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The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Hello BIC friends and fellow gardeners! Whether you have a container on your balcony, some indoor plants, a whole garden, or even if you just happen to visit a botanical garden or see a lovely space or plant in your neighborhood you want to share, this is the place! Please share pics, tips, plans and tricks about all things gardening!  


For many years I had a container balcony garden with mostly flowers and herbs (when travel allowed), and I am now embarking on my first backyard landscaping and gardening journey. 

I am often taking inspiration from the natural world around me and have recently had some spring inspiration for the Makeup Challenge of the Week and have loved chatting about gardening in our other threads, so I thought a new thread would be nice. 

It’s always so interesting to me to see plants and gardens from different regions and countries, so I hope you’ll join the conversation!  

PS: if you create a makeup look based on some plant or garden inspiration, please feel free to post your look or flat-lay here, too! 

Here are a few pics of my spring bulbs to start and I’ll share more soon (kindly ignore the weeds)! 



My old balcony (from the outside) - I’ll try to find an internal pic too:




Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Omg @Saradestin my friend LOVES these plants. I recently bought her a huge plant of the whiteish ones for indoors but together in a bunch looks so much nicer!!!

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Your friend has great taste @jaaayp  😁 These plants are stunning by themselves or combined with others. They are just to pretty! 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Oh my goodness, I love them! So colorful and unique! It's so fun to have a collection of beautiful plants like that. Do they ever put out any flowers, too (not that they need to, but I'm just wondering - like hostas have those tall stalks which surprised me the first time I saw them because I thought they were just leaves, lol.) Thanks for sharing them and keep 'em coming! @Saradestin 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Thank you so much @sister13 !! They are gorgeous with so many colors! Some have bigger leaves, some smaller. And yes, they bloom but the flowers are very ugly. It is very rare for them to grow seeds so I always cut them so the bulb doesn’t waste energy. I will check if there is any already. 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

They're all so pretty, @Saradestin ! 💖🌻🌷

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Aren’t they gorgeous @Titian06!!! 😃😃😃 I am still in disbelief that I can grow them in my garden! 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Why is that, @Saradestin ?  The soil?

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Well, this soil is pure sand, to start with, but it is basically because I see this plants so beautiful and tropical looking that I envision them more in the Caribbean than here @Titian06 . I should know at this point that some tropical plants grow here but, as I was born in a place with extreme weather, where little could grow, I still have that feeling that everything is going to die (well, it actually did this past December, in a rare strong freeze, but I had taken these bulbs out so they didn’t die) 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Oh, I forgot, @Saradestin ! 🤗  You did say--a few times--you have sandy soil.  Well, your USDA hardiness zone is 8 to 10, which is the correct zones for your plants.  You're a good plant mama! 🙂🪴🌻

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

I love gardening and I have been doing so for so many years @Titian06 (mostly in apartments), but changing climate so drastically is always a challenge (or a surprise 😁)

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

These poppies and this adorable globosa were impulse buys for My flower bed I’m planning. And look at that spearmint (in the back behind the poppy), it was only $6! I usually do a container with a few varieties of mint, the sweet mint is my favorite, but this will be nice to have too. 





Also can never resist some new seeds, even though many are dupes plus what I already have! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I’m planning a flower bed (maybe 2) plus a tomato and herb bed off our patio. Also grabbed some gloves so I can keep a pair in the back for easy access. 


 And i picked up some gladiolus bulbs to try in the back of the bed, too! Never planted these before but I liked the colors!


Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

@sister13 Those are pretty! I love poppies. 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Thanks, me too! So floaty! @Samtian 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Wow! Those poppies look gorgeous @sister13 ! And the spearmint is so big! I love gradiolus. Those have beautiful colors! 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Thanks, I have some other mini size mints but this looked great! @Saradestin 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

What a wonderful variety of goodies, @sister13 ! 💖💖💖

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Thanks! @Titian06 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

I'm so jealous of people that can garden! My life dream is to have a beautiful wild overgrown cottage core garden. Sigh lol. Where I live, is out in desert farmland. Our house was built in 1958 or 1953, and before that it was a bar. Our house is the only house in our area that doesn't grow grass. Like I get a few random thick patches (probably not even grass anway) but it's mostly 20 different varieties of weeds. I wish I was joking. 


We do have a wild rose bush. I've tried to let the starts grow but mom or my brother always destroyed them. Guess who is doing yard work this year 🙂 I'm going to let all hundred of them (jk probably like 10) starts run wild as they please. I don't care if they take over the yard. The bloom lasts one week if lucky. In June. I wish they were pink. 



Last month my power company started this project to help reduce power costs (though it takes 20 years to see $6 difference) but they gave away free trees. I chose a Chinkapin Oak. Planted it April 28th, and it's already starting to get leaves, which makes me happy. I've never planted a tree before. We do have one tree in the back that during the winter or something, it looked like it lost a branch and got stuck sticking up. Turns out it like had a little baby and that thing is growing! Anyway as I was saying, the power company let you have 2 trees but I didn't know that. Next year I can get another. It took a lot planting the one tree so I'm glad I only got one. The car ride home was fun because that thing took up my whole Mitsubishi Outlander. It kept hitting us in the face on the drive. Here is a picture after I planted it. It's name is Chick Pea. 




I've tried to grow a Lilac Bush someone gave me a start of and my brother ran it over with the lawn mower, like 6 years ago, I'm still butt hurt about it. Down in Utah they have a Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point and here are some of the tulips when I went too many years back.


Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Oh wow! Thanks for sharing your plant and tree stories! That rose bush is a stunner! Pink would be nice but yellow is great too, it’s so prolific! Sorry your brother ran over your lilac! And congrats on Chick Pea, I’ve been looking at trees and even the tiny ones are expensive so that’s great you got a free one! Those programs are great! 

Lovely tulips! I’m hoping to get to Boulder this weekend but may have missed the peak blooms, thy always do a lovely job downtown with bulbs but I haven’t had a chance to go see them yet. @Samtian 

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

@sister13 I hope you get to see them soon! We have a lot of schools that start growing trees and sell them at the end of the year for like $35-$40, beyond that I'm not really sure how much trees cost. I started thinking about the rose bush and it was here when we moved in back in '98. It's crazy to me how long that it's been!

Re: The BIC Plant and Gardening Thread

Woooow!!!! Your yellow rose bush is spectacular!!! 😵😵😵😵😵💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 So gorgeous!!! I understand you struggling to plant the tree. If the soil is hard it is really a pain. I remember me trying to dig a hole in California wine country to plant a bush and I had to use a ️ , hitting as hard as I could, and I was barely making a dent on the ground. It took me the entire day and once done, I filled it with water to soften it and it took two days to start going down! Pure clay and stones. Here it is a breeze because it is pure sand so, unless I am digging by a palm tree, with their abundant roots, it is super quick. 
Those tulip flowers look so gorgeous!! 😍 It is my favorite flower. I went to the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens in the Netherlands and that was OUT OF THIS WORLD! 😵

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