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Hair protection

I'm looking for hair "sunscreen" to protect my coloured hair from the sun.  Other then the Rita Hazen lock and block product... What others are just as great ?

Re: Hair protection

This might not be what you are looking for, but I have tried lots of UV blockers and my hair sun bleaches like no other. If your hair sun bleaches easily, you might be able to slow it down a little, but don't expect to find something to work miracles unless it is a hat. 

Re: Hair protection


I know of one however it’s not sold at Sephora and it may be difficult for you to find. 

It’s by a brand named Keune and it’s called Sun Shield Protective Spray Oil. You spritz it onto your hair before going outside, it protects your hair from UVA/B, Rain, Chlorine, Salt Water. 



RE: Re: Hair protection

What is the price of that product?

Re: RE: Re: Hair protection

@Juliso Depends, I’m in Canada so $40 CDN

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