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(Holiday) Recipes Exchange

For all the cooks and bakers out there, what is your go-to holiday recipe(s)? I'm looking to try and make some new dishes this year and would love some inspirations. 


Mine is banana pudding, it's not "holiday" per se but I usually only make it for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, so it is for me. LOL.


8oz cream cheese - beat in mixer until smooth 

14oz condensed milk - add to cream cheese and continue beating

1 small box of instant vanilla pudding - add to mixture 

1 small box of instant banana pudding - add to mixture and continue beating

3 cups cold milk - slowly add in to mixture while mixer is on

1 teaspoon vanilla extract - add to mixture and continue beating until completely smooth

4oz of Cool Whip - fold into mixture

4 medium bananas - sliced 

1 box of Nilla Wafers - line the bottom of baking dish with the wafers, then a layer of bananas, then a layer of the pudding mixture, repeat the layers until you're out of ingredients, top with another 4oz of Cool Whip, cover and chill for at least 3-4 hrs. 

Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

I tried a bunch of cookie recipes last year and here are some of my favorites.


From Cake by Courtney https://cakebycourtneyDOTcom/wprm_print/recipe/7036.

I halved this recipe and used pecans instead of cookie pieces because I had run out of cookies and they were sooo good. 

I did have to play around with the temperature and the timing because 11-12 was too long in my oven at 375. I refrigerated them before cooking and cut down the time until I saw that the edges were done (even if the middle looked soft) and let them cool in the pan.



From Food Network. These are like sugar cookies but better. I halved this recipe as well. I read the reviews and everyone had issues with the drizzle so I skipped it. I let the dough chill in the fridge for 30-60 minutes. I also modified the temperature and time of the oven to 350 for 12 minutes and let them cool in the pan, then transferred to a rack. They're on the sweeter side but I think kids would love these.



Also from Food Network. If you're looking for cookies that will hold their shape and not spread out, plus will hold an impression so you can decorate them, these are good. Nothing fancy taste wise but a solid staple. I separated the dough into 2 discs, chilled them for at least an hour, and rolled one out at a time while the other was in the fridge. I rolled them out to 1/4 inch instead of an 1/8 so that you could see the impressions better and cooked them at 350 for 14-15 minutes. 




Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

@makeitup305  Would the last recipe hold its shape using cookie stamps or wooden presses? I have a hard time with those but would love to use the ones I have. Thanks!

Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

@Ispend2much6 yes! I haven't tried it with wooden presses but I used cookie stamps with it last year and they turned out great. 


Here is a picture from last year. This was my first time trying to decorate cookies so they're quite messy but hopefully you can see the indents from the cookie stamp still. They kept their shape well. I think you could add some lemon or almond extract to the batter to give it a little more flavor but if you're decorating, it doesn't matter much I would say.



Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

@makeitup305 cutout cookies are so fun!  Mine never seem to turn out great but it's fun trying 🙂

Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

@CookieGirl1 This recipe worked out really great. I want to try it again and practice my piping skills lol The thickness of the dough paired with the fact that they didn’t spread really helped the impressions of the cookie stamps still show up after baking. 

Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

@makeitup305  Thank you so much!

Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

Let me know if you try it @Ispend2much6 !

Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

My first attempt at making a cookie platter. Honestly I’m shocked I pulled it off. 1.5 full days of baking.



Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

@Ispend2much6 that looks amazing! I'm sure they were a hit! your hard work paid off.

Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

@makeitup305  I hope they were enjoyed! 
Thank you!


Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

Oh wow @Ispend2much6, everything looks scrumptious! one and a half day is a long time, for me because I don't bake. Kudos to you. 


This reminds me of a former co-worker who would pass out cookie trays for Christmas and it was literally the only thing I look forward to during December. 

Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

@AznAngelLiz  Cookies are love to me!💕

My original hometown is an area where copious amounts of cookies are made for every celebration.

1.5 days is a long time!

Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

@Ispend2much6 Wow it looks amazing!

Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

@SportyGirly125  Thank you! I did sample them to make sure they were good enough to gift.

Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

@Ispend2much6 you shouldn't have posted this.  You may have a few of us showing up on your doorstep 😉

Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

@CookieGirl1  I have plenty to share.💕


So, weird story- snacking on cookies and yogurt the past two days helped me get back down to my pre-Thanksgiving Day weight. 
I’m cranky from the sugar, but that’s everyone else’s problem right?

Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

@Ispend2much6 I completely understand that kind of philosophy 😅

Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

@Ispend2much6 you nailed the cookie platter!  Congratulations! 

Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

@CorgiMommy  Thank you! There’s enough leftover for my family too. Into the freezer they go!

Re: (Holiday) Recipes Exchange

Omg great minds think alike 😂🤣 @AznAngelLiz . I was making banana pudding as one of the desert for Thanksgiving dinner and it was an instant hit 😘

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