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save or splurge?

I was going thru my stash last night and discovered I had a wide range of price points for my products.  So I thought I'd make a question thread:  Which products do you save your money and which do you spend (an obsene) amount on?  


I used to save on shampoo and conditioner, but now that is a total splurge for me.  It really makes a difference for my hair.   I also splurge on eye and night cream as I think this is the most important part for me.  I also will splurge on foundations, and eyeshadows/liners.  


I tend to save on soaps and body washes, lotions, and lip gloss and chap stick.    I also save on shaving cream, nail polish remover, makeup remover wipes, and cotton balls.  (Although I just threw in a Sheseido cotton pack when at Ulta because I had to see what the hype was about.)  I also save on sunscreens and hair oils- although I'm all over the Macademia oil from Ulta tomorrow- love that stuff!)


I plan to edit this as I think of more items...


Edit:  I also save on mascara, micellar water, face masks, and skincare from The Ordinary (lately).

Re: save or splurge?

Splurge: skincare, all face makeup (foundation, concealer, blush, highlight, contour) eyeshadow, lipstick, shampoo, hair masks, Shiseido cotton rounds ( also use these to clean the gunk out of my dogs eyes, he's so spoiled) 


Save: mascara (I find longer handles on FS too hard to control so I use points or promos for minis), conditioner (whichever is on sale because I use buckets of it or prefer to use a deep conditioning mask)

body wash (hubs and I both only use aveeno, it's the best) 

...I think I save on lotions because I never have to buy it, trying to use up everything I currently have and found hoards of body butters, lotions




Re: save or splurge?

Whoa, your dog uses Shiseido? I'm kind of jealous, ha.


Aveeno really is the best.

Re: save or splurge?

Yes.. I didn't have any other brand to use when we first started to clean his eyes, now I'm afraid that cheaper ones will leave fluffs in his eyes. I'm definitely a crazy dog lady though 

Re: save or splurge?

@HaleyhaleAwwww, this is amazing! You're such a nice mums to give him the posh treatment.  Do you use water or anything else? My dog gets CRAZY tear staining and I don't know how to clear it up I pretty much just use warm water, clipping back the hair and soap once in a while because I don't know if doing it more often might irritate him but if anyone has solutions for this I would love to know because I feel like it must be uncomfortable for my little guy...

Re: save or splurge?

I splurge on pretty much everything. For items I don't splurge on, it's usually because they get really hyped up by youtubers and I fall for the hype! But there are no distinct categories where I splurge or save. It's just the odd item I'll buy from the drugstore.

Re: save or splurge?

Splurge: Essentially anything that comes in contact with my face is a splurge. This includes makeup and especially skin care. There are a few exceptions, noted below. Makeup tools and perfume are also a splurge for me. 


Save: Eyeliner pencils, lip liners, lip balm, brow products, blotting papers, nail polish, basic toiletries (cotton rounds, hand soap, etc), body lotion, sheet masks, candles, hair brushes/combs, heat styling tools, dry shampoo.


One thing to note is that I only buy cruelty free brands and they seem to cost more all together. 

Re: save or splurge?

I can imagine totally cruelty free means paying more for the limited amount of brands.  i try to go for cruelty free, but I am sure in some inadvertent way, there is some cruelty somewhere...

Re: save or splurge?

It is not really the price point but the ingredients.  Some things are high quality and cost little money while others are subpar and cost a ton.


It is all trial and error!



The only things I actively stay away from are cheap body products like from Bath & Body Works. Yes, they smell good but for me I want to nourish myself.  


Your skin absorbs everything!  I try to buy this stuff organic and for convenience I pick it up at the grocery store.  So, it is not costing me a ton!



Re: save or splurge?



I only save on 2 products with intent:


  • Body wash - I quite like Neutrogena Rain bath and Trader Joes.  I am quite happy using them indefinitely.
  • Deodorant


In all other areas (skincare, makeup, hair etc) , I am not trying to splurge.....but I don't intend to save.  If they are good and worth the price to me, I will splurge.  If they are inexpensive and good...I am glad to save.

Re: save or splurge?


- Eye makeup remover, body lotion, body wash, nail polish and remover, body sunscreen 



- Cleanser, hair products, face oils, most makeup products, makeup brushes, deodorant (I wear natural so it's pricier)

Re: save or splurge?

I find natural deoderant does not work for me (I sweat like a "man".)

Re: save or splurge?



It was quite a process finding one that works for me, honestly. I went through 4-5 that I didn't like at all because I felt like I still stunk. I found a brand I really like -- Les Couvent Des Minimes -- they used to sell it at Ulta but don't anymore. It's still not perfect though; I have to wait to put on a shirt after I put it on because it takes a solid 3 minutes to dry, but it's worth it to me for less chemicals! 

Re: save or splurge?

omg @JenSane, I didn't realize Ulta stopped carrying Le Couvent des Minimes!!!! That is SAD NEWS to me! My favorite. Smiley Sad

Re: save or splurge?

I really love this - and reading some of these has encouraged me to try some new "saves". This is what I can think of for myself - 



Body Wash - I love the Caress ones (especially Passionate Spell). Target often has deals where if you buy 4 you get a $5 gift card - if you factor that in, you can get 4 for $11. 



Lip Balm

Face cleanser 

Body sunscreen

Makeup Brush cleaner - Love the Shea Moisture African Black Soap

Face Oil - I make my own face oil. It's definitely not cheap, but it has no fillers like some other brands and definitely costs less overall. 


Splurge -

Makeup - I do have a couple NYX or Elf here or there, but for the most part my makeup is high end. I try to get items during sales or Ulta's events, but that is definitely a splurge. 

Lots of skincare - Vitamin C serum, daily and nightly moisturizer, chemical exfoliators, toners - all splurges, but to me worth it. 

Face sunscreen

Hair styling products

Makeup Brushes


Things I sometimes save on because of samples or point perks - Mascara, Hand Cream, Perfume, Lip products

Re: save or splurge?

This is such a fun thread @makeupobesessed. I have enjoyed reading all the 'saves' and taking some mental notes. 



Body wash- I just use drugstore brands like Dove

Body lotion-  Olay or Dove


Micellar water- Bioderma works the best for me

Mascara- I don't really buy any FS ones as I have an abundance of DS and GWP 😅



Makeup- my skin is sensitive to certain ingredients/composition and I find drug store brands break me out like crazy

Skincare-I didn't invest a lot of time or money into this category when I was younger but I'm definitely making up for lost time.

Shampoo/conditioner- I spend a little bit more on a salon brand so that my colours can last longer.

Makeup brushes- high quality brushes make such a big difference with makeup application.



Re: save or splurge?

Thanks!  Ive also really enjoyed reading everyone's saves and splurges.  Its giving me new ideas for savings.

Re: save or splurge?

Save...shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, body wash, body sunscreen, mascara, skincare, perfume, face cleansers, makeup brushes

Re: save or splurge?


-MASCARA (So many drugstore ones I can't justify $20+ price tag for higher end)

-Shampoo and conditioner

-Body sunscreen




-Eyeshadow palettes (I know you can probably save but eyeshadow is my favourite and I love palettes)

-Foundation (love my Clinique, but also love Loreal pro glow

-Concealer (two words: shape tape)




-In the future will splurge on brushes (my Morphe ones do the job but are not the greatest and have all broken off the ferrule)

-Setting spray 

-Eye lash curlers

-Lip products (I know you can defs. save here but I find I always just use my higher end anyways so I stopped buying lower end for the most part) 


I know my list is basically splurge but to me splurge is just anything not at the drugstore, I only really buy higher end not luxury brands. 



-Bronzer (love Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer but only one I have loved from drugstore)

-Eye primer (Essence eye primer, Nyx litter glue are so good but Mac 24 hour prep and prime is my go to with oily eyelids) 

-Eye shadow singles (Colourpop singles, nyx prismatic singles and loreal infallible shadows are so good) 

-Brow products (I use ABH dipbrow and Loreal brow stylist) 

Re: save or splurge?

@sydtomato   Is the hype about the Shape tape  for real?  Ive been eyeing it, but havent quite gotten around to ordering yet!

Re: save or splurge?

I don't think I have these kind of categories really. What it does for my skin, hair, whatever... quality, benefits, and effects, are more important to me than the price point. If it works for me and beautifully, I will splurge on it. Or save on it. Depending which way the price goes. Price says nothing so many times. Especially when it comes to some high end, hyped up brands/products. There are plenty of pricey and hyped up products out there that are not all that and not worth it at all. And, so many nice, good, and quality affordable products on the other side, too.


I tend not to splurge on products that will end up going down the drain in general. But, it happens...


Even though I splurge a lot, I have to add that doesn't mean I spend recklessly and/or foolishly. I am quite selective and picky about what I use.

Re: save or splurge?

I tend to splurge on way more than I save. With most things, I find a definite gap in quality between price points. Also, a lot of what I buy is more mid-range anyway (with cosmetics), so it's a good balance between luxury and affordable. 



1. Skin care

2. Fragrance 



1. Basic toiletries (deodorant, toothpaste, cotton products, etc.)

2. Hair care/styling products

3. Sunscreen for body

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