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do you have some products (makeup, skincare, hair, etc) in your stash that you have a firm and unshakable commitment to--you repurchase over and over--but you've never really encountered anyone else who loves it too ? products that are never talked about on social media (or here, or amongst your friends), or perhaps have mediocre reviews but just work really well for you ? there are a lot of ways a product can fall into the 'unsung hero' category, and they're all valid ! 


one of mine is the GIVENCHY photo perfexion fluid foundation. in the givenchy world, the teint couture foundation is their reigning queen--or so it seems based on the frequency i see it mentioned. but the photo perfexion foundation is my queen ! it is admittedly not the longest lasting, but the coverage is infinitely buildable, making touch-ups, if necessary, a breeze. it just looks like skin. i've recently been using it with a sponge (real techniques miracle complexion) and i like it even more ! which i didn't know was possible. also, it has some great options for very fair skin. it has pretty good reviews on sephora, but i've never encountered my fellow people !


i'll write more of mine below ! 


SHISEIDO "the makeup powdery foundation". yeah, the name is scary, look past it ! this is just a lovelyyyy powder compact. marketed as a powder foundation, i can't quite speak to that, but i use it pressed over my t-zone when my skin is going through oily phases. i also use it to just enhance a flawless finish--this powder makes pores just disappear. the lightest color is a bit too dark for me (i'd be even more in love with it if the powder if it was a perfect color match), but when just pressed lightly where needed, it looks fine, and still adds a bit of coverage.


i was going to link to it here, when i see most of the shades are OOS ! i've noticed a lot of weird things happening to shiseido stock on the sephora site. i hope they're not discontinuing. i've never tried a shiseido product i didn't like !


i've noticed my shade is not on nordstrom or even the shiseido site so now i'm crying.


(apparently my shade is at dillards so ya better believe i'm going to grab that up while i still can ?!)


It's funny that you started this thread because I was just thinking about one of my foundations that is a hero too! For me it is the Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup Oil Free Broad Spectrum SPF 15 (wow that's a mouthful)


I keep trying to experiment with other foundations and I think it looks good in person but when I look at photos it's just not as good. Nothing compares to this Hourglass foundation for me! It doesn't get talked about a lot if at all compared to their Immaculate Liquid Foundation or of course the Vanish Stick Foundation but this is my hero. 


It just looks so natural, feels so lightweight but has the perfect amount of coverage for me. It builds well too if needed. This is a foundation that I love applying either way- brush or sponge. It looks good no matter what. Even just my fingers apply it so well! 


When I first got it I didn't like it but that was because I was just applying too much. Now that I only apply the smallest amount and then build if needed it is perfect. 


@Mcakes i love the experience of getting a bad first impression of a product, adjusting how you use it, then falling in love ! sometimes i think people are too quick to dismiss things !!


Great idea for a thread @jemly!

I have a few unsung heroes in my stash.


Hourglass Hyaluronic Skin Tint. I rarely see anyone mention this foundation, but it's amazing. It has some great shades for fair skin, and is magic on dry skin. It's pretty much my HG throughout the winter.


Anastasia Brow Pencil. I see so much talk about the Brow Wiz and the Dipbrow, but no love for the pencil. I love the regular old pencil. I don't find I need to sharpen that often, and it isn't too soft or too hard. It lasts all day and doesn't smudge. It's great! I like the Dipbrow too, but find he pencil a little more natural looking.


YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer. I don't see many people talk about this anymore, but it is my favourite primer and I use it almost daily.


NARS Illuminator in Copacabana. It is stunning!! Probably the most glowing, luminous, long-lasting highlight I own. My other highlighters have a hard time competing with it. 


I'll have to try that HG Hyaluronic Skin Tint next @Asche Smiley Happy I have normal/dry skin as well and I've just been so impressed with HG skin products. Their No. 28 Primer is amazing! 


@Mcakes Oooo I am very curious about the HG Veil Fluid and the No. 28 primer now! I haven't played around with too many Hourglass face products (mostly due to the price), but I'll get a sample next time I'm in stores. Smiley Happy


I hope you like the Skin Tint! The name is misleading. It's actually very full coverage imo. My only complaint is that it tends to transfer. I do set it with powder, but it doesn't totally fix the problem. If it wasn't for that, it'd be perfection.


I hear you @Asche, HG products are pricy across the board but I do feel like they are worth the money in the end! Thanks for the heads up about the transferring-I'm a hugger so I'll have to be careful lol. Plus I'm short so I guess I need to be extra careful Smiley Tongue 


I have the original brow pencil, it's really quite nice! I thought about giving it to my mom since she likes that kind of brow pencil but I couldn't bring myself to part with it. It really is underrated! 



I think plain old brow pencils can get easily overlooked, especially with all the other new brow products on the market, but no matter what I always come back to this one. Smiley Very Happy


@Asche oh i second the copacabana illuminator ! thsese illuminators have been around long before the highlight craze, which is why they get overlooked, i think. copacabana just melts into my skin, it's my all time favorite. i also like dabbing it in the center of my eyeshadow for a gleamy pop.


I was thinking the same thing. With all the new highlighters that have come out this past year, the Nars Illuminators have really taken a back seat. It's a shame because they really deserve more hype/recognition. I'm glad you love Copacabana as much as I do! Smiley Very Happy


Hi @Asche,


I love the ABH Brow Pencil too! I think I like it far more than Dip Brow or Brow Wiz. I can fill in my brows so easily with this pencil! It truly is a underrated but great product! 


Best Wishes,




@Asche I love copacabana too! I wore it today!


Great thread!  I'm a lip balm junkie. So I like to try new ones but my HG can never beaten. It's called Lip Delivery Nutrition by Intelligent Nutrients.  Price point is pretty good too.  If I have any problems with my lips, lets say from trying other lip products, this one always bring my lips back. The brand was actually created by the founder of Aveda.  They have another product I'm interested in and tried fairly quickly it's called The Renewing Oil Serum. The scent wasn't bad on that... but some of their products have that strong medicinal herb scent to them.



I've never even heard of this brand before @veronika23! Man my lips need nourishing. I think my allergy to the Bite Amuse Bouche is pretty much undeniable at this point Smiley Sad But I'm so stubborn I refuse to throw Rhubarb away lol. It's too pretty. 


@Mcakes  aw man!!! I'm sorry! Smiley Sad Pretty sure I have a similar situation with their lip balm. The other products seemed ok. Maybe we can find you a dupe?  This lip balm would definitely bring your lips back.  I can't live without it Smiley Very Happy


Here are mine:


Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base - why does this stuff not get more love? It's the only base that works for me and allows my lashes to hold a curl. I can use ANY mascara with this base. Have purchased too many tubes to count, have been using this for close to 10 years, likely. I swear it's made my lashes longer, too. It used to be called The Makeup Mascara Base, then they formulated. The first tube of the new Nourishing Mascara Base felt was inferior to the old The Makeupe Mascara Base (not enough hold, weighed lashes down), but they must have since tweaked the formulation because it's now back to being as good as it was before!


Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer - this product does get lots of love already but I have continued to wear this although I've stopped wearing foundation. I actually wore this UNDER my SPF 50 while on vacation, and no other products on the face. It blurs the imperfections on my face and makes it feel amazing. I do think it helps with controlling oil, since I've stopped using blotting sheets slowly over the 2-3 years I've used this product. I'm probably on my 4th 2 oz. tube.


CeraVe Foaming Face Wash - I know the "foaming" throws people off, and I'm also a believer that you don't need foam to clean your face as they frequently do more damage than good. The foaming action from this cleanser though is so gentle (more like a... thin froth) and not due to sulphates. I would use this even if it didn't foam. It works so well for me and doesn't dry me out, I'm just about to buy my 5th bottle.


Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Replenishing Conditioner - I LOVE this stuff, and my hair loves it too. I only need one pump for my entire head of hair so while it's pricy, it does last me a long time.


Clinique Take the Day Off for Lids, Lips and Lashes - I started using this way before they came out with the balm, cleansing oil, cleansing milk, cleansing stick...which all seem to live up to the original formula. This stuff removes EVERYTHING. Waterproof mascara, liquid lipsticks, smudge proof brow products... it might be one of the longest (if not THE longest) standing items in my routine.


The Alterna Caviar line is so good. Very painful to the wallet but man, it really works! I'll have to pick this up at the next sale. I really enjoy their CC cream but I'm not getting that again until I finish up my Reverie Milk lol. 


Yeah! So happy they came out with the large pump bottle size of my shampoo, beats buying the regular bottles.


I like the CC cream as well, but find it makes my hair a bit crunchy feeling if I apply before blow drying.

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