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US Secret Santa 2021



It’s time yet again! Just reusing the thread from last year cause why not? I am pleased to host the BT Secret Santa for the seventh (I mean that sounds right? Maybe not?) year!


The rules are pretty much the same as the last few years!  




1. US only

2. Must have a minimum of 600 posts on BT and be an active poster within the past two months! This is a community activity so participants should be an active part of said community.

3. You must make an account on elfsfer! That’s where the wishlists will be and the drawing will take place! Make sure your wishlists are updated with proper SHADE information and your address. 

4. The spending minimum is $50. Meaning you can buy one item that is $50 and have it count or multiple items to total up to $50! And as per usual, you can spend over on your elf if you so choose!

5. If there is even the slightest possible hint that you're going to buy something on your wishlist, do not put it on your wish list!

6. Include a gift receipt if the item your buying includes shade selection!








- To Sign Up:  November 3nd..  Names will be drawn on November 4rd and elfster will send you an email with who you got. Shoot me a message and I'll send you the sign up link! I know its a little quick this year because I started late but I always try to do it with the sale.

- To Send Gift: December 11th. Gifts will need to be sent by or on this date. 



any questions feel free to post them here or shoot me a PM!


Happy Santa-ing!Decret-santa





Re: US Secret Santa 2018

@quspork That card is great 😃 @simplycaren So many great gifts, enjoy your naked cherry!! 

Re: US Secret Santa 2018

I loved that card, @GG84! So festive and yet fun LOL!

Re: US Secret Santa 2018

@simplycaren What a great box of Christmas goodies! Besides makeup and skincare, SOCKS are always awesome and funny enough we love them as adults and we’re grumpy as kids if we got them, haha! @quspork You did an amazing job!!

Re: US Secret Santa 2018

Yay! I'm so glad everything made it to so quickly and in good shape, @simplycaren! I really hope things start to turn around and get easier for you soon. Enjoy all your goodies!!! Heart

Re: US Secret Santa 2018

Thank you thank you thank you again. ❤️ ❤️

Re: US Secret Santa 2018

@quspork @simplycaren Those are some amazing gifts and I love that "Jolly AF" card. I can't wait to see everyone else's gifts. I love how thoughtful you all are towards each other. Tis the season!!! 

Re: US Secret Santa 2018

Hi @simplycaren,


Such amazing goodies from @quspork. The URBAN DECAY - Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Paletteis one of my current favorites 🙂



Re: US Secret Santa 2018

@simplycaren I love all the goodies that @quspork picked out for you, and that she thought of your fur babies too! 🙂 

Re: US Secret Santa 2018

@simplycaren What a thoughtful package! Enjoy all of your amazing gifts 🙂




Re: US Secret Santa 2018

My package is out for delivery! *happy dance*


On another note, I'll be sending my little Elf's package out hopefully tomorrow!! 🙂

Re: US Secret Santa 2018

I finished my beauty shopping a month ago but just finally finished collecting some fun local goodies to send and will ship this week. I see lots of boxes are sent or about to be on the move, it's going to be a fun couple weeks with unboxings!

RE: US Secret Santa 2018

I’m waiting on one more thing to come and my package will go out! On a side note I did get my package buuuut I’m gonna wait til Christmas to open it. 😁😁

Re: US Secret Santa 2018

I thought for sure I was going to be the first to ship, on the 7th. Than issues came up, so I am shipping out on the 14th.

Re: US Secret Santa 2018



My package is officially on its way! Yay! I can't wait to see everyone's unboxings. 


P.S. to my secret elf recipient- I apologize in advance for the wrapping... it's never been my forte! But I promise it was completed with love! Heart

Re: US Secret Santa 2018

Need to get a few more items and cant wait to ship out my package. Excited to see all the unboxings coming up 🙂

Re: US Secret Santa 2018

Ok im buying my final things today and will ship next week!! Gotta get it done since I wont be home the week of the 10th!

Re: US Secret Santa 2018

I’ve been having a lot of fun shopping for my person!! Black Friday was a whirlwind of sales and I loved every minute of it! 😁 

Re: US Secret Santa 2018

Just have to wait until Friday aka pay day to get the last gift!

Re: US Secret Santa 2018

Black Friday is upon us my lovelies! Shop those sales!

Re: US Secret Santa 2018

Oh wow, can't believe I missed this! Hope everybody has fun shopping for their Santa Babies, can't wait to see the unboxings!

Re: US Secret Santa 2018

Gonna start shopping in a week or two! I just have to catch up on work and get back into my groove (I was in Vegas for a week). Yahoo!

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  • Decret-santa
  • iAuS0pc.png
  • Christmas is coming!
  • B30833C1-E3B8-41D4-82E5-91EB6A760B2C.png
  • CalmGreenGerbil-size_restricted
  • She included this amazing card.
  • Even little gifts for my fur babies!! They were SO appreciative.
  • When I opened the package, I literally squealed!!
  • IMG_7057.jpg
  • I also received this unbelievably adorable snowman ornament, and Christmas snowman socks (I love snowmen!). The ornament is already on my tree, and I'm wearing my new socks today!
  • I tried to capture it all in one photo, but there was so much!! Pictured here: a new Spiced Apple Toddy candle, and hand soap (which I really needed!!). I also received a sleep mask and an H20 eye mask (which I can always, always use for the endless bags, lol). And a brand new Roller Lash, which is my favorite mascara of all time.
  • This was the adorable toy that she sent for our dog, Meg. Not pictured are the cute little toys for Gig and Pixel, as they ran off with those as soon as they smelled the catnip LOL
  • She also sent me my most desired thing this season: NAKED CHERRY!!!! :)