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Bleached Hair Care



I recently got highlights done to my hair and I’m having a difficult time maintaining the dryness. I want to know how to maintain the color of my hair as well as keep it less frizzy.

Are there any recommendations you would make for me? For reference, I have thick, black(now highlighted), wavy hair. Please let me know what I should implement into my hair care routine/how often I should be doing it. 

Re: Bleached Hair Care


Hi there, 

When lightening hair - especially as you say you’ve gone from quite dark to light, the hair goes through a lot to get there. In order for lightener to work, the cuticle must be open (chemicals in lightener + developer do this) the problem then becomes closing the cuticle after. Sometimes it’s not possible, this is when you get dryness + frizz that you previously had never experienced prior. 
You can treat superficially so the hair feels soft but you also need to treat internally. 
K18 Biomimetic Hairscience Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask 1.7 oz/ 50 mL (internally) 

Re: Bleached Hair Care

@kizaaa Check out some of the Briogeo products, like their Don’t Despair Repair line, and their Superfood shampoo and conditioners. I also regularly highlight my hair, and in turn, deal with a degree of dryness. I use a few Briogeo products, as well as some Garnier products from the drug store - I sort of feel like those are a good dupe for a lot of the more pricey Briogeo ones. A good hair oil is Verb Ghost Weightless Hair Oil and that will help a lot too. 

Re: Bleached Hair Care

@alexasteph what Garnier products do u like?

Re: Bleached Hair Care

@greeneyedgirl107 I like the Whole Blends line, I think one is like a cocoa butter one, and another is an avocado one. I use the conditioner and the 3 in 1 hair mask. 

Re: Bleached Hair Care

@alexasteph I'll have to check these out!  😊 thanks

Re: Bleached Hair Care

Thank you so much! In terms of a blue/purple shampoo, do you think they are necessary to maintain lighter highlights? If so, are there any that you would recommend? 

Re: Bleached Hair Care

@kizaaa I’d say it depends on how frequently you have your highlights maintained, how often you wash your hair, and what sort of environmental damage your hair goes through. Mine are done every 8 weeks or so, and I only wash 2-3 times per week, never heat style, but do occasionally swim at pools/beaches. Due to that, I don’t really have too much of a need for toning products, so I can’t really recommend one! Your stylist might be able to suggest something based on the condition of your hair the next time you go in. 

Re: Bleached Hair Care

Have you tried Olaplex yet? It is fantastic for rebuilding bonds in hair after bleaching.

Re: Bleached Hair Care

No, I have not. Are there any particular products from olapex that you would recommend? 

Re: Bleached Hair Care

It sort of depends on which parts of your hair routine you need! If you’re worried about the blonde getting brassy at all they have the purple products. Then just the regular shampoo/conditioner that is good if you’re just mostly concerned about damage and dryness. Their oil is sorta amazing as a styling product, helpful with frizz etc but you don’t need much. 

They’ve also got their treatment pieces which are more like weekly masks. If you have a simple routine of just shampoo, condition and styling product I would start with the shampoo, conditioner and oil! 

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