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Post in Best Hair Ever

horrible split ends - do I HAVE to trim??

Please help me out! I've got very thick, long hair with a lot of volume that I do my best to take care of and keep healthy, but no matter what I do I still have horrible split ends. I have tried hair balms from Europe, home made hair masks (all natural and organic) and using lots and lots of conditioner, but nothing seems to help. I do straighten my hair regularly, but I use heat protection. I also live in San Diego, CA, where the weather can get extremely dry. Is my only option to trim? If it is, can anybody give a few suggestions of how I can do this at home myself? If there are any products that have helped someone out, please let me know! Thanks!!

Re: horrible split ends - do I HAVE to trim??


The Iles Formula finishing serum over times actually seals down split ends .

Best of course is to trim them and then use this serum as a preventative. It's results are benchmark, read some of the reviews on shop page.

Protects hair against heated tools, UV damage,color fade and humidity.

Best of all the signature finish it delivers to all hair types is sumptuous lustrous silky hair.

As far as hair repair goes ...The Iles Formula conditioner repairs INSTANTLY all hair types .


RE: horrible split ends - do I HAVE to trim??

To keep some length while still getting rid of split ends_ I keep a pair of hair cutting scissors by the couch so that I can look for split ends and just trim off those ends while i'm watching tv

Re: RE: horrible split ends - do I HAVE to trim??

I'll try it out, thank you!

Re: horrible split ends - do I HAVE to trim??

To get rid of split ends, yes, trimming is pretty much the only option. After that though, you may want to try a deep conditioner instead of a regular one when you wash if your hair can handle it. My favorite is the Davines OI line (shampoo, conditioner, and all-in-one milk) followed with a little of the Reverie hair oil on the ends only!

Re: horrible split ends - do I HAVE to trim??

Alright, I will trim them and try out the products, thanks so much!

Re: horrible split ends - do I HAVE to trim??

Just a follow-up to @malday's advice: If you are going to trim at home (which you mention in your post @mitsymittens) try to use proper scissors. Dull scissors will just redamage the fresh ends you've created from trimming yourself and you will continue to have split/damaged ends. If you are able to go to a salon or get your hands on well-sharpened scissors, your hair will be better for it.

Re: horrible split ends - do I HAVE to trim??

@malday @mitsymittens I agree that the best option is to trim the split ends.  Good luck!

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