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Clarifying shampoo for colour treated hair

Silicones in hair products make my hair feel soft, but in my research require Soldium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate to remove. But products with it in such as BUMBLE AND BUMBLE - Sunday Shampoo

says it is not for colour-treated hair as it strips the colour. What is a girl to do/use. 


I have some silicone products (hair masks, different sprays) and want to be able to remove the products from my hair. Help and advice, please.

Re: Clarifying shampoo for colour treated hair

@faeriegirl i love this brand

@faeriegirl i love this brand

Re: Clarifying shampoo for colour treated hair


Matrix Cleanreset is the clarifying shampoo I use, and it claims to be safe for color treated hair. 😊







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