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Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?



Allure just published an article asking 99 brands for their position on abortion rights.  I just wanted to share it here in case anyone was interested in supporting brands that support women's healthcare, and taking note of who doesn't. 

Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?

Thank you for posting this, @itscarin. The reactions of some brands over the last couple of months have definitely influenced some of my more recent purchasing decisions. 

Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?

@qusporkI'm glad you've found it helpful.  I feel much more excited to make purchases knowing that brands are aligned with beliefs that I'm passionate about, too. 

Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?

Thanks, @itscarin , for posting this information!  Interesting and helpful. 

Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?

@Titian06Glad you found it helpful, and I'm glad we're talking about it.  Thank you!  🙂

Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?

@itscarin Thank you for reposting all the article info here ❤️

Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?

@pocketvenusThank you for your interest!

Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?

@itscarin Thank you for sharing this. What a wealth of information. It’s so interesting to see such in depth replies and range of company action. 

Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?

@playingdressupInteresting and important!  Thanks for responding.  I'm glad to know someone out there cares enough to respond!

Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?

Thank you so much for sharing this article!  I’m planning to check it out right away so I can share with one of my favorite beauty loving gals so she can join in. 

Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?

@Nickelliebear1Thank you for sharing and caring!  I know it's a bit of reinforcing loop but I hope we can show support by showing support for brands who show support.  LOL, sounds crazy, but I think you know what I mean!

Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?


Excellent, thank you! Will have to peruse the list further when I've got some more time, but I have one quick question...what's the asterisk for after some of the brand names?

Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?

@RGbrownI'm glad you found the article helpful.  @catethegreat on instagram has also compiled a list of vocally pro-choice brands. 


As a woman I feel called to support other women on this very intimate issue.  It's heart-warming to see some of these brands step up, and I want them to feel supported in supporting women.  I wish Pat McGrath and Natasha Denona would step up!


Thanks to @WinglessOne for explaining the asterisks.

Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?

@RGbrown  Per the article: "Brands are listed alphabetically and marked with an * to denote that they signed the Don't Ban Equality pledge." A bit more info from the article: 

"Many of the brands Allure reached out to had signed on to something called Don't Ban Equality, a coalition that began with an open letter in a 2019 New York Times ad, signed by more than 180 CEOs, which framed reproductive rights as good for a business's bottom line. The 2022 version of Don't Ban Equality has been signed by over 670 companies; over 100 are beauty and wellness companies, the rest are mostly from the finance, fashion, and tech industries. The pledge states, in part, that "the economic losses from existing abortion restrictions, including labor force impact and earnings, already cost state economies across the nation an estimated $105 billion annually," stating further that "we stand against policies that hinder people's health, independence, and ability to fully succeed in the workplace." It does not include any type of commitment to action or donation. But a few signees have also taken concrete action: Benefit Cosmetics has donated over $500,000 to Planned Parenthood since 2019 and Pacifica Beauty has pledged to donate a minimum of $100,000 to the ACLU this year. Other brands declined to comment on anything specific that they are doing or plan to do to defend the reproductive rights of their consumer base." 

And thank you @itscarin for posting this! 

Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?

@WinglessOneThanks for sharing that part of the article!  With social media, a lot of actions have become very performative, so it's nice that Allure took the time to ask each brand for comments to make the distinction between what's a performative action and what has real action behind it. 

Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?


Many thanks for that info! 

Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?




About-Face Beauty *

Halsey, who founded About-Face in 2021, wrote an emotional essay for Vogue in the wake of the reversal of Roe, saying that "abortion saved [their] life." Their brand has not made a public statement and representatives declined to comment. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills *

The brand has not made a public statement and representatives for ABH declined to comment.

Andalou Naturals *

The brand made a public statement on Facebook supporting abortion as "health care and a human right." The post continued: "We are proud to support the movement to protect access to abortion across the country and to support our people." Representatives declined to comment further.

Andrew Fitzsimons Hair *

On June 13, Andrew Fitzsimons Hair posted a statement on Instagram that said, in part, "​​As a brand built on empowering people, we believe everyone should have the access to the medical care they need, including access to safe abortions, without restrictions. We stand with our industry peers against policies that limit people's independence and their ability to make their own personal health decisions."

Andrew Fitzsimons, a hairstylist and the founder of the brand, is currently spearheading a beauty industry-wide fundraiser to support Planned Parenthood. Details are to be announced in the coming weeks, but a representative asked that brands interested in being involved reach out to

Additionally, Andrew Fitzsimons Hair is building a landing page that will be a permanent fixture on the brand's website, under the Social Giving tab. This page will include information and resources for people who become pregnant and need safe access to an abortion (particularly for those in states where it is no longer legal), and ways that anyone can take action in support of reproductive health.

Beautyologie *

Beautyologie offered a statement to Allure, which read in part: "While we are educating our consumers about how the women sourcing the ingredients in our beauty products come from developing countries and deal with many injustices every day, we are cognizant and empathic to the grave injustices we American female consumers are now experiencing with the overturning of Roe v. Wade. We want our customers to know that we do not tolerate discrimination, abuse, or exploitation on any level." On July 13, the brand shared an Instagram post in support of the Bans Off Our Bodies walkout meant to call attention to the fight for abortion rights.  

Beekman 1802 *

The brand has not made a public statement, but sent Allure the following: "We do recognize this is a personal issue and views will vary across our employees and neighbors (what we call our customers), and want to ensure we maintain an environment of kindness and inclusivity for our team. We will continue to monitor and evolve our benefits and policies to ensure our employees have access to care and support should this impact other issues." 

The Schenectady, New York-based company currently provides travel assistance and paid time off to access reproductive care for employees who can no longer get care close to home after the recent ruling. Beekman 1802 told Allure it has donated an undisclosed amount to Planned Parenthood, along with products for a Los Angeles fundraiser organized by beauty journalists Elizabeth Denton and Kelly Atterton, which earned over $50,000 for Planned Parenthood.

Benefit Cosmetics *

The brand made a public statement after the ruling, which read in part, "Many of our U.S. employees reside in states that will be directly impacted by this ruling and risk losing access to reproductive health care. We will cover travel expenses for any Benefit employee who needs access to safe health care options where their reproductive rights are challenged." 

In addition, Benefit Cosmetics stated its broad support of reproductive rights, then shared ways to help those fighting to protect those rights. The original post is pinned to the top of the brand's Instagram page. Benefit Cosmetics has donated over $500,000 to Planned Parenthood since 2019.

Beyond Yoga *

The brand made a public statement that said in part, "Supporting and empowering the health and well-being of women has always been a part of our brand's mission. Protection of reproductive rights, including abortion access, is critical. Beyond Yoga will continue to ensure our employees can get the care they need regardless of where they live." In addition, Beyond Yoga has donated $30,000 to the ACLU to support its work to protect reproductive rights.


When the Supreme Court's majority-opinion draft was leaked in May, Billie made a public statement, noting that it has "celebrated and championed women's rights to make choices for themselves" since day one. Two days after the draft was leaked, the brand also announced it was donating $100,000 to the ACLU. 

Black Girl Sunscreen *

On June 24, the brand posted a statement on Instagram that partly said, "We are deeply disheartened and broken over the heartless decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. A woman should have full autonomy over her body — and that should never be up for debate." The brand declined to comment further.


The retailer has not made a public statement and declined to comment beyond sharing a statement on behalf of the brand's parent company, Macy’s Inc. It said, in part, that along with its current medical coverage options and paid time off, Macy's Inc. "made the decision to expand [its] benefits program to provide travel reimbursement for colleagues to receive the medical care needed." The statement also noted that Macy's Inc. "will abide by existing laws and legal standards."

Caire Beauty *

The brand told Allure it "absolutely supports women's reproductive rights," but has not yet made a public statement about the overturning of Roe v. Wade and is not currently supporting any reproductive rights organizations.

Carol's Daughter

The brand acknowledged receipt of but did not respond to requests for comment from Allure.

Circumference *

The brand donated 20 percent of net sales from June 30 to July 4 to Keep Our Clinics, a campaign that funds independent abortion clinics across the country, then shared that support on its Instagram. In a statement, a representative told Allure, "We will closely monitor how the Supreme Court ruling affects the country as a whole and do our best in providing resources and funding (where possible) to those most affected." 

Cocokind *

The brand released an Instagram statement on June 24, expressing that the team "believe[s] a person's right to decide what is best for their body and their future is a human right." A representative declined to comment further.


Parent company of brands including CoverGirl, Kylie Cosmetics, Rimmel London, and Sally Hansen. 

The New York City-based company has expanded its employee health benefits in the U.S., and employees based in states where access to abortion care is limited or restricted are now eligible for transportation and accommodation reimbursement up to $10,000, along with time off. A representative told Allure that the company is "currently assessing what would be the most impactful partnership [for a donation]." Neither Coty nor any of its brands have made a public statement.    

Credo *

Credo made a public statement on Instagram, pledging support for the right to choose. The retailer told Allure that it is "actively pursuing" how to help provide resources for reproductive care for employees who have lost access. (Credo has one location in Texas, where abortion, as of the end of August, will be illegal under any circumstance unless it is necessary to save the life of the mother.)


On July 6, CRUDE personal care posted a slideshow on Instagram that addressed maternal mortality rates in the U.S., including information about racial disparities in these statistics, but did not explicitly mention abortion care. A representative for the brand did not respond to requests for further comment.

Dame Products *

The sexual wellness brand made a statement on its Instagram on June 24 saying, in part, "Denying access to abortion makes the world less sexually safe… Abortion is health care. Abortion is mental health care. Abortion is child care. Hell, abortion is community care." It also donated an undisclosed amount to the National Network of Abortion Funds. Back in May, Dame joined other brands to support health care brand Stix's donation fund for Restart, its emergency contraceptive pill, to provide free access for those who can't afford it.


Parent company of The Ordinary, NIOD, and Hylamide.

Deciem, majority owned by Estée Lauder and based in Canada, issued a statement on Instagram in support of "equitable access to reproductive health care and the right of every individual to control their own personal health and well-being decisions." The brand also donated $100,000 CAD to Planned Parenthood.


Dermstore has not made a public statement and representatives declined to comment.

Dieux Skin 

The skin-care brand made a statement on Instagram at the end of June that said, in part, it was "looking at how we can best help people make decisions about their own health when it comes to abortion," deciding to focus on supporting organizations and clinics that are on the ground helping to provide and maintain access to safe abortions. A representative told Allure that Dieux Skin donated $5,000 this month to the National Network of Abortion Funds' ActBlue fund, which will go to over 90 local abortion providers. Moving forward, $1 from all sales of Dieux Skin's Instant Angel face cream will go to the fund; the company estimates it will be between a $5,000 and $10,000 donation each month.

Dove *

On June 25, Dove issued a statement on its Instagram page: "It's her body. It should be her choice.… We believe it is a fundamental right for women to make decisions about their own bodies and futures. Our parent company, Unilever, is committed to providing our U.S. employees with comprehensive reproductive health care benefits to cover travel costs if care is no longer available in their home states. Together with Unilever, we are joining hundreds of other businesses in signing on to Don't Ban Equality, to add our voice in standing for policies that promote people's health and independence." The brand declined to comment further.

Dr. Dennis Gross

The skin-care brand has made two public statements on its Instagram in the wake of the Roe decision, the second directly from CEO Carrie Gross: "Not only as a mother of four, but as an advocate for all, the overturning of Roe v. Wade is deeply troubling…. We are going to continue to fight for bodily autonomy and the right to choose." The brand made an "initial donation" of $5,000 to Planned Parenthood, and a representative said the brand is currently "considering donations to smaller, regional reproductive health centers" in areas that are most affected. The brand has also pledged to provide employees with coverage for travel and medical expenses where options have been limited. 

Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant's parent company, Shiseido America, is working to expand benefits to cover travel and other expenses for employees who seek certain reproductive health procedures that may not be locally available. There is no date yet on when such benefits might go into effect, but as part of the company portfolio, Drunk Elephant employees would be entitled to them. Drunk Elephant has not made a public statement about Roe v. Wade and referred Allure to Shiseido Americas's statement.

E.L.F. Beauty *

E.L.F. Beauty brands (e.l.f. Cosmetics, Keys Soulcare, and Well People) have all made public statements to provide "unwavering support to our community… we will always champion women's rights and we are committed to the fight for freedom of choice and reproductive rights for all." Over the last year, the company donated approximately $75,000 to Planned Parenthood and matched employee donations to this organization and others that support women's rights and equality. On top of the corporate match, chairman and CEO Tarang Amin also personally matched every employee donation to these organizations, "giving employees a 3x match to their most meaningful charitable organizations," according to a company representative. 

E.L.F. Beauty will cover the cost of travel and lodging to provide employees with access they need for reproductive care services. Additionally, E.L.F. Beauty provides support with flexible, paid time off for employees to volunteer, including participation in rallies occurring nationwide.

Ellis Brooklyn *

The fragrance brand has not made a public statement about Roe being overturned, but founder Bee Shapiro shared that the brand participated in the Planned Parenthood walkout on July 13.


CEO and founder Emily H. Rudman told Allure via email that the brand set up a donation for Planned Parenthood on social media, and she has "personally donated in the past." Along with an Instagram post in response to the recent Roe decision, Rudman says the brand stopped using "a well-known vendor who provides shipping materials upon realizing they support people who supported this overturn, among other things I cannot professionally be a part of." Rudman added that she is "heavily considering not doing certain types of business in states that are banning abortion."

Esker Beauty *

Esker Beauty has shared its support of the Don't Ban Equality pledge with consumers on Instagram, and founder and CEO Shannon Davenport told Allure that she met with Alexis McGill Johnson, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, in March, before the Supreme Court leak became public. "There was still a sense of alarm and a need to act even before then, so when the dreaded day actually came, we jumped right in," Davenport said in a statement. "We've donated 1 percent of our gross e-commerce sales in June to Planned Parenthood. I've also donated personally to Planned Parenthood, throughout my life, in small increments."

Davenport added that while she "feel[s] somewhat powerless," the brand is "focused on the community we're building and making sure we are creating an open and honest dialogue about our bodies with no shame or stigma."

Estée Lauder Companies

Parent company of Estée Lauder, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, La Mer, Smashbox, and more. 

On June 24, Estée Lauder Companies issued a statement that it "provides comprehensive benefits to our full-time benefits eligible and part-time benefits-enrolled employees that enable them to make personal health decisions. These benefits extend to procedures related to women's reproductive health, and we will now include coverage of travel and lodging necessary to access reproductive health care in the United States that may not be easily accessible or locally available to employees and their dependents enrolled in ELC's medical plan." 

A representative told Allure that these benefits also extend to all dependents of full- and part-time benefits-enrolled employees. The only Estée Lauder brands that have spoken out publicly are MAC, which previously donated $500,000 to Planned Parenthood over the course of two years, and Deciem, which announced a donation of $100,000 CAD to the same organization on June 28.

Fenty Beauty *

The brand did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Allure, but did post on Instagram that "Fenty Beauty & Fenty Skin stand firmly with the right to bodily autonomy and access to reproductive health care."

Flower Beauty

Drew Barrymore's beauty line could not be reached for comment by Allure and has not issued a public statement.


The brand cofounders posted a statement on Instagram in June, which said, in part: "Our mission to support the personal choices you make about your body would be meaningless without taking actionable steps to support this larger fundamental right." After the draft ruling leaked last spring, the statement continued, Fur donated $10,000 to the National Network of Abortion Funds. The company also shared a list of other organizations to support in the fight to restore reproductive care for everyone. A representative for the brand told Allure that "the Fur team, individually and collectively, is regrouping to decide upon actionable next steps."

Glossier, Inc. *

A representative for Glossier said the brand has pledged money to an organization that supports reproductive rights since the Roe reversal, though the company "do[es] not disclose donation amounts and specific partners." The New York City-based brand has also extended health care coverage to support employees who live in states with abortion bans, covering reproductive care and travel costs for those who need it. Glossier posted against the reversal on Instagram, too.

Glow Recipe *

The brand posted an Instagram statement that the team was "devastated by the reversal" and included resources to support abortion care. Through a representative, Glow Recipe declined to comment further.

Golde *

From June 26 to 29, Golde donated an undisclosed portion of every sale made on its website to the National Network of Abortion Funds. That weekend the brand also raised funds for NNAF at its New York City Matcha Lemonade pop-up, issuing a statement — also the brand founder's pregnancy announcement — on Instagram: "We stand alongside you in frustration, and hope to do what we can as a family biz to show up and fight for what matters most — a safe and healthy future for all of us."

Goop *

Goop launched the Goop Giving Task Force in response to the Roe reversal. The employee collective will create programming, plan volunteer opportunities, and secure donations to support organizations committed to reproductive justice. There are no specifics at this time. The Los Angeles-based company also pledged that it would cover travel expenses and reproductive health care for employees who need to travel out of state for an abortion. The brand also posted links to abortion funds on Instagram.

Grown Alchemist *

The brand declined to comment to Allure.


The brand has made no public statement and declined to comment on the record to Allure.




Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?



Hanni *

The razor brand declined to comment to Allure, but on June 24 did post an Instagram statement in support of abortion rights. 

Haus Labs

The brand acknowledged receipt of but did not respond to two requests for comment from Allure. Lady Gaga spoke out with emphatic support for abortion rights in 2019, after Alabama passed a bill that essentially banned the procedure, but Allure did not find a statement from her or Haus Labs in response to the recent Roe ruling.

HBFit *

Hannah Bronfman's beauty and fitness club could not be reached for comment by Allure and, to our knowledge, has not made a public statement.

Honest Beauty

The brand did not respond to a request for comment, though it did pledge on Instagram to "continue to provide access to quality health care to our employees and eligible dependents regardless of where they live"; the statement referenced the reversal but did not include the word "abortion."

Hyper Skin *

The brand founder was unavailable to comment to Allure

Innersense Organic Beauty Inc. *

The brand declined to comment to Allure and we have not seen a public statement from Innersense.


On June 24, the brand issued a public statement that said, in part, "As a woman-owned brand we will always support women's right to choose." InnBeauty Project donated an undisclosed sum to Planned Parenthood, and told Allure that it "plan[s] to be ongoing supporters" of the organization, giving PP and other pro-choice groups quarterly donations.

Iris & Romeo

Iris & Romeo donated 10 percent of all proceeds between May 3 and 8 to Every Mother Counts and Planned Parenthood. On June 24, the brand shared suggestions on Instagram for places where customers can donate, such as the ACLU Nationwide, Planned Parenthood, and Pro-Choice America. The company told Allure it is currently working to launch its own women's health-care coalition "to provide funds and resources to those in need of assistance during this troubling time and to help protect the access to safe reproductive rights." 

There are no further details at this time. In addition to covering travel costs for reproductive health care, Iris & Romeo will cover the cost of mental health care for employees after they travel out of their home state for that care. 

Jamie Makeup

On July 4, Jamie Makeup founder Jamie Greenberg posted an Instagram video with the following call to action: "Please join me this 4th of July in my Let Me Be Clear campaign. As part of this campaign, I will be donating 100 percent of the proceeds generated from the sale of the next 500 units of my Clear Bloss to @plannedparenthood. Grab some Clear Bloss… and check out with discount code: LetMeBeClear."

Greenberg told Allure via email, "Our hope is that by consolidating our efforts into Let Me Be Clear, we can unify our industry and give our collective support [to] a single organization, like Planned Parenthood, to compound our efforts. We'll look to Planned Parenthood to help identify areas of need along the way. Our goal is to secure brand partners to join the campaign and increase this donation [estimated to be $13,000 from gross sales] to over $200,000 by the end of the summer and over $1,000,000 by the end of the year."

Jenny Patinkin Eco-Luxe Beauty Tools

Makeup artist Jenny Patinkin took to her Instagram page on June 24 to share her pro-choice stance. When asked to comment further via email, Patinkin shared that her brand previously donated to the R4pe, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) and is "launching an initiative later this month to donate to the Brigid Alliance, which helps women in need overcome the barrier to access of reproductive health care."

Added Patinkin, "I am based in Illinois, where abortion remains legal. I warehouse in New Jersey, where abortion also remains legal. At this time, I am pleased that my business dollars support those states because it would be a quandary to have my hard-earned money flowing through states that restrict a woman's right to choose." 

Joanna Vargas Skin Care *

A representative for the skin-care brand declined to comment to Allure.

Johnson & Johnson 

Also known as J&J, the conglomerate owns beauty brands such as Neutrogena, Aveeno, and OGX.

Allure reporters could not find any public statements from J&J or its beauty brands on the recent loss of the constitutional right to reproductive health care. A representative from J&J gave Allure this statement: "As the world's most broadly based health-care company, we strive to improve access and affordability, create healthier communities, and put health within reach for the people we serve. We also believe health care decisions are best determined by individuals in consultation with their health care provider. We offer reimbursement for travel expenses to U.S. employees and their families for eligible medical services not available from any in-network or out-of-network provider within 100 miles of the patient's home. This includes treatments such as cell therapy, gene therapy, organ transplantation, and reproductive health care."

Kinship *

On June 24, Kinship posted a statement on Instagram that said, in part: "We believe that access to health care is fundamental to achieving equality. This includes abortion." (This is a statement the brand also made publicly in the past.) "The Kinship team had already had many internal discussions on the topic prior to this ruling," the brand stated further for Allure. "We knew that this wasn't something we were going to stay quiet on if and when it came to pass." 

The brand donated over 100 products to a recent Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Los Angeles, organized by beauty journalists Elizabeth Denton and Kelly Atterton, which raised over $50,000 for Planned Parenthood. Kinship also told Allure, "Our team is 90 percent female-identifying employees and 75 percent of Kinship consumers are women…. We provide our employees with comprehensive reproductive health care benefits as well as parental leave. We will provide travel assistance and paid time off to access reproductive care to those who cannot access it in their home state."

KraveBeauty *

KraveBeauty made a public statement on Instagram and said the brand "will continue to provide our consumers with resources and use our social media platform to raise awareness of this issue." KraveBeauty also made a donation of $5,000 to WRAPP (the Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project).

In an email to Allure, a representative added: "In the states that ban abortion, KraveBeauty will provide all employees, spouses, and their dependents with full reimbursements for travel and lodging expenses incurred if they are forced to travel in order to legally access health care and reproductive services. This reimbursement will not be capped and will be available to all employees, including those who are part-time."

KVD Vegan Beauty *

The brand made a public statement on Instagram on June 28. A representative from KVD Vegan told Allure that "as a female-led company, the statement underscores that supporting both women and human rights is imperative, and how abortion rights are essential and should be available for all. We will continue to support Planned Parenthood." (The brand also added that the undisclosed donation came from its parent company, Kendo.) 

The representative said further, "We know that some of our team may be impacted by this decision, so we will support travel costs and lodging for impacted team members to safely receive reproductive health care."


KYPRIS CEO Chase Polan told Allure, "When it comes to health-care access, we have typically supported Planned Parenthood. We don't share donation amounts." 

"We compiled a list of abortion access resources on our website," Polan added. "Posting about abortion rights and access to health care including family planning is important because it normalizes family planning and abortion care as the health care it is."

Lime Crime *

A representative for Lime Crime said the brand recently donated a "generous inventory" of products to a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Los Angeles organized by beauty journalists Elizabeth Denton and Kelly Atterton, which earned over $50,000 for Planned Parenthood. "Lime Crime is currently working internally to devise full support for a comprehensive reproductive health plan amongst their team," the representative added.

Lip Lab *

On June 28, Lip Lab shared a statement on its Instagram page in support of reproductive rights. According to the brand, its parent company, Kendo, "made a monetary donation to Planned Parenthood to support their mission of advocating for laws and public policies to protect reproductive health rights and services." Lip Lab will cover travel and lodging costs for employees impacted by the overturning of Roe v. Wade.


Parent company of L'Oréal Paris, Maybelline, Garnier, , Lancôme, Kiehl's, Redken, Essie, and more.

A representative did not respond to Allure's specific questions but shared a statement that read in part "L'Oréal USA is committed to ensuring that all employees and their covered dependents enrolled in our medical plans continue to have equitable access to comprehensive, high-quality and affordable health care regardless of where they live." This includes up to $4,000 in travel and lodging expenses incurred when accessing a service not available within 50 miles of their home. "The company's medical plans will continue to provide coverage for elective and therap3utic abortion procedures, as well as medications such as Plan B and the Morning After Pill, in the states in which those procedures are legal."

Lululemon *

On June 24, the brand pledged $500,000 to the Center for Reproductive Rights in an Instagram post. The post also said Lululemon would "continue to support organizations such as the Black Women's Health Imperative." 

Lush Cosmetics *

"We have been, and continue to be, very vocal in our advocacy for support for everyone seeking abortion and affirm that no one should be denied access to safe, legal abortion," a representative for Lush told Allure. "Over the last year, we campaigned in six states with the message, 'Bans Off Our Bodies' and thousands of customers took action to email their state legislatures." 

Internally, Lush has added an enhancement to its health care benefits "to address a variety of medical needs, including abortion and gender-affirming care, that may require travel to different states," the representative added. Through its Charity Pot body lotion (100 percent of its purchase price, minus taxes, is donated to small grassroots groups), Lush has supported grassroots initiatives that include reproductive rights, but did not provide specifics. 


MAC made a statement — now a pinned Instagram highlight — that it "believe[s] in safe and accessible reproductive health care and remain committed — now more than ever — to promoting equality and healthy futures for all ages, all races, all genders." The MAC Viva Glam fund also pledged to donate $50,000 to Planned Parenthood.

Mary Kay

The brand did not respond to multiple requests for comment and Allure could not find any public statements from the company about the recent Roe decision. Mary Kay is based in Texas, where abortion will soon be banned in all cases, except when a mother's life is at risk. 


After the June 24 decision, the brand posted abortion resources on Instagram with a statement: "As a female-founded brand committed to the empowerment of women and mothers, Mutha stands in solidarity with those who have lost the constitutional right to make a choice over their bodies." Five percent of every full-priced sale at Mutha goes to the International Medical Corps, "supporting mothers and maternal health where maternal mortality is highest," a representative told Allure. Mutha will also pay travel costs for employees who don't have access to abortion and reproductive health care in their state.

Natureofthings *

On its Instagram Stories, Natureofthings shared a statement in support of Roe v. Wade after its reversal. Cofounder Jamie Leilani Pelayo told Allure that she has reached out to local activists and organizers from her home state of Missouri to offer support, including using her house in California for people traveling to the state for an abortion. The brand also participated in a local beauty sale, the proceeds of which went to the Los Angeles chapter of Planned Parenthood.


When asked to comment on the Roe v. Wade reversal, representatives from Nordstrom shared two internal memos — one dated July 24, the other July 1 — from Pete and Erik Nordstrom. The memos included an announcement that expanded travel coverage to "support U.S. employees seeking abortion or gender-affirming health care that is not locally available," as well as travel and lodging reimbursements (for employees and family members) up to $4,000.

Nuria Beauty *

The brand posted in support of reproductive rights and access to safe abortions on Instagram, including information on how to donate to Planned Parenthood, noting that Nuria Beauty supports the Global Girls' Bill of Rights, which outlines fundamental rights for girls around the globe, including access to free reproductive health care. 

Ole Henriksen *

The skin-care brand posted in support of abortion rights on Instagram, noting that its parent company, Kendo, had made a donation to Planned Parenthood. A representative also told Allure, "We know that some of our team may be impacted by this decision, so we will support travel costs and lodging for impacted team members to safely receive reproductive health care."

Otherland *

Otherland signed and participated in Planned Parenthood's Bans Off Our Bodies Walkout, a national day of action to amplify the fight for abortion rights across the U.S., show support for abortion providers, and set the stage for future actions over the next few months. The brand currently has one employee living outside of the New York City area and is committed to providing time off and travel financial assistance should she need to leave her home state for an abortion.


Representatives for hairstylist Jen Atkin's brand declined to comment. But in an Instagram post after the recent ruling, an Ouai Instagram caption said the team was "disillusioned and deeply saddened," and that, regarding its staff, "the first priority is ensuring we have the right policies and support for our employees to navigate this reality."

Procter & Gamble

Also known as P&G, this multinational corporation owns a wide range of brands, including beauty and personal care lines such as Clearblue, Herbal Essences, Pantene, Olay, Secret, and Tampax.

None of the P&G Beauty brands has made a public statement or pledged support for women's reproductive rights, but in a statement to its employees last month, Procter & Gamble said it would expand travel support for medical care "when a provider is not available within a 50-mile radius," starting January 1, 2023. The statement said that "a range of external factors are increasingly affecting access to health care in the U.S. The pandemic has led to a shortage of health care professionals and specialized medical care in some parts of the country. The legislative environment and the recent Supreme Court decision (Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health) are also affecting where some health care needs can be met." 

In response to outreach from Allure, a representative said, "This is an important issue to many people and we recognize their broad range of views. As we have for many years, P&G supports our employees in having access to a wide range of health care options – including reproductive care – so they can determine what's best for them and their families." P&G is headquartered in Ohio, where abortions are banned at about six weeks, even in cases of r4pe and incest; exceptions are made only in cases of life endangerment or severely compromised physical health.

Pacifica Beauty *

Pacifica has committed to donating a minimum of $100,000 to the ACLU in 2022, and is covering travel costs for essential reproductive health care services. The brand is educating employees on how to peacefully protest, along with providing education for staffers and social community surrounding what your rights are should you choose to protest. Pacifica is also offering bail to any employee who ends up getting arrested while peacefully protesting. The company posted on Instagram an expression of outrage after the Roe reversal came down.

Pattern Beauty *

Pattern Beauty made a public statement on Instagram that condemned the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade as "a dangerous, calculated, and regressive curtailment of women's rights and of our status as free and equal citizens." The brand also made an undisclosed donation to Planned Parenthood. Founder Tracee Ellis Ross responded to Allure's list of questions in full, saying in part, "PATTERN supports democracy, freedom, and reproductive justice with and through organizations that empower women and people of color, including Color of Change and Planned Parenthood. As an active space to celebrate Black beauty and uplift our community, we are committed to supporting experts and organizations that champion equity and access for our most vulnerable…. As a diversity, equity, and inclusion advisor for Ulta Beauty, I am often brought in to provide counsel in the beauty industry," she continued. "I will continue to encourage all retailers to lean into equity and reproductive rights as value-based practices, not just performative ones."

Plantkos *

A representative said that the brand plans to donate to Planned Parenthood in August. So far, Plantkos's only public statement has been to share on its Instagram Stories Michelle Obama's June 24 post in support of reproductive rights, but the brand told Allure that, "when appropriate, we will share posts about updates to the law and where to seek supporting info." 

Plantkos is based in Florida, where abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy are now banned, even in cases of r4pe or incest. Cofounder and CEO Sejal Patel told Allure, "I will be supporting pro-choice candidates in local elections and will be involved in spreading the word come midterms."


Re: Does Your Favorite Brand Support Abortion Rights?



r.e.m beauty

Ariana Grande's beauty brand did not respond to requests for comment and Allure could not find any public statements. 

Rare Beauty

A representative for the brand shared a link to a public post on Rare Beauty's LinkedIn page that had gone live shortly before responding to our request for comment. According to text accompanying the post, it was a copy of an internal memo sent by brand founder Selena Gomez to members of the Rare Beauty team. In it, Gomez acknowledged the mental health implications of the Supreme Court's actions, shared the names of several organizations to support and follow, and called upon her team members to "turn [their] pain into action" by voting and encouraging others to support pro-choice candidates. Gomez signed off by reminding staffers to reach out to HR or the brand's employee assistance program for support.

On LinkedIn, the brand also stated: "While all of our own team members reside in states that still have abortion rights, should a team member be directly impacted, Rare Beauty is committed to providing financial support and time off to gain access to safe and legal abortion." Allure has asked the Rare Beauty team if the brand plans to post similar sentiments on consumer-facing platforms like Instagram, and whether it has made donations to any of the organizations mentioned in the memo.

Renée Rouleau

A representative for Renée Rouleau said in a statement to Allure, "As a woman and female business owner, Renée feels strongly that abortion is health care, and finds it critical to stand with women during this turbulent time." The skin-care brand is based in Texas, where abortion will soon be illegal in almost all cases, except when necessary to save the life of the mother. The representative added that Rouleau had no other news to share about monetary donations or supporting employee's reproductive rights at this time. Rouleau has posted in support of abortion rights on Instagram.


Rhode made a public statement the day Roe v. Wade was overturned and made monetary donations to organizations that support reproductive rights: the National Network of Abortion Funds, Plan C, and the AFIYA Center. The brand said it isn't able to share individual donation amounts at this time.

Saie *

The brand did not respond to requests for comment, but has made public statements in support of reproductive rights and standing with Planned Parenthood's Bans Off Our Bodies Walkout.

Saint Jane *

For the rest of 2022, Saint Jane plans to donate 100 percent of proceeds from Luxury Lip Cream's Honor shade to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. (Saint Jane will not have the exact donation amount until the end of the year.)


The brand made a public statement on LinkedIn, noting that it is expanding employee health care benefits to include covering costs for travel expenses for those who live in a state where reproductive health care is restricted. These benefits will begin on October 1. The statement also said, "We realize there are millions of people who will not have access to this type of support, which is why Sephora will continue to partner with and support our equity advisors and nonprofit partners in their efforts to ensure equality and Respect for All." The brand did not answer additional questions from Allure.

Sienna Naturals *

The brand did not respond to multiple requests for comment and has not made a public statement. Co-owner Hannah Diop spoke on a Planned Parenthood panel during the 2022 Essence Festival. 

Starface *

Starface declined to comment and Allure has not found any public statements from the brand.

State of Menopause *

State of Menopause released a public statement via its Instagram account, and founder Stacy London has an upcoming ShopShops event in place to benefit Act Blue and the National Network of Abortion Funds. 

Sunday Riley 

Representatives for Sunday Riley said in a statement to Allure, "As a female-founded and -led brand, we understand there are many choices in regards to family planning and respect our employees' private decisions. Employees are eligible for health care travel paid time off and reimbursement of travel expenses incurred for health care services that are not available within a qualified distance of an employee's residence, including those related to reproductive health care. We offer paid leave following pregnancy loss, as well as PTO for failed adoption, unsuccessful surrogacy, and unsuccessful fertility treatment.… To support family planning, we are currently setting up fertility and family planning benefits, which should include egg freezing, IVF, and adoption assistance. We are in the process of establishing an employee assistance fund to help employees cover unexpected, qualifying health care expenses and disaster relief." Sunday Riley is based in Texas, where abortion will soon be illegal under any circumstance unless it is necessary to save the life of the mother. The brand has not made any public statement following the reversal of Roe.

Symbiome *

The brand donated 100 percent of net sales from June 28 to July 6 to Brigid Alliance to help women in immediate need and participated in a Los Angeles Beauty Sale at Atterton Beauty, with all funds going directly to Planned Parenthood. The brand also posted in support of abortion rights on Instagram.

Tenoverten *

Representatives for the brand did not respond to a request for comment.

The Body Shop *

The Body Shop made an immediate donation of $25,000 to Planned Parenthood and shared a public statement on Instagram. It will prioritize providing support for employees affected by this decision, including employees who may need expense reimbursement so they can secure safe care where it is legally available. The brand is also offering paid time off for employees who need space for self-care and for those who wish to take time off to volunteer or join local protests.

The Little Market *

The Little Market has commented publicly several times, posting on its Instagram feed in support of the right for a woman to make decisions for herself and to access safe, quality health care. Cofounder Lauren Conrad spoke candidly about her own ectopic pregnancy, taking to her Instagram Stories: "I hope someday we will be in a place where every woman has access to the health care she needs and the freedom to decide what happens in her own body."

Tower 28 *

Tower 28 made a public statement on social media. It also donated products to a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Los Angeles organized by beauty journalists Elizabeth Denton and Kelly Atterton, on July 14 and 15, that garnered over $50,000 for Planned Parenthood. A representative for the brand said that founder Amy Liu has also made personal donations to support the cause of reproductive rights.

Ulta Beauty

A representative for Ulta Beauty provided the following statement but did not specifically answer Allure's questions: "Ulta Beauty has long valued and consistently committed to equality for our guests, our 40,000+ associates, and the communities we serve. As part of that, we provide equitable access to quality health care options and work to ensure those enrolled in our medical plan can access covered health care. Following the Roe v. Wade decision, this support was immediately extended to include travel expense assistance for eligible reproductive health services where access to care is restricted. While this ruling directly impacts women and families, we continue to closely monitor the situation and evaluate how we can best support our associates should other issues impact communities within the Ulta Beauty community. As always, we encourage our teams and our guests to learn more and act on issues important to them by making their voice heard and their vote count."

Uni Refill System *

Uni Refill System made a statement on Instagram against overturning Roe v. Wade. Additionally, it donated 100 percent of its gross sales on June 24 to Planned Parenthood.

Unilever *

Parent company of Dove, SheaMoisture, Vaseline, St. Ives, Nexxus, Tresemmé, Suave and more.

A representative for Unilever said the conglomerate "[stands] for policies that promote access to quality health care, independence, and the ability to fully succeed in the workplace." The company did not make a public statement after the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and did not respond to specific questions about if and how it is supporting organizations or government policy priorities focused on protecting women’s right to health care. Unilever said, "We are committed to providing our employees with comprehensive reproductive health care benefits, and we cover travel costs for employees and dependents if care is no longer available in their home states in the U.S." Per Allure's reporting, Dove, Vaseline, and SheaMoisture all posted statements on Instagram in the wake of the Roe reversal. 

Urban Skin Rx *

Urban Skin Rx publicly joined the Don't Ban Equality initiative and posted in support of abortion rights. The brand said at this time it is working internally to adjust health care policies based on the impact of women's reproductive care.  

Veracity *

A representative for Veracity told Allure that the brand has always supported women's access to medical care and research and plans to continue fighting for these issues. The Black Women's Health Imperative, a national nonprofit dedicated to achieving health equity for Black women in America, is one of Veracity's original partners, and it will continue to donate 10 percent of all gross sales to the group. 

Violet Grey *

The beauty retailer made a statement on Instagram that said, in part, "We are devastated about the decision the Supreme Court has made about our bodies. As a female-founded company and a member of #DontBanEquality, we know this is a step backward for women and for America." Representatives for the brand, which is now part of Farfetch Group, also shared with Allure that the Farfetch health insurance plan will provide access to reproductive health-care services for all employees, regardless of the state they live in. Additionally, "Travel expenses will be covered for the employee and their chosen support person if they need to travel to another state to access these services."


Representatives for the sexual health medi-spa declined to comment.


Representatives for aesthetician and Ziip cofounder Melanie Simon declined to comment and Allure could not find any public statements. 

ZitSticka *

Representatives for the brand did not respond to outreach from Allure and we could not find any public statements. 


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