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Tips for switching to sulfate free shampoo


I just recently switched shampoo/conditioner to the Olapex Bond Maintenance products. Prior to the switch I was not using a sulfate-free shampoo.

They have given new life to my hair - it feels stronger, shinier and overall much healthier but near my scalp I am left with this oily/greasy, heavy feeling..

I have heard that this is normal when switching from a shampoo with sulfates to one without - I am wondering if anyone has had similar experiences and any tips on how to get through this sort of icky period



Re: Tips for switching to sulfate free shampoo

@aaalbert  I suspect this has nothing to do with Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance™ Shampoo 8.5 oz/ 250 mL

being sulfate free and rather it having to do more with the fact that this particular shampoo is a HIGHLY concentrated formula. You may consider me somewhat of an Olaplex expert; since the product launched in June I have just recently replaced my original bottle of shampoo. You use a pea sized amount, emulsify with water in your hands then apply to your scalp. If you do not emulsify with water and just apply directly to scalp and shampoo I can definitely see how this would cause the hair to feel heavy/oily. 

Re: Tips for switching to sulfate free shampoo

@aaalbert  I agree with @GG84 . The Olaplex shampoo is easy to overdo. 

Re: Tips for switching to sulfate free shampoo

@aaalbert  I haven't used the Olaplex products, but when I switched to sulfate-free I started by mixing in some of my usual shampoo to get myself comfortable with the transition.  Then, I slowly tapered off.  Hope this helps!

RE: Re: Tips for switching to sulfate free shampoo

I’ll give that a try! Thank you 🙂

Re: Tips for switching to sulfate free shampoo

@aaalbert I switched to Sulfate free shampoos 4 years ago when I was first pregnant and never had an issue with my hair changing due to switching up shampoos. 

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