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Olaplex Directions

I love all the buzz Olaplex is getting! As an avid Olaplex user and professional I love sharing my knowledge where I can. I noticed some mixed reviews on directions and would love to share the way I like to explain it to my clients on how to use the No.3 treatment at home.

It is important to remember Olaplex is NOT a conditioner and that it does NOT have proteins in it (so it can’t build up in the hair or coat it in silicones). Olaplex No.3 works internally to repair broken disulfide bonds. So because it only works internally we still have to address external issues of our hair such as moisture and protein with different products specially designed for that. Olaplex No.3 should always be shampooed and conditioned out so there’s no weighing down and so you can replenish the moisture in your hair. I’m not a fan of “leaving it on overnight” mostly because this usually means you’re going to bed with wet or damp hair, which is when it is in its most fragile state! Any friction with wet hair such as rubbing against your pillow or fabrics, or even stretching, can cause breakage. Personally, I do love to leave it on for a more than the minimally required 10 minutes, I have my No.3 treatment in for hours at at time! Whether it is having it in as I do chores or run errands, or even on my lazy Sunday relax and beauty rituals, but I always follow with shampoo and conditioner. I really hope this helped anyone wondering or clarified any questions out there!


Re: Olaplex Directions

@ashjaz thanks for posting this! Few quick questions for you, my understanding is to wet the hair thats unwashed, then put in the treatment for however long, and then I can shower and shampoo and condition as normal? 


Also, on the subject of going to bed with wet hair *cough* guilty *cough*, do things like silk hair wraps and such prevent breakage?

RE: Re: Olaplex Directions

So sorry for the delayed response! Yes that’s the way you apply! Personally, if I have a lot of product build up and oils in my hair (basically if I haven’t washed it in a week 😅), then I like to shampoo first, towel dry, and apply. Still following with shampooing and conditioning. It’s a slight extra step but I’d rather there not be barriers it has to penetrate through. Silk wraps are better! However, I know Olaplex reaches its optimum activity working the first hour or so. So I’d advise if you do leave it in, just to make sure to shampoo and condition it out in the morning! ❤️

Re: RE: Re: Olaplex Directions

Hi @ashjaz..I am going to get olaplex no. 3..can you suggest what shampoo and conditioner to use for dull,lifeless, damaged hair?

Re: RE: Re: Olaplex Directions

@ashjaz awesome, thank you!

Re: Olaplex Directions

@ashjaz Thanks for the feedback! It is greatly appreciated especially since I have Olaplex in my cart right now 😉

Re: Olaplex Directions

Yay, I'm happy to help! Your hair will thank you too!:)

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