share the gloriousness with my fellow Guerlain loving Gals. IMG_5300.JPGIMG_5308.JPG

Im in heaven.....

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Incredible!!!!  I love guerlain skincare

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Gorgeous! What are all the gold capped skin care items? did you get another brush set with your purchase? Next you have to start dabbling into the perfumes 🙂

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

the orchidee skin care line- the two largest jars are the purchases.  The gel cream and the eye/lip cream. The smaller bottles are gwp of the face cream., as are all the smaller bottles of toner, eye and lip cream and serum in the box on the right, along with the cleanser in the tubes on the back, and the bushes in the front,  The white bottle in the back was also a purchase- the orchidee white serum. 

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

thanks so much for the info on when sephora will receive it and in Canada the guerlain counter in scarborough says they will receive it mid October.

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

I've only owned one Guelain item. And it is the Maxi Lash. I LOVE it SO much. No other mascara I've tried compares. I need to order another one but am trying to make do with a tube of something else I have, but it is not nearly as good. 

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

I talked to the Guerlain counter manager at my local Hudson's Bay, specifically to ask about the Holiday Collection Rouge G. 


She said she had the same confusion about the colour - but she showed me her promotional info, which does list the Rouge G as 867 Merveilleux Rose, but below that it lists the Shade as one of the worldwide bestselling shades 62 Georgia. 


I suspect they just repackaged Georgia and renamed it for the LE packaging. Disappointing, but I still don't have Georgia and I do like the colour. 

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

I guess well just have to wait and see, but as I don't have the color (I only have gemma out of the rouge G) I guess I would likely go ahead and order it.  Im a definite on the meteorites and keep going back and forth about the compact vs the eyeshadow and blush palette.  The compact is really expensive but refillable and will last a long time and lord knows I have a ton of eyeshadow and blush. 

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

I'm planning to pick up most of the collection (I think...)


I don't have Georgia, so I'm still happy to grab the lipstick even though I wouldn't say it's the most exciting shade and I do wish they were doing something new.


The Meteorites? YES, obviously. I'm planning to grab the palette. I still regret missing last year's. Also planning on the liquid lipstick and nail polish.


I think I'm going to end up passing on the compact... I also like that it's refillable, but I haven't heard of any plans for them to release this powder as a refill. And the compact doesn't look that different to me to the current permanent Voyage compact which I think I'll end up with instead. But I keep going back and forth a bit... The powder itself also reminds me of Les Voilettes a bit, which I have and love, so I don't know! Hard decisions...

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

that's disappointing! I hope the color will look OK on me, it's not something I usually wear

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

To be honest, I'm still hopeful that my assumption is incorrect and it IS different, but I'm not sure why else Georgia would be mentioned 😞 


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! 

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Dillard's is having an in store foundation event today, Friday and Saturday. If you Dillard's stocks guerlain ones, you can save 15 dollars off of foundation over 55 dollars and 10 dollars if it is between 35-55 dollar foundation. 

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Greetings Guerlain mavens! 


Would someone be so kind as to help me pick the right shad of the Guerlain Meteorites Pearls (summer 2015) offering? My foundation colors in Chanel in the summer is 30 and the winter is 20. I am looking for a subtle highlight that is not too light. 


There are no Sephoras that carry them in-store within 100 miles of my house. 


Options are light, medium, and dark:  


Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.08.24 AM.png
Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.08.37 AM.png
Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.08.46 AM.png

Some pics of me:  



I know the holiday Meteorites are coming out soon, but the summer offering appeals to me more. I'm hoping to pick one up before they go away!  

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain



The summer Meteorites only come in one colour and it's this one:




The three pictures you showed are all part of the permanent collection, so you have plenty of time to pick them up 🙂


As for selecting a colour, they're all fairly sheer and add more of an overall glow than other highlighting products. That's just to say that picking the right colour of Meteorites isn't *too* problematic. The darker ones can be more of a bronzed glow on lighter complexions, and the lighter pearls can show up too light on darker complexions. But it isn't like matching a foundation.


I'd say you could likely wear any of the permanent shades. I'm a little lighter than you - more like a 12 in Chanel. I typically wear light, but I can wear medium for a bit more colour/glow - dark I can wear but it is more of a golden bronzed shade on me. I'd say you're likely fine with medium. But there's no rush!!



Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Good to know I have some time to pick up the standard offering! It looks like the summer offering isn't currently available at this time, anyway. Later this year I will travel to a metro area where, hopefully, I can find some to try out. 

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

I added a bit more info on the shades to my post, which may help 🙂 But yes, take your time! The LE ones sell out pretty quickly from some stores, so I'd only jump on that if you were interested in the holiday ones. If you prefer the permanent ones (which I think are lovely!) then wait it out and go in store to check them out. 


They are the loveliest powder, IMO. Using mine as a setting powder right now and it just gives the best look. So luminous and soft!

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Fascinating! I never thought about using it as an all-over setting powder. It is also great to know that the differences in color are subtle, and that a couple (or all) could work in various applications. I am more determined than ever to try it out!  


Thank you so much for your helpful and thoughtful responses. 

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

Hi I wear Chanel 30 in summer and sometimes 20 if I lose all my tan-and I wear the Medium Meteorites as an all over powder or highlighter. It's very subtle. You're probably not going to 'see' it on! But will just give you a great finished look. My did wore them one day-she is fair and has the Light and in the sun her whole face was luminescent like an angel 🙂

Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

I know all of this has likely been posted in the holiday thread, but here it is courtesy of chicprofile


U.S. Launch Date – 15 october 2015

International Launch Date – November 2015


Guerlain Neiges et Merveilles Holiday 2015 Collection


Guerlain Meteorites Enchated Snowflakes – Limited Edition – $89.00
This year Meteorites Pearls feature a mix of delicate colors in white, beige, champagne and gold with a soft iridescent finish.


Guerlain Terracotta Collector – Limited Edition – $64.00
No.03 Brunettes


Guerlain Ors et Merveilles Eye and Blush Palette – New & Limited Edition – $95.00
Guerlain Ors et Merveilles is a refined golden palette which features eye colors and blushes that will sublimate your festive makeup anywhere you go this holiday season. The first layer of this palette features 5 iridescent eye shadows while the second layer hides 2 blushes in Rosewood and Coraly shades and 2 pearlescent blueshes in Pink and Iridescent Red.


Rouge G – 967 Merveilleux Rose – Limited Edition – $56.00

No.62 Georgia


Meteorites Voyage Enchante | Skin Perfecting Illuminating Matte Powder – Limited Edition – $214.00
It’s available in a universal shade suitable for all skin types.


Maxi Velvet & Gloss D’Enfer – $34.00
Guerlain Maxi Velvet has a formula that is creamy and delivers an ultra-matte texture. Gloss d’Enfer comes in a transparent silver white shade that can be wore on its own or applied as a top coat.


La Laque Couleur nail polish– $29.00
903 Nuit Merveilleuse – magnetic purple



Re: For the love of all things Guerlain

I contacted Sephora and Nordstrom about the Meteorites, it sounded like Nordstrom will be getting them, Sephora still is receiving info. Sephora did confirm that on Oct 2nd they would have Guerlain Meterorites Voyage Enchante.

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