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The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Hello BIC friends and fellow gardeners! Whether you have a container on your balcony, some indoor plants, a whole garden, or even if you just happen to visit a botanical garden or see a lovely space or plant in your neighborhood you want to share, this is the place! Please share pics, tips, plans and tricks about all things gardening!  


For many years I had a container balcony garden with mostly flowers and herbs (when travel allowed), and I am now embarking on my first backyard landscaping and gardening journey. 

I am often taking inspiration from the natural world around me and have recently had some spring inspiration for the Makeup Challenge of the Week and have loved chatting about gardening in our other threads, so I thought a new thread would be nice. 

It’s always so interesting to me to see plants and gardens from different regions and countries, so I hope you’ll join the conversation!  

PS: if you create a makeup look based on some plant or garden inspiration, please feel free to post your look or flat-lay here, too! 

Here are a few pics of my spring bulbs to start and I’ll share more soon (kindly ignore the weeds)! 



My old balcony (from the outside) - I’ll try to find an internal pic too:




Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

My cosmos were such a joy this summer until the early extreme cold zapped them! Also, the iceberg rose and morning glories were lovely! You can see out Dog Tuff grass plugs filled in pretty well. 


Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

@sister13 You grew nasturtiums! They remind me of this vegetarian restaurant back home. There was this one pizza they had on the menu that was topped with nasturtium leaves and petals, which were also part of the decor on the patio. It was delicious and surprisingly filling. 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Ooh, interesting, I'll have to try that next year! @JoSometimes 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

@sister13 It has a peppery kick to it. It’s great if you want to spice something up. I imagine it’ll go well on something like a burger or in a salad. 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

The cosmo and other flora look beautiful, @sister13 ! 🥰  Teine seems to be having some gardening fun too! 😄

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Thank you! Yes, Teine and Tama got a kick out of chasing the grasshoppers, lol! 

Those nasturtiums really took off, I can only imagine if I’d gotten them sprouted early in the season! @Titian06 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread


We’re nearing the first frost of the year. I caught a quick peak of the blueberry bush planter and saw all the pretty colours (and a few weeds that have decided to try and take hold of the planter before winter comes)

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

@JoSometimes stunning 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Thank you @CorgiMommy

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

So pretty! We got a colder than normal cold snap (down to 16 degrees!!) but it’s warmed up again. Sadly, I didn’t get my tomatoes harvested beforehand and they all froze, but I did get some flower pics to share before the cold. I did some yard cleanup and bulb planting yesterday, though I still have a ton of bulbs to get in the ground. 


Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

@sister13 @I hope you’re able to get them into the ground before the temperature really drops. 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

I got most of then in pretty late last year (like maybe even December) and they came up beautifully, so we should be okay. Although it is definitely more pleasant to plant when it’s not so cold! And since it’s been so warm, I don’t want to plant too early. I’m seeing some bulb shoots but not sure if it’s the ones I planted in like March in a desperate move since I didn’t plant them in the fall. @JoSometimes 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Sunflower update. This thing doesn’t quit! 🌻🌻🌻



Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

I love sunflowers! I want to try growing sunflower seeds indoors this winter in the hope of having these beautiful flowers at home. If I succeed, I'll transit them outdoors in spring.
I read that the best time to start planting these seeds indoors is about 6-8 weeks before the last expected spring frost, so it is too early now.
Did you plant your sunflowers indoors or outdoors? It would be great to learn from the people with more experience.
Thanks in advance.

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Hi @alicoj - Sorry I missed this message before, I've been so busy! 


I haven't grown sunflowers, but I'm a huge fan of Winter Sowing as opposed to seed starting indoors if you have a balcony or outside space. Basically, you just throw seeds and dirt and water in a container with some air holes (the cloudy milk jugs are probably the best to use, but people use other take out containers/plastic salad clamshell containers, etc.). They mostly just sit outside in the cold (usually outside of full sun) all winter and then they start coming up when they're ready.  You don't generally Then, they are already more hardy to the cold and you don't have to worry about hardening them off and them getting shocked by going from a warm inside to the harsh realities of life outside. I can't post outside links, but you can google Winter Sowing and search for your growing zone for recommendations.


I think @JoSometimes had sunflower volunteers that popped up, but may have other recommendations for you!  

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

@sister13 Ahhh my sunflower grew all by itself last year. I did absolutely nothing to it, it just grew on its own!


@alicoj Look up your local growing zone to see the best times to start your seeds. I usually do late February/early March and it works out for where I live. 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

OMGosh, @JoSometimes !  It's so sunshiny and happy and look at those seeds! 🌻🌞💛

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

@Titian06 I thought it was the type that would be just one massive “flower” but it ended up being more of a tree type with so many flowers everywhere!


If I don’t act quickly after the seeds reach maturity, they will get ransacked by squirrels. I watched a squirrel nibble off the head and drag the entire bunch of seeds away to its nest last year. 🐿

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread


The sunflower bloomed last week! It’s been visited quite a bit by bees like this one here.



And this is yesterday. It’s got multiple flowers incoming. The third flower on the right also started opening this morning and should be fully open later today.


A few blocks away, there’s a house with properly planted sunflowers. They are a LOT taller than this one. Considering where it’s growing (in a crack between the house and the walkway…) I’d say it’s doing pretty well. 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

So pretty and cheerful! This looks a lot like our wild sunflowers in Colorado, they pop up in July and august all along the roadways and they are so pretty! @JoSometimes 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Thank you @CorgiMommy @Titian06 ! It’s just about done but keeps trying to put out more flowers. I’ve been trying to grab one of the heads for it’s seeds but the squirrels keep stealing them before I can. 😡🐿

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