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Haircare routine

Question for the hair growth experts!! I have thin, fine, oily, brunette hair. It is technically down to my waist BUT you cant really see it because it is only a few strands that go completely to my waist, if that makes sense (because of my thin hair). I would like to grow my hair, and at the same time, make it thicker (if possible), stronger & fuller. So I have created a haircare routine and wondered if it was okay. Here it is:

daily - rosemary tea/water spray (DIY) + oil the ends of hair

every other day - wash hair (shampoo & conditioner)

weekly - rice water (DIY, Ill spray it on my hair and massage it in. Question: should I leave it in overnight?)

monthly - inversion method (7 days in a row, I’ll mix castor oil & a few drops peppermint essential oil.. massage it to my scalp and flip my head over)

thanks in advance for tips, hair growth secrets, and advice ... and maybe your hair routine? !!

Re: Haircare routine

I would cut back how often you do rice water treatments for sure! I'm not sure the actual science of it but rice water causes damage and breakage from protein overload if you do this more than once every few months. I only leave mine in for around 30 minutes before rinsing with just water. I have very similar hair from the sound of it and am looking for tips too! I really think that massaging nightly in the shower has been helping me to prevent fallout. I personally stick more to haircare products over DIY. I love Bumble & Bumble and have heard great things about Olaplex for damaged hair! Make sure with all those oils that you're not clogging the follicles (roots of your hair), a scalp scrub or cleanser might be great to introduce into your routine. 

Re: Haircare routine

I feel your pain and agree with the posted reply re: excess oil.  I'd used the Christophe Robin scalp scrub, it's excellent, but only 1-2x/month.  I'm struggling to get mine to grow, and have been doing oil treatments on the ends as well.  Not sure what your situation is, but certain meds/health conditions (e.g. thyroid issues) also make it harder to grow and thicken your, so my best advice is to just keep the ends healthy with an occasional snip (not cut, not even trim, just a snip - and do your hair masks.  I tried the Sephora coconut one today, wasn't wild about it, but have used some non-Sephora brands, with tea tree oil, and that helps, too!

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