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All Things Dior

Please correct me if I'm wrong - I don't see a Dior Thread?!




Holiday 2016 - Now available online at Neiman Marcus and from Dior Direct (thanks @purly and @veronika23!):


original (5).png


original (1).png


original (2).png







Spring 2017 Preview (thank you @TriesToBoClassy & @KMariel!)


original (4).png


original (11).jpg



New book out now (thank you @lipstick4soul😞




History of Dior makeup in context of art and fashion. 12 chapters each featuring a different color, with campaign photography and design from legends like guy bourdin and serge lutens.

Re: All Things Dior

Thanks! I added it to the list of brands in the Beauty News thread

Re: All Things Dior

Thanks @veronika23!

Re: All Things Dior

Really, no Dior thread?!? Weird!! I got that highlighter and it's really beautiful! I only grabbed the pinky one from the Spring collection so I knew I had to also get this one :).  I want to grab the new lipstick called Sophisticated but I'm having troubles finding it on any website other than Diors and I dont want to order from them 😛

Re: All Things Dior

@sabrinas Dillards has Sophisticated both in store and online. I went to my local store yesterday and they had them in stock, but they also have it on their website.

Re: All Things Dior

@sabrinas I was surprised too!


Then that worked perfectly for you! Hmmm - did you try Neiman Marcus? I was surprised to see things in store that they don't have online. And just curious - why? I don't think I've ordered directly from Dior before, or at least - not in a very long time :/.

Re: All Things Dior

No reason! I just like getting other products and GWP's/samples from the department store websites!! I may just go look in stores though, it might be better!

Re: All Things Dior

Direct is pretty good I think, unless you are after a specific GWP. They have a lovely selection of minis plus samples. I ordered the monos from them and got the most adorable mini gloss, few other samples plus their free gift packaging is gorgeous. 

Re: All Things Dior

@lipstick4soul this is the experience that I remember (and I think I recall gift packaging?) but I'm fairly certain that was several years ago. Like, circa 2011 :x, so I wasn't sure!

Re: All Things Dior

Gotcha - that makes sense :).

Re: All Things Dior

How is it even possible we don't have a Dior thread?!


chanel seems to be getting all the love for the fall collection but I really love this one from Dior. 


I have three of the new mono shadows (out of 6 that were released?) I really like this formula. The texture is incredible. I will try and do swatches- a couple of the colors are very similar and pretty much identical on. 

Re: All Things Dior

I was surprised too when I ran a search and didn't find one!


I honestly haven't even looked at the Chanel one :x. I think everything I've seen of it is some play on red? Maybe I need to go check the thread.


Yes - please post swatches! I know you were saying you thought I'd really like one of them - I'm dying to see 😉



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